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'Quest for the Golf Grail.

The Quest for The Golf Grail' is a book about John Rhymer, in his capacity as a professional golf coach and club maker. In essence, it covers a thirty five year period of intensive 'hands on research into the realms of golf swing mechanics and golf club mechanics. The applications and study over those years, reveals much indeed in the authors personal quest in developing a sound repeating swing. However, choosing Ben Hogan as the master model to build ones golf swing around, is a tall order to say the least, in matters revolving around the study of Ben Hogan's swing mechanics.

For Ben Hogan even now, is considered the finest ball striker who ever lived, but understanding how he actually applied his swing mechanics is a tough nut to crack, and even in today's competitive world of golf, the jury are still out in coming to a complete understanding of the great man's swing mechanics. The author makes no claims whatsoever on that score, unlike many who do, but who cannot clearly demonstrate Ben Hogan' golf swing, for as yet, no one has convincingly managed to do so. The author however after thirty five years intensive research states, that Ben Hogan was right about so much in the application of swing mechanics. And that he was also right about how to build a set of golf clubs to suit his swing. The myths and speculation surrounding all these matters with regards to Ben Hogan, is endless. But the author even though claiming nothing, proved pertinent points about the lack of knowledge regarding the finer points of golf club mechanics, and the generalised manufacturing trends. For the myth surrounding Hogan's clubs was well and truly dealt a severe blow when the USPGA recently, finally allowed the clubs to be examined and measured by the outside world. And no – Hogan's clubs were not as many claimed, so heavy and stiff, and with such flat lie angles, that few people would never be able to even swing them. In fact, they were almost identical to the clubs that the author finally settled upon, after much in depth hands on golf club research, which was quite the opposite of the myth makers. And in matters relating to Ben Hogan's swing mechanics much is revealed indeed, especially in matters regarding convention, or the purist's point of view, in what is classified as orthodox. For very often in the application of Hogan's swing mechanics, the opposites would apply to achieve the desired results, which plays hell with the orthodox teaching manuals. And why so many people got tired of slicing the ball, trying to model Ben Hogan's swing. And as was stated, the author makes no claims with regard to swinging like Hogan. But what he does discuss, is the application of parts of Hogan's swing mechanics to his own swing, in his hands on research over the years, to enable him to become a better ball striker. Those very applications that Hogan worked out are invaluable, as are his written works. And the author in his teaching capacity over the years, has improved many players games by passing on those very applications, that he learnt from studying Ben Hogan's swing mechanics. In the realms of quotations, 'The proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. Or, 'The more you practice, the luckier you get'. As the great man stated, 'There is always something left to improve'. And finally, as is stated on my personal cards as a professional golf coach. 'Nothing is Impossible'

'The Quest for the Golf Grail' ISBN* 978-0-9572207-0-6 Available from most book stores £11-99 Inc. Vat.

Kind regards. John Rhymer

John Rhymer's Books and Papers.

The author John Rhymer writes works and papers on a wide range of philosphical and spiritual subjects. He also writes as a professional golf coach, works on golf swing mechanics, and golf club mechanics. Re/ subject matter here - 'Whispering Lights' & 'The Rhymer Man Chronicles by John Rhymer. These written works have nothing whatsoever to do with man made 'mere nonsense, but everything to do with 'utter nonsense, according to many that is. But, that a presence dwells beyond mankind's powers of perception, is a valid answer to many questions that cannot be explained in philosophy. So the world may not end on 12.12.12, though according to the many doomsday fraternity, it will. I certainly would not bet on it for one moment, but what is assured without doubt, is great upheaval, both in cosmic terms in entering the age of Aquarius, as well as in earthly terms as nature begins to bite back; and equally important, in spiritual terms for humanity. The writing to coin a phrase, is well and truly on the wall, though few may glimpse that undeniable fact, and it is truly foolish for mankind to ignore the very real 'signs of the times. But of course mankind will, for it is mankind's nature to do so, and equally so, it is mankind's nature to ignore negative human nature, and humanities potential in positive human nature. But there is no profit in idealism, nor gain in abandoning negative human nature. That is simply the truth like it or not, and the harsh reality in a world enslaved by the illusion. The illusion fabricated by the negatives that drive the systems that will eventually collapse. These written works that stem from 'The Rhymer Man illuminate much indeed, in all directions, within the whole framework of mankind's existence on earth, and answer many questions indeed to the eventual destiny of humanity in the future beyond the millennium. ----------------------- 'The Rhymer Man Chronicles and 'Whispering Lights' donates its profits directly, after printing costs and expenses to humanitarian welfare, and to animal support groups. Both these paperbacks are available through most popular book stores, or directly from John Rhymer. TRM Publishing. Or message me for details. -- PP. UK only £1.50. RD. 'Whispering Lights retails at £11.99, & The Rhymer Man Chronicles retails at £13.99. ISBN. 9780957220713 and 9780957220737

Peace and Goodwill to all creatures great and small. John Rhymer. TRM. “Who is intelligent can work it out” NT. Revelations 13. 16 -18

' Whispering Lights by John Rhymer.

'Whispering Lights & The Rhymer Man Chronicles. The power of miracles and prophecy by the author John Rhymer. ' The Gateway to The Universe' ISBN 9780957220713 ISBN 9780957220737 ' Who has ears and eyes ?

12.12.12. About Symbolism and The Great Event. - Synopsis. The power of prophecy and miracles in this world is considered to be utter nonsense, and nothing but an illusion to many. Hence 'Reality versus Illusion' forms the crux of these writings, that provide undeniable proof that the very reverse is indeed the case. The evidence for that, is insurmountable in the ways of the world in these times. Hence quote ' The best laid schemes of mice and men shall be undone. And that they are being undone globally is most evident in today’s topsy turvy world. The author invites readers to ponder over 'Whispering Lights' a book that stems from the original works known as, 'The Rhymer Man Chronicles. 'Miracles are for Believers. In those works, ' The Rhymer Man clearly illuminated the future approaching the millennium and beyond in great symbolic detail, and the author provided working theories in 'Whispering Lights. Those upheavals are ever ongoing in the never ending battle between the forces of negative and positive human nature that shape our world today. But notwithstanding that, the very forces of nature become unbalanced too, adding to the chaos, that slowly but surely begins to trouble all nations globally. Many will in fact declare in times of great upheaval, whether man made or by the power of nature, “that these things could not have been foreseen”. Which is 'mere nonsense, for the truth is, that 'utter nonsense clearly revealed what was to come, and indeed what is coming. In effect, mankind was simply not prepared, and more importantly, unable to open ears and eyes to consider the direction mankind is taking toward the future. The Rhymer Man' revealed it all in fact, just as others had done in ages past. All utter nonsense of course to the ways of the world. Hence quote , “Seeing is believing' said the Prophet, 'but understanding is another matter” So there is no new news, the media may publicise what they like, but it has all been revealed before, and merely fulfils prophecy and illuminates mankind’s direction in a troubled world. So why should anyone be surprised at the escalation of negative human nature, and the great upheavals in weather patterns that point to, and indeed herald 'The Great Event' ? That humanity is undergoing much trial and tribulation in these times seems to go unnoticed. And that 'The Signs of The Times' seems to be ignored, even though they graphically indicate that all is indeed not well here on earth, mankind still refuses to awaken to reality. TRM.

Notable Quotations.

Notable Quotations.

“Our task must be to free ourselves...widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature and its beauty.” "The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life." Albert Einstein

“The man who kills the animals today is the man who kills the people who get in his way tomorrow.” Dian Fossey "If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans."

The Maria Daines Band.

The Maria Daines Band - As Blues and Rock Bands go in the true blue tradition of R&R, there are few indeed who can come close to this lady, or to Paul on lead guitar, along with Bob on bass, and not last or least Mark the drummer. I've heard & seen them all folks on this Rocky Road between. This is something very special, check out these links -MD at The Cambridge Blues Festival, then go and check out Maria Daines for some truly wonderful music videos of their unique input in words music & lyrics for those without a voice in this world. Regards & Respects John. TRM.

The Daily MySpacian Vibe.

Artists of the VIBE Pete Cornelius & The Deville's, Demon Angels, Astrella Celeste, Paul Simon, Dr. 8, Steve Arvey, Paul Bibbins, Mickey Matteo, Enuff Z'Nuff, Led Zeppelin, The Knaves, Inty, The Doobie Brothers, John Hanrahan, Laura Cheadle, Isaac Guillory, E Dog, Nico Vega, John Lee Hooker Jr., Maya Dorcil, Eric Clapton, The Wallflowers, Van Halen, Aimee Creutz, Richard Carlton, Roy Ayers, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic, Tori Amos, A Band Called Myself, Elton John, Chick Corea, Metal Postcard, Ava Cherry, Craig Gregory, King Crimson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, James Brown, George Carlin, The Stereo Blasters, Rosita Stone, Beatlesque 1, Katfish Karr, KAX Band, The Christianares, Patrick Vining, Randy McAllister, Sean Webster, Rich Young, Jack Pine Savage, Nessun Dorma, The Beatles, Ruben Minuto & The Good Ole Manners, Colin John, The John O'Leary Band, Mitchbal, Atlanta Rhythm Section, The Moody Blues, Veronica McFadden, Brian Gill, The Police, Sting, Savoy Brown, Steely Dan, Little Feat, Santana, The Band, B.B. King, Donnie Vie, Tears For Fears, Gwyn Ashton, Al Coffee McDaniel, Jody Noa And The Sho-Nuff Blues Band, Tower Of Power, Nspire, Gransonn, SOG, Tragic Soul, Iceman, The Doors, Satellite State, Pink Floyd, Herbie Hancock, Phoebe Snow, The Temptations, Dr. John and The Night Tripper, Curtis Mayfield, It's A Beautiful Day, Don Henley, Southerly, Jane's Addiction, Genesis, John Mayer, The B52's, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Melissa Manchester, J.J. Cale, Joe Cocker, Crosby, Stills, & Nash, Kenny Wayne Shepard, Madooo, Metro Station, Miles Davis, No Fixed Abode, Lewis Black, The Heligoats, Jah Roots, The Molotov, Self, Billy Joel, Elbow, Against Me, Cold Play, Jonathan Clay, Spirit, Chemcoma, Amy Winehouse, America, Imogen Heap, Pablo Regnando Quartet, Rogue Wave, Maria Daines, Rich Young, John Ball Lightning TRM, Pippi Ardennia, Steven Means, The Bird And The Bee, Millhouses Park, Nickelback, Dougie MacLean, Adele, Isaac Guillory, Rich Carlton, The Doobie Brothers, Beazely Phillips Band, Georgia Satellites, The Answer, David Bowie, Robert Palmer, Merlin's Way, The Sales Brothers, Ozzy Osbourne, Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, Nataliya Lyubchevskaya, Sherrie Keyes, Elvis Presley, The Who, The Beachboys, Frank Zappa, Michael Jackson, Bob Dylan, Michael Smith, Warren Zevon, Alex Hepburn, Bruce Hornsby And The Range, Manchester Orchestra, Magdool, The Dirges, Ella Montclare

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The Rhymer Man's Notice Board on Myspace. Current mood: creative Category: Blogging

This is a Reality Blues Site.- Somewhere out in The Desert..-There are some Very Special Well's on this site where you can get a Drink of Water if your just passing through from some Very Talented Friends.

"The Blues are always News in a troubled world".- TRM.- Travelling on "The Rocky Road" between.- Watching Looking & Listening to both The Reality & The Illusion in the ways of the world in this time & space.-Making a difference in the world is not obligatory, but it sure helps to change things for all creatures great & small in a world that really needs to wake up to Reality.-

Getting to grips with the very real global issues and the threat to all species can no longer be considered a matter for mere debate amongst all nations. *

"For in the Reality stakes it becomes an absolute necessity."

JBL.- The Rhymer Man.

Shine On.

Shine On. Current mood: peaceful Category: Music Shine On Everyone. Make a difference.- Everyone go and Shine On,- for all creatures great and small.- Say or do something nice today.--Or as another guy named John say's.--Communicate-Appreciate and Validate your family and friends whenever you can on this road in between. Watching looking and listening down in the flatlands. The Rhymer Man. JBL.

Riddle & Rhyme & Reality Bites.

Riddle Rhyme & Reality Bites. Current mood: creative Category: News and Politics Reality Bites & Signs of The Times. MP’s £23.000 per year second home expenses pool. Here is a lady of 68 years of age with MS who never knew her father. She devoted her life to her family & her children & taking care of her mother in her old age.- Her mother herself had to cope with raising 4 children without her husband who served in both! great wars and died whilst serving his country in the last world war. In between raising her children she worked whenever she could in the caring profession taking care of both elderly people & those with learning difficulties. The legacy for those who paid the highest price in sacrificing their lives for this country & freedom and for their loved ones are clearly plain to see here!!-------This Lady is awarded & recieves the grand sum of £45 per week state pension and is dependant upon means tested state benefits to survive. Perhaps the MP’s of this nation could throw her a bone from their vast expense pool,- from this land fit for hero’s that everyone seems to have forgotten about.-Justice is clearly in the marketplace & Truth is nowhere to be seen,- the guilty indeed prosper whilst the innnocent suffer.. The Great Lie thus marches on for all to see.--Reality or Illusion.??-------------"All is relative" as Albert said, "according to where you are standing.". Olympic clean up.- Google. -- Negative human nature at its worst. Remembering Benzion Dunner.- Gods Postman.- For making a difference. Riddle Rhyme & Quotations in this time frame by TRM. "Hypocrisy is like 45 degree plumb line". The only thing worse than media attention seekers are those who publicise them. "Class distinction is like a brick built tower,-where the bricks above look down on those below who support them." "The only thing worse than a panel of TV experts is paying the licence fee that pays them." -Quote by Woody Stump.- Newcastle.. "Searching for The Truth down here is like looking for a blade of grass in the desert."--"Searching for sanctuary is like walking round a tower with no doors" "The Illusion is like eating chocolate,-- The more you eat the more you want,----Until it makes you sick in more ways than one." "The greatest danger in any nation that indicates that something is seriously wrong is when those in power and authority believe their own lies."-------------With no regard for the consequences they will always insist that black is white, or that wrong is right,- and very often insist that what is evil is good." TRM. "Freedom is a noble ideal indeed, but! not a conveniance for taking Liberties"--TRM. "Money is a Snake, - Money is a lie,- It bites you when your down,- blinds you when your high". TRM. "Never enter a Church or House of prayer and leave the same way." ????????? TRM’s Travels.