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MIC-X / Blog

Only for YOU I'll make a comeback

I would like to come back into this music sh't but in all reality was I ever even there? Yeah I made tracks, made videos, business cards, been on shows (not just the ones you see here), preformed open mic sessions, made covers and cd labels, put money on it (allot), promoted, supported other artists (by choice), etc (all on my own). But what did I gain from doing all this? ...Nothing. Yes, nothing. Let's face it, the only way you can get in this music industry is if you become just like it...but in the words of Salomon Kain "My Soul belongs to me". So trust me, you don't want me to come back. But I would still do it for the 17 people (yes I know my true fan count) who did support (didn't purchase a track yet but did download my app) cause those are the real Fans...NO, in my eyes- FAM. But be forewarned, when I said this (X) role is complete (via twitter), I meant it. Lemme give you a lil hint about me...I'm X. lol This means that even those who think they know me do not really know me, but if you listen to the hidden messages in my songs (I.e. words like "Role", "I don't hate anyone", "I'm not religious". "Holy Spirit", etc) you will see that there is more to me than you think you know. No, I will not come back to lecture you. No I will not come back to be ya hero. No I am not an Angel, Guardian, or any of that that you may have thought I either was or portraying myself as. Everything I do has a metaphorical meaning. So yeah, you ain't meet the real X yet. The X you know here is still me, but never was the present me when expressed or delivered, it's as I said on twitter "I'm catching you up to what I truly know" so these different me's were stepping stones to reach the level I am in now (in which I don't blame you if you can't comprehend, hence the reason I trained you). Neutrunity- are you ready to know what this means? Even if you don't, you will. I am not your leader, your hero, your God, or your predestined savior...I am but a man...a man that is here not to take your will from you...but to show you that you have more than two options... Get ready...cause I'm going there.

You "think" you know what Hip Hop is?

I couldn't fit this on twitter but many of y'all need to read this. If you have the courage to of course. Hip-Hop started after the crack pandemic. People stole an intellectual music style from the streets (Hip) and gave it to the corporate industry to make party songs (hop) to get rich (legally), later making it an addiction to stupidity hence the phrase "Crack Music". I've come to bring it back to the ESSENCE

Re:Manifest Destiny

X-Luv It's ya Brethren MIC-X. You already know.

Been a while since I put up a track. Pardon that. I have been internally creating my first EP and will record it as soon as my studio is set. Some of us don't have Mommy and Daddy giving us money to become these great musicians we goal to be... I'm poor nigga. Shit takes time. LoL I can assure you you'll say "It was worth the wait" when I manifest these hits (meaning hits to the head for some). You know me (well...you don't know me know me but you know what I mean), I'ma do what I do, Homie. I do have new music videos on the way (such as "lOVE fOR dEAD lIVING" and "Mash Up") along with some Thoughtful eXpressions (^__), some new tracks before the EP, and maybe a lil something extra for the future so stay in-tune.

One of (if not my first) single(s) is gonna hit allot of these snitch (traitor) MC's really hard with no possible way of come back...but knowing them...they'll come back. LoL It's cool. It ain't a diss track but they're egos are massive so it is what it is. I'm ready.

HEROES HOLLA AT ME. We have allot of work to do, otherwise I will take your places and fix up where you left off. The future can be changed means it was already written. They re:wrote the damn thing and it's up to us to return the script to its original form if not better. If you don't help...SO BE IT...I'll challenge all odds by my Self. Stop thinking I'm just an MC cause I'm not. I am MORE much more and someday I will prove it to you as I have proved it to not only myself but many others (if I must again). There is shit in this world you have no clue about... For even logic still lacks REASON.

Nough said. I say too much anyway.



Update and Blah Blah

Look man: I never said I was a prophet, a preacher, a physic, or anything like that and I damn sure didn't put a date as to when the world is suppose to end. Don't mix me up with that "December 21st" shit. is it true? Who fucking knows? That's not my point. My point is that our Magneto Sphere is damaged heavily, and with that...we'll eventually have no protection from the Sun's ultraviolet raise. Now as far as 12-21-12 goes...There's suppose to be a Shut Down in which I planned hard to manifest. This is my mistake. Not enough people will tag along for the cause, making it a meaningless effort.

So here's the new plan FUCK IT. lol Yeah I said it "Fuck it".

I feel the best thing for people to do is live. But don't get it twisted on what I mean by "Live" cause being foolish isn't living. Meditation makes you more aware of what you need to....eehh fuck it. Do you. Do as you fucking please. I'ma do what I do. Got new stuff on the way. But I'm taking my time this time. I'm sure what I have is good enough for now. Just lemme do what I do when I do it.

It's all luv.

From Alter' to Uni-Versal

This isn't a new Me... Remember it was all a Role. It was said if you've listened: "Life is an R.P.G and I'm gonna play mines right" Depending on the construct of Pattern (meaning if time allows it to be) The Album will express the true level MIC-X is on. Consider everything you heard...Training...to catch up to where I'm truly at. Oh yes. it was is and will be an unforgettable masterpiece WEBSITE COMING SOON... One

The point is pointless to those who point pointlessly

You point your finger but dont get the point. But I laugh when people say "Don't judged me", cause to say that, is a form of judgement in itself. I'm a very complicated dude to you when you only see and not SEE. See? You don't get it. Anyway. New things on the way. Give a brotha some time now. You won't be disappointed. Remember and never forget.... I'm not an entertainer. Tho you will be entertained I only do it to catch your attention like a resent artist I peeped named "NoEmotion". Sometimes we gotta f*ck ourselves up to fix you up. Smh One Luv

But I'ma say it anyway: UPDATE

Don't fan me back. That's the second time all fourteen of y'all (ironically) had unfanned me. Didn't I say Fans are like Fam to me? Do you. DON'T COME BACK. And I know y'all didn't listen to every song so don't get mad that I don't do the Master P (a song everyday) shit. Fuck outta here you DISLOYAL A'HOLES. Thanks to the real Fans (Fam to me) who stay. MY APPRECIATION GOES OUT TO Y'ALL FAM REAL. Okay now for the update: When I return I will not be the same guy you think you knew. Remember as I said "The X is there for a reason". I may even challenge my own songs...Not all but some. I got some shit that needs flushing. I am on a whole new level. Many of you... May not like me anymore. Just at least try to have some understanding. You don't have to...But that's all I ask. One Luv

The world only gets what they asks for

Nothing else to say...


I'm gonna put up a new Shut Down video. This will determine where The Shut Down goes. Note: If this never happens and no one complies... I'm done. And I will consider it the world's answer as to whether or not they seek a Hero. If not....Don't hate me for what happens next.

Who's With Me?

There are millions of people suffering along with the Planet. I find it odd and even wrong that not one of our deceased leaders words of wisdom are being heeded in this day in age. People are more focused on "Do for self" yet can't see the obvious that it takes others to do for you in order for you to do for yourself. Brethren what has happened to us? Are we soo focused on Self that we forgot about the surroundings we occupy? Why is that that Music is being looked at as just a form of entertainment when music is the rhythm of the Universe, and within that rhythm dwells a message? A message of unity. If I was a gambler I would bet that the Planet is pretty annoyed by our wrong doings and is ready to wipe us out. heh lucky I'm not a gambler. lol Make this clear I HATE NO ONE, just disagree with what they do (if in the high level of wrong). The cooperate system has toyed with us many years now and yet all we do is bicker or stand by? Let's DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT ALREADY. I say The Shut Down still looks like a good goal. Who's with me? Anyone? Holla at me micvillavera@gmail.com One Luv