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Love and Music

The heart influences vocals and lyrics sometimes. I write from that place that wishes you were there. Or a dark corner where i speak from my addictions. Its what ever the music makes me feel at that time. i ad Lib alot especially when writing and sometimes it stays and sometimes i go back and write words i understand. alot of the lyrics and vocals on this page are all first takes and usually no lyric sheets or even a word written down so it comes from me and is not over thought...so i listen and go back later and make some sense of it all.

I love writing music

Every time I sit down to make a song I really start from scratch and hardly ever have a topic in mind at first but sometimes they come that way too. The beat and the tempo are so important in that stage of developing a groove that I start there and work my way to the bass then the guitars then vocal's and it is fun to play with different styles of music cause as musicians were always having to reinvent ourselves somehow because of this forever growing and changing media society we live in..thanks for checking out my page and hopefully you'll hear me soon:)tah