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Jeff DeVillez / Blog

More pics,more music and more fans!!

Posted more music,more pics and still much more to come.Stay tuned folks.We're just getting started!!


Added several more pics today.Many more to come w/major celebs and fans.Stay tuned!

The power of the internet.

It's incredible.More and more fans every day.Already,there are 3 shirts sold.Another 27 to go-each will get a free poster featuring the album in the shirt pic.Remember,you must have a pic IN the shirt you bought to get the free poster with a dedication.This all ends on June 1st,so get a move on!

Back in 1976

In 1976,I owned a studio in Indiana which by 1979 had become Intermedia Broadcast and Filmsound,with partners Don Morrell and Mark McClain.In 76 I also started to travel in Latin America.In 1978 I went to Mexico City to visit my brother Pete(who was an exchange student at La Universidad IberoAmericana),but also to visit El Centro de Crabacion,a new complex of three round recording studios in Mexico City that I had read about inREcording Engineer/Producer Magazine.The director was Jose Antonio Zavala(of The Hermanos Zavala-who were for decades The national Ambassadors of Mexican music to the world-traveling to China and all points on the globe from the 1950s forward).Jose Antonio recieved me warmly that summer day,and gave me a private tour of the complex.Then,he turned me over to Mexico's all-time most famous recording engineer, Antonio"Tony"Carbajal.Tony had recorded virtually everyone who was anyone in Mexico over a span of about 50 years when he died in the 90s.At any rate,Tony and me spent literally that whole afternoon together.He told me how he had recorded Rod Stewart there just a few weeks before,and Jose Feliciano just days prior.He hauled out a stack of 2" tapes and played his ongoing productions-one after another-on the big 3M 24 track with the huge tape looping across the weird "front-mounted"heads.It was an incredible day I will never forget.Tony was also an actor(ie the TeleNovela"Vanessa" with actress Lucia Mendez,who I later worked with live in concert),and worked in a slew of TeleNovelas and movies and TV soundtracks..Lucia Mendez' tour promoter at that time was Mario Villacorta,a friend from El Salvador.RIP the legendary Tony Carbajal.Sound engineer for the ages!

Friends on my masteringroom page MySpace

I have a MySpace Page (Email is:"masteringroom@MySpace.com" that is about 10 years old.In that time,I have made online friends with a great bunch of people who are not currently friends on Reverbnation or Facebook.The following is a partial list of my friends from my masteringroom page: Sasha Eleyce,The Band Perry,Lady Antebellum,Papa Roach,Carrie Underwood, Daughtry,Guns N Roses,Pink. Coldplay, Shakira,Boys Like Girls,Faith Hill,Neil Young, Miranda Lambert,Celine Dion,and Linda Ronstadt. This is a partial list,and keeps on growing as time goes on.Onward!!

Engineer/Producer/Studio/Photo/Mastering availability.

I have not said that I have engineered and/or produced dozens of albums with a variety of platinum artists.I have co-produced/engineered with Steve Starnes(16 CDs with him alone),Grammy winner for best engineer with Eddie Cramer(Eddie recorded Jimmy Hendrix Experience,Led Zeppelin,Cream,and a ton of other huge platinum artists) for Buddy Guy's "Slippin' IN,and engineer of Asleep at the Wheel,Frank Sinatra and many more.I have also worked with Steve Chadie,(who engineered Sublime,Los Lonely Boys,Willie Nelson,etc),and have connections with Steve Klein,(who recorded The Bee Gees,Eric Clapton,Fleetwood Mac-who I have spent time with-andAerosmith,among many more).I also know Godfrey Diamond at Perfect Mixes in NYC.I was in his brother's(Gregg Diamond) band in 70-71 on MGM/Colossus records in NYC-produced by Jerry Ross from American Bandstand.Godfrey recorded virtually all of Lou Reeds stuff(Take a walk on the Wild Side is one),He also recorded Kool & The Gang(Jungle Boogie),and Aerosmith(Love on an Elevator)and many hits.I also recorded with Tommy Strong at Monument in Nashville.Tommy recorded Roy Orbison(Pretty Woman,etc),Al Hirt,Floyd Kramer,Reba McIntyre,Chet Atkins,Kris Kristofferson,Ray Stevens,Sammy Smith,Floyd Kramer,Ray Stevens,etc.. I am connected with the Vanelli Brothers(Gino and Joe)and their studio(Blue Moon)in Agoura Hills ,Ca,Flashpoint in Austin(100's of CDs)and several more.One acquaintance,Art Bechtel,was a major engineer at A & M,recording The Carpenters,and many more.I have engineered/produced 6 albums at Willie Nelson's Pedernales Studio on his ranch(too many hits to list)and his Arlyn Studio in Austin(Stevie Ray Vaughn,Bonnie Raitt(8 Grammy-winnng album),Buddy Guy,Barenaked Ladies,Jeff DeVillez,etc,My whole point in this is,if you want a top shelf production,and you can afford to spend a little money(not $500,000 -$1,000,000 like major label budgets),I can get you a finished master (mastering by Terra Nova in Austin(Johnny Cash,Neil Young,Willie Nelson,Paul McCartney,Jeff DeVillez,etc)or Glenn Meadows in Nashville (Fleetwood Mac,Bob Dylan,George Harrison,Steve Miller Band,Jeff DeVillez,etc,etc) for less than $50,000 including Grammy award-winning musicians with charts,world-renowned studios,,multi-Grammy-winning engineers,me as producer,and a spectacular world class master ready to manufacture.I also master in my fully digital 24/96 private mastering room featuring NS10M monitors(fully equalized for the room)and Mackie 824 THX,powered,bi-amplified,fully equalized theatre monitors I have access to the best photography(Gene Rogier at Photics in the USA-see Architectural Digest,and one of the most in-demand photographers in the world-book him at least 6 months ahead)and Fabio Nosotti (who has photographed more than 75% of the major label artists in the world),Milan,Italy.Photography and layout/design are a separate expense,but I can get you a deal on those things too.Designer of 40 years+ Gary Isbell has done many album covers and libretto layouts for over 15 years and is a graphics genius.I have known him nearly 50 years.Rogier has shot many album covers and libretto and poster photos.I have contacts for video and filmmaking,which are separate,but can get you killer rates for those if needed.There you have it.If you have 10% of a major label budget,(less in some cases if tracking is "live in the studio" with minimal/one day of overdubs)I can knock the pants off of most productions on a worldwide scale.These are friends without huge egos that will put your production at the top.I have references worldwide and can furnish contact information at any time.Just pick a continent(or multiple continents)and I can furnish references .You could be working with multi-platinum musicians,engineers and producers at the top of their game.Thank you!-JD

Simplicity of the new CD

In 1983 I was at Joe Vannelli's house in Sherman Oaks,CA with him and brother Gino.They had a home studio and were recording a new album called "Black Cars"(I have since been with them in their Blue Moon Studio in Aguora Hills).Gino had recorded 3 channels of vocal tracks(tracks 22,23,and 24)of the song"It's over"from that album.He asked me to sit down and compile a completed vocal track from the three.I sat at the console and,with about 3 passes of the song, came up with a track.Gino said"Ok,that's the one we will use on the album".Just my little contribution to a record by some really great,friendly guys over the years. Gino told me that day "You know,all you really need is bass,drums(he is a very good drummer by the way),rhythm and lead instruments.If you can't do it with that,it probably won't happen".I ignored that advice on a lot of records-mainly because of intricate jazz arrangements,etc.,but this time,on "True Believer",I did exactly what Gino told me that day.Thanks to Gino Vanelli for his great advice,letting me help mix "It's Over"from the Black Cars album,and always hearing me out.By the way,if you are tracking on the West Coast,try calling their Blue Moon Studios in Agoura Hills.These people are great to be around and really know their stuff.They have a really nice Amek Angela console and all sorts of instruments and outboard gear.They are easily accessible from the Ventura Highway(2 blocks from the exit)and basically in the hills behind Malibu.Close enough to be covenient to LA and all points nearby,and far enough to be quiet.I thought you all might like this story! Him and his brothers Joe(keyboards)and Ross(who wrote "I just wanna stop"and did "The California Raisins"stuff)are not only spectacular musicians, but even better people.You will never be disappointed by recording with them and/or buying downloads of their music.You have my guarantee on that!!

Spanish songs uploaded and history of them

I uploaded two Spanish songs today.The first was Casablanca,about the city from my Moroccan tour in the late 90s.I had just arrived from Mararkesh after visiting Chez Ali and riding a camel in the Sahara,where it was 100 degrees at midnight. I will try to post one of my pics in Arab clothes near Al F'nai plaza,where a guy ran up and put a "good luck" snake around my neck.I have a picture of that also-with the snake staring right into my face.He agreed to remove it for a fee-which I agreed to fairly quickly. We stayed at the Royal Monseur Hotel(incredible)and a block away was the medina,or market.The medina in Fez(and I believe this one also)was over 1000 years old -and they both looked like it.A place of winding cobblestone paths and everything imaginable for sale-very similar to the one in Fez I had seen the week before.The smell of incense and loaded down donkeys was everywhere.My last stop in Morocco was at Malcomb Forbes house on a high hill over Tangier with views of Gibraltar across the Med sea.I have pictues with his son Steve(we talked for quite awhile). The other song is Ciudad de Sevilla.This is the heart of flamenco(NOT flamingo-that's a pink bird )in the southwestern part of Andalucia.In Andalucia,Spain,by federal law,ALL houses must be painted white with red tile roofs.That is why you see those pics of Spain with all the white houses with red tile roofs all over south Spain.Aesthetically,it's nice to see.I shot a music video of "Ordinary Man"at Gibraltar that week(which I have since misplaced-Mike Lankford edited it when I returned)It was on the old IUMA website for years.Later that week,I spent a whole afternoon at The Andalusian Theatre downtown watching the flamenco shows from the front row with my camcorder,sipping champagne-including the opera Carmen,It was absolutely spectacular.There is a grand boulevard with flamenco schools all down both sides.People learning guitar,percussion,clapping,stomping and dancing.I also had a chance to put my hands on Christopher Columbus' casket in the cathedral and visit the home of Murillo,the great artist.I could talk about this forever,but if you have a specific question,feel free to ask.I also toured Portugal and the groves of cork oak trees,where most of the cork on earth is from.That's a whole other cool story too.For you Spanish and Italian speakers,you will understand this perfectly.Para los que hablan Espanol y Italiano,van a entender todo eso muy bien.For you English speakers,get out your Spanish dictionary and enjoy.These songs have been used as part of high school Spanish class curriculum at the high school level in the US.I will upload more of my Spanish songs as time allows. The sights and sounds and smells there I will never forget.

Incredible resonse by listeners.Thanks!!

Now have print reviews in Dutch,Flemish(Belgium),German,French,Spanish(Spain and Latin America(Mexico,Guatemala,El Salvador,Honduras,Venezuela,Argentina),Italian, Chinese,Japanese and Korean.Nine languages and counting! I am on download sites(about 30 or so)on every continent and in most countries.Amazing,award-winning musicians,technicians,and especially friends and fans-mainly in the USA,Europe,Asia and Latin America have made this possible.I can never thank you enough.Just keep up the good work.Keep downloading and giving me your valuable feedback.Except when I am out of town(like at the South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin next week,for instance,or appearing live and live on radio stations,etc.,or filming a new video out at Willies place later this year,hopefully),I will always respond.Thanks again!

New CD getting out there

Well,the new CD,"True Believer"is getting wide exposure all over the globe.It was number 1 on the playlist on Massimo Ferro's roots show in Alessandria,Italy in January.many more to follow. Stay tuned for more news and information updated weekly.Thank you for listening,downloading and being there! I have had my other CDs aired in dozens of countries and plan on being aired,listened to and downloaded in many more.