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EP launch

EP beginnings launch date is Feb 9th at the BEMAC centre in Brisbane. Supported by Sahara Beck and Emily Foster, going to be a great night!


Just finished recording beginnings, my 6 track EP that will be released in Feb 2013

Writing session

School holidays start this week which is always a highlight for me! I am going to R & D Records today for another writing session with the boys, which is always a great day! This Sunday I fly to LA to spend time with a few different writers and producers.......really looking forward to working with them!

First recording

In August 2010 I wrote a third song and we decided to record my first EP. I worked with Shane Graham at Loose stones studios on the Gold Coast. We wanted to keep the EP as raw sounding as possible with no effects etc put on my voice. We took a couple of months break and when I went back in December to do the final track, my voice had changed so much that we had to record it all over. Since this time (9 months) my voice has changed dramatically again!

Nashville, Tennessee

I had just turned 13 and we were flying to Nashville. It was June 2010 and summer in the US. The day we flew in was hot and nearly 40 degrees celcius in Nashville. We stayed at the Hilton in Nashville which was walking distance to Vocal success studios. Each day we walked up to have a lesson with Jesse. The lessons varied from an hour to 2 and a half hours depending on what day it was. It was a tough week because the entire week of lessons was just vocal excercises, I think I sang one song on the last day I was with Jesse.

On the weekend of this week I did "boot camp" with Tom Jackson. It was a music boot camp for young artists. Tom specialises in on stage performance and works with the likes of Jordan sparks and Taylor Swift. It was a very cool weekend and I felt like I developed alot of confidence on stage. Amy Wolter and Lang Bliss were Toms off siders and were amazing helping us with movement and getting familar with working a stage.

Nashville was a really nice city with people singing on every corner and you can see why they call it the music city of America.

My favorite restaurants were the cheesecake factory (even though they could not understand what I was ordering with my Australian accent) and Mortons steakhouse where I had the biggest chocolate suffle I have ever seen for dessert!

On the flight home from the USA I wrote my second song "shouldn't have let you go" about lost love.

Vocal success, Nashville

December 2009 was the first time I got up on stage and sung. It was at the Sanctuary Cove theatre on the Gold Coast when all of Sharons students sung 3 songs each for the Christmas get together. Lets just say I was very glad when my 3 songs were over! Sharon works with Vocal Success studios in Nashville and wanted me to do a lesson with Jesse Nemitz from the Nashville studio. I had my first lesson on skype with Jesse in March 2010. It was very early in the morning Australia time but pretty cool to do a lesson live to the US. I did another lesson with Jesse in April 2010. At the beginning of June 2010 I spent a week in Nashville. I will tell you about this in my next entry x

Sharon enters!

For the first year I sung with the same vocal teacher. She fell pregnant and stopped teaching during 2009. I had a gap of around 3 months with no one to work with which makes it tough to focus on music when nobody around you is into music either and you are only 12. I wrote my first song during this period, fly away was written about young love.

One of Mum's friends is a fabulous singer so Mum asked her opinion on vocal coaches and she recomended someone on the Gold coast that she felt was great. I started studying with Sharon Rowntree from Vocal Success studios in December 2009 and she is amazing. She lives for teaching and vocal training and has an amazing way of interacting with young people. I have said on numerous ocassions "I just love Sharon"

The music started

This is my first blog entry....so it makes sense to start at the beginning rather than what i am doing this week. When I was 11 I sang "santa clause is coming to town" to my Mum. She was quite shocked at my voice and booked me into singing lessons with a local singing teacher. My father complained it was a complete waste of money as I had already had several other interests pushed onto me and was never interested. On the night that I had to go to my first singing lesson Mum could not take me so Dad took me. I sang for the teacher and she looked at my father and said "where did that come from" and his response was "I don't know, thats the first time I have heard her sing".