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J. Crispy ✰ / Blog

J. Crispy's Songwriting history

Signed with BMI, and I charge different prices for writing songs depending on what you want. My style of writing is Pop/R&B/Dance, and I'm all about making smash hits. My goal is to make that song catchy enough to be stuck in your head, even if you don't like it... you'll find yourself singing it. Anyone can write a rap song, but not everyone can compose a radio hit without using profanity. I keep my tracks clean, I call that respecting the music. I'm all about creativity, and being original. I've written songs for 5 different girls, singles such as "Pretty Little Eyes", "Gimme That One Minute", & "Unconditional Love". Working with artists Sammy Ballew, Hayley Pettis, and Whitney Dalynn. I'm not only writing your lyrics for you, but scheduling a day to instruct you on how to sing my melodies. As well as providing you with a beat (if you don't have one), and taking you to the studio to get it recorded professionally (which will cost extra if you aren't already working with a producer). You have the right to tell me if you don't like the song, and I'll charge you for it once you're satisfied. I don't work with "artists" who aren't serious and respectful. If you're only doing this for fun, don't waste my time. I take my work very seriously, and don't need someone unreliable fooling around while I'm working hard. I dislike working with people who take forever to respond, and decides to cancel on the last minute… find someone else. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at Just.Crispy@live.com


Working with J. Crispy has been such a pleasure. As an aspiring artist myself, I know how stressful the music industry can be and he handles it so maturely. Crispy is one of the most motivational people I know. He has helped me so much and taught me to never give up on my dreams-that I can accomplish anything if I put my mind to it. Both on and off the stage, Crispy is an inspirational person with a big heart. My first time in the studio I was a nervous wreck, but he stood right by my side and calmed my nerves practically immediately. We've become friends through our music these past few months and I'm so happy about that. I'm confident that J. Crispy will go far in life and he'll have all his support right behind him the whole way! -Sammy Ballew

My 1st rap song inspired me..

At the age of 13, I always dreamed of doing music and making it big in LA. I wrote my first rap song when I was in 6th grade, and showed my friend Franciso. He told me it was "hella filthy" and he didn't believe that I wrote those lyrics. That moment, it inspired me to keep writing songs and I wrote a ton of lyrics without any instrumentals. I came up with a lot of creative ideas and my melodies were astounding. One day, my computer crashed and I've lost over 100 songs written. I wanted to give up on my dreams, and my mind was going crazy. But, when Eminem came out with his movie "8-Mile"... it motivated me to keep going. I knew that if he could do it, then I can too. A white rapper who was hated on the most is now one of the greatest rappers of all time.

In high school, I would mess around with garage band and record songs/freestyles. I'd bring my laptop everywhere I go and started freestyling with my friends in public places. Clearly, it was an addiction that I couldn't stop and my passion for it was indescribable. When I met my friend Simon (lead singer of the group), he saw this phenomenal drive in me. I would go online and start freestyling on the I.M. chat and send him lyrics with the beat. A couple days later, he asked me to join the group and gave me the opportunity to record my first single in the studio. Initially, no one believed that I would be successful in my dreams but him. He gave me this faith that got me closer to God while doing music. I had fallen deeply in love with my tunes, and along this journey I've put an end to all the bad things I use to do. It was not easy trying to change, but I knew I had to do it for music if I wanted to be serious.

What encouraged me to quit the most was seeing my own mom in the principal's office shedding tears while the police was waiting for my arrival. There are plenty of worst things that I did not much people know about, except for the ones I hung out with in the streets. I was really good with keeping things on the DL, and my family & other friends didn't know what I was getting into (they still don't know the full-story). Music gave me a chance to express my emotional feelings, and prevented me from doing illegal things. With all the challenges that occurred in my teenage years, it helped me escape from the dark life. Now I have a great passion and a purpose that I can share with my fans. That purpose is to help inspire others to do good in life and motivate them to chase their dream.

Gradually, I started changing and my music improved abundantly. I'm truly blessed to still be breathing, and being able to live up my dream. There are numerous accomplishments over the past years that are still incredible to me today. People may think I'm crazy because of how big I dream, but they will all understand when I accept my 1st grammy award. I invest so much in what I love because I believe in it. While most people are probably out partying and getting wasted, I stick myself in my own room dreaming of my future and perfecting my craft. Nothing is impossible with God, and he had opened up my eyes to see the bigger picture. I know he has greater blessings for me as I continue on with my quest, but for now I'm thankful for where I stand. Patience is the key & God's timing is perfect! I will never give up 'til I overcome all these challenges that he had put in front of my path. He wants me to become GREAT at what I do, and I can see the growth in my music. "My dream is no longer a dream, it is now my reality."