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Flight of Fire / Blog

Back in the Studio!

Well, today is officially Day 1 of our return to Lost Souls Studios in Martha's Vineyard!! It's been a bit over a year since we came here to record our first album, "Ascended from Ashes," and now we're back to take our music to the next level with an explosive new album!! We started off the trip with a bang by watching the greatest fireworks display ever!! Then we arrived at the studio, tired and salty from the ferry. We're all super stoked to get recording and create some beautiful noise! Among other exciting things, we've been brain storming some album titles and coming up with some very unique ideas to put to use on this new masterpiece! Look up to the skies...the Pheonix is taking flight....!

Gigs Gigs Gigs!!

Hey peeps! So we came out of school with no gigs lined up but as soon as summer break began, we opened the floods gates and the shows began flowing in! This summer has already been a successful one for the Phoenix as we had previously prophesied. We've played several gigs around the Boston area where we were finally able to flaunt the FoF Banner and all it's glory! We have plenty more ready to go so if you're in the area and looking to rock out, we are here for ya :) We've gotten so many great compliments on the show we put on and how heavy our music is! It's so nice to hear what people think and it always feels great to be appreciated. On another note about shows, the twins of Flight of Fire performed at Atwood's Tavern with Eliza Neals, rising star from their hometown of Detroit! It was an epically sexy night of girl powered blues/rock so make sure to check her out!!

Next order of business...new music! We just scheduled a rehearsal for Thursday now that the Berklee rehearsal spaces are open again so we will be picking up right where we left off with new music! We've got an epic lineup of fresh tracks under wraps that we are dying to work on! LOTS of exciting things are to come this summer of fire. This year 2012, the Phoenix is spreading it's wings...

Flight of Fire~Out

School's Out!

School is out and it's time for the Phoenix to spread it's wings once again! Today we officially kicked off our summer reign! We've got big plans to get in touch with bars, clubs and radio stations all over Boston and hopefully book some awesome gigs! Also, we've got lots of really rockin new songs under wraps as we prepare to record our next album. With four songwriters in the group, we are bound to produce something dynamic and interesting for everyone! We'll keep you all posted as we get gigs and as other things develop. Look up to the sky for the Phoenix!!

Flight of Fire~Out

New Banner!

After a long chain of shipping fails... we finally got hold of our brand new Flight of Fire banner! Glossy, bright, and beautiful, the banner will be making it's debut appearance at our next show. :D Speaking of which, this semester has been quite fruitful for us, as gigs go, and we are so proud to finally be getting lots of opportunities to play out! The caf show was a great success! A bunch of people came out to see us and had a great time with us. Upon discussing with people after the show, we found out that a lot of people really liked how we incorporated interesting classical instruments like flute, piccolo, and violin into our music. Is this because the general population of those in attendance were musicians? Or is this unique instrumentation something that everyone can appreciate? I guess we'll find out! Anyway, we've got some cool shows coming up in March and we will be releasing info of even more shows coming up later as well! Keep posted and we'll keep rockin!

~Flight of Fire-out!

First Quarterly Band Meeting!

As the title of this blog suggests, yesterday we had our first official quarterly band meeting of 2012! We discussed lots of exciting things at the meeting including going over past band expenses and profits as well as predicting future costs and profits for the production of our upcoming album! We went over all kinds of future goals and plans for getting more shows, fans, merchandise, and anything else we could think of. With everyone being so involved and putting out 110% of effort, I have no doubt that great things are gonna happen for the Phoenix this year!

In other news, we have been rehearsing twice a week and working on a lot of rockin new tunes! We have big plans of really upping the ante on this next album. We are going all out to make it as great as it can possibly be!! With all four band members contributing to the songwriting, we are expecting an explosive and heated album so keep an eye out for updates!!

That's all for now! Flight of Fire - out~

Barbara Lafian Dmuchowski
Barbara Lafian Dmuchowski  (over 2 years ago)

Great news! Keep up the good work! I'm glad your thinking in terms of business!

2012 Year of the Phoenix!

Being that it is the new year and all, we feel like it is time to reflect on our accomplishments of 2011! It sure was a successful year for Flight of Fire. We recorded and have sold many copies of our first album, made our first music video, had a few awesome gigs, got our first batch of professional photos and so much more! Also, for those of you who haven't already seen, we recently wrote a new song called, "Winter Snow," a dark, Christmas epic featuring not only Tanya, but also Sheik on the guitar!

Now as we enter into 2012, The Year of the Phoenix (as we like to call it :P) we have high hopes about even greater accomplishments! We have big dreams and goals to tend to throughout the year such as recording a new album, building up our fan base, getting a lot more gigs, making new videos, photos, and of course, writing great new music! In fact, as we speak, we are all working on new music on our own so that when we return to school we'll have some cool new stuff to work on together! Here's wishing great success, lots of love, good health, and many fun times to all this new year!

~Flight of Fire - out!


FInally, after months of hard work and effort, our highly anticipated debut album, "Ascended from Ashes," has officially been released to the public!! The album is currently available for download on CD Baby and soon enough, it will be on iTunes as well. In addition to the digital downloads, today we are putting together a whole lotta hard copies of the album complete with a professional including album art, pictures, and so much more! Today is a big day for us and we are very eager to see the turn out. :)

In other news, we are searching out places to have some live shows! We are very excited about how things are going and will keep you all updated!

~Flight of Fire out!

No Turning Back!

The newly mixed version of our latest album, "Ascended From Ashes," has officially been completed! Now we are just waiting on our album packets and CD labels to be designed and delivered to us so we can release the album to the public! Also, we will soon be releasing the album on iTunes so keep a lookout! Anyway, that's about all the new news I've got for you today. Enjoy the music and as always, rock on!

~Flight of Fire-out!

Takin' Care of Business!

Hello Hello! For the past week, the band has been in Michigan taking care of all sorts of business! We had two performances this week; one at the Post Bar and one at a pool party. We were impressed at how well our music was received by all! While together in Michigan, we've created a press kit, shot a music video, and are putting together the details of our up and coming CD packet and labels. Also, we have officially released the name of the soon-to-be-released album: Ascending From Ashes. We are proud of all that we have accomplished this week, and are very excited to soon release the new album! Keep looking at our site for updates and soon we shall post the highly anticipated music video for "Chasing the Storm."

~Flight of Fire-out!

The Album is within Reach!

Hey Folks! We officially have a working version of the new album, still unnamed. We plan on going back to the Vineyard and having it mixed and mastered a bit more still so it is not perfect, but it is nice to have a general copy of it! We posted a couple new singles, an updated version of "Music Anthem," the beautiful, "I'm Not Surprised," and hard rockin,' "We Will Rise!" We're still working on coming up with a name for our album, band cards, a packet and labels for the CD! We are super excited and everything is sounding great! Enjoy!

Flight of Fire-out!