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Wanted Man / Blog

I Got Time

When I started Wanted Man I thought part of the process was to make sure that every aspect of a song and recording was right before it was shared. For "I Got Time" I said fuck that. It started with strumming a few chords on the couch at noon and I decided to just go lay down a scratch acoustic track so I'd remember the tune. A few hours later I had done the electric guitars, bass, drums, written lyrics and recorded the vocals with my trusty Green Bullet/Silvertone Amp combo. I love the energy of the track and I credit it from being totally spontaneous on every level. It's a revelation for me to create something so quickly that it marks a new beginning for how I will be going about making music from now on. I'll keep posting the songs I've had sitting around, but I'm going to have more of these spontaneous tracks appear as they happen, I think it will pay off and I hope whoever listens enjoys hearing them as much as I enjoy making them.

Desert Blues

The instrumental intro for my album has been posted. It's called "Desert Blues." Written on a 12-string acoustic in open C tuning, it's not how I usually play guitar. Percussion was played and drones were made. It's topped off by a totally improvised fuzzed-out guitar solo at the end. It's not perfect but it has the feel/vibe I'm looking for.

I will have two instrumentals on this record, "Desert Blues" being one of them. Stay tuned for the rest of the songs...