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LUVIS / Blog

Things that i KNOW ARE TRUE IN LIFE !

the love you take is equal to the love you make, happiness is a warm gun, I get high with a little help from my friends and its alright cause were going to the end of the line. we live in a world of NOSE E NEIGHBORS and your NOT ALLOWED cause i said so when it comes to talking with the police About SAINT ANN STREET BLUES and how it connects to the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. " SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC - MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM " CAPTCHA WORD OF the day ? 79 92233999

post your stuff on craigslist !

yelp an dont forget the beer for the show. do this and you'll be famous ! http://neworleans.craigslist.org/muc/4080897258.html

Getting Hooked

The first time i tried it was in nj at a new yrs eve party. man that sound was amazing. she didnt want me to know what she was doing so she fess'd up and came unclean. I was a brave young American who had no idea what hell would come my way for the rest of my life :-) . she and I would forever be locked in blood. Off we would go to the city that never sleeps. hitting those guitar shops and record stores with blinders on. time stood still while under that musical illusion. In uni son the ill uminati have the game sewn up with past great deads rockers who couldn't break the spell of the contract . I have been to the crossroads. It just passed memphis, past south haven mississippi down 55 make that first right where the tree is split by lighting. you'll come to a road with 7 bridges to cross before you get to the spot. getting hooked is like breathing fresh air. I was hooked the moment i saw that cherry red sunburst finish. when the time is right you will know cause everything else is meaningless. Boring. Dull. Music is a sickness and i'm the doctor. Music is magical and I'm am the shaman. Music is like the ocean or the universe. Music is the only reason your here. look at my profile pic. Look into my profile pic eyes.... do you see me.....do u feel me...I feel you and now your feeling sleepy , you are now under my control. hahahahahahahaha going to the river to jam today who ever wants in can join along BYOB !

%^$##& EAT ME &^%$#

EAT ME because i taste like chick filet . I have a white castle craving fo some tastee burgers or crystals. Rallys has the best fart smelling burgers ever. I love puking up last night wendys hahahah. I use waffle house like a web cam whore. I ate mcdonalds and i had to killed Ronald afterwards. Burger king is really a hermaphrodite drag queen hooked on pain pills. Hardees makes my stomach fill up like old saint nick. Luvis loves eating. I can eat the hell outa some red snapper fish from pink lobster. I ate elk in Vermont with jack Daniels than puked it all over my jersey devils hat that than was eaten by Ernie the German Shepard ummm hot and fresh. I could eat shit on a shingle but than your roof will leak like a used playtex. I guess its the woman in you that brings out the man in me. Nathans hot dogs make my poo look huge in the toilet bowl the next day. lots of farmers use crap to make there food taste better i once heard this country girl from Brooklyn tell me. I'm so hungry i could eat a race track horse and its jockey with a beer and shot. FOOD FIGHT !

300 + videos, 100+ free mp3's, 50+ music sites, - 30 guitars = Luvis420

300 + videos, 100+ free mp3's, 50+ music sites, - 30 guitars = Luvis420 4 life homes. So i'm out on the streets looking good, hanging with da family. when we decided to go for a bike ride . along our musical way we stopped at the record store in town. So many great record stores in Nola. There was a time a record was a 33,45,78 record. I like millions of other have had a fare share of the 33's. I have been watching a lot of bands make vinyl. It so awesome a product. Made in America process. the idea of going into vinyl is so great that I have decided to do so myself with Swamp Muck Records. A lot of the new LUVIS songs that are listed on this reverbnation site are going to be added. I see the new band BLOB SNARLY doing some records. by the way check out the Blob Snarly video on www.vimeo.com/luvispro playing some Clash at the 7th ward studios. Blob Snarly what a great name for it. We have in a very short period created a very cool set list of songs. mostly old school jams which is always good . check out www.reverbnation.com/blobsnarly for more updates and concerts.

300+ videos on Youtube.com/luvispro means .......

300 + videos on youtube.com/luvispro means I'm fattier and heavier than you. Like jabba the hut I have amassed a rather large assortment of of videos in every catagory. THANK YOU YOUTUBE, for letting me host my music on your FREE site. I have tried over the years with other site to catolog my music. But Its always at some additional price. How many terabytes of data have i been able to use for free ? 300+ video on youtube make 1 thing for certain. I have had a lot of time and money on m hands. It takes incredible resources to get this title. 300 + videos means that i never forgot wha the fuck I was put on this planet to do ! hahahahah 300 + motha fokking videos means i'm the king of this little game ! hahahaha other rappers needs the clappers but all i needs is to take a crapper ! hahahahah 300 + videos means i can stick my nose in the air while your talking about your bands music but I wont cause 300 + videos means I just want to record the coolest stuff under the coolest condition in the coolest county around the coolest people on earth ! 300 + means THANKS to everybody who supports and enjoys live local music. thanks everybody for watching my video and supporting this musical family

I cried myself to sleep last night cause of you

I cried myself to sleep last night cause of you and that song about the rain or is it just a ode to the one who sang it. Fear Not young hot damsel is distress. Today is not an ordinary day, its the day I first picked up the guitar. I shouldnt have but i did. I snuck into my parents closet and grab the case. I opened it and this warm easy feeling came over me. I felt my destiny in my hands. I saw things that about my life unfold. I couldnt help my self, I grabbed the amp and cord. WHEN I open the case, This smell of wood and paint came into my conscious and I coughed. I plugged the guitar in and turned on the amp. A soft blue lite appeared and the amp starting rumbling. I slung that guitar around my neck and stood there. The amp slowly started to feedback. I turned slowly as if a grizzly bear was behind me. The amp became quiet. I didnt know any notes yet. I did know the g cord and so I put my little fingers where i had seen my dad fingers. I took that triangle pick and held my hand above my head for a second or two and said " ROCK -N-ROLL " ......WRAAAARARAGGG went the entire house. The dog barked. The cat ran. I turned and looked in the mirror and saw this old man with white hair. Tattoo'd and toothless almost Phantom of the Opera Like. The amp continued to reverberate as I seen my future. Acting funny and I dont know why Cuse me While I flip off this guy. I put the guitar through alot over the years. Took it to L.A., Memphis, Indy and now Nola. Outa all the things I had my hands on , some things just seem to stay with me. Who knows these things is the real mystery in life. It gets so real sometimes. Today is a good day. much better than Monday. have a great day all you great musicians who found music instead of politics. we need more music not wars. I had FTW tattoo on my arm at 18 cause this world is about murder and death . The world i live in is filled with music art love poetry smiles laughter red eyes white crystals and blues sky's from the delta. I'm so glad I have you baby, without you I might be in a jail or coffin . All it takes is that look. That little smile. That wave in the grain. That body. Nothing will ever be the same once you've stood there looking and than had to realize your stare's but you dont care cause your gonna get u some. Wanna see this sweet guitar than go check out my pic's . If you want some check out you locally owned music shop and begin your career in the second oldest profession on earth :-) Music Means Freedom !!!!

From 1991 to 2013 , Luvis Music Means Freedom !

Thanks to Reverbanation, Luvis can be heard from as early as 1991 in a tiny little night club in New Jersey playing some Hendrix. From there we travel outa NJ to Memphis where I started writing originals fulltime. Its a road to Indianapolis where I'm making videos for songs like Hit The Bong. Todays music is even more amazing than before. currently on Vimeo.com/luvispro is a great little jam practice with the New Nola Band now it is what it is but that all it is. Music Means Freedom cause we all talk the same language. down here in Nola there a lot to deal with. So much music from so many different people in a cool state of mind . there's too much stuff going on these days to not be involved with music. Every yr I have found a way to keep playing. While wars and felonies where around me I keep on jam'n. I have listed my older songs here by a time frame I remember. Each song has a different message and as well a different sound. So many musicians that have been in the studios with me. 22 yrs of music represented here. It only a small amount. I have tons of tapes, records, cd's to flip and upload. I could be doing this for weeks. I wish I could . Lately I want it all available. where at the tipping point right now for music. I see New Orleans as amazing knowledgeable time and place in space and time. the fact that i'm here studying music from this battle ground is perfect. So many great battles fought here. Music is a battle. Life is a struggle. We act on beliefs that we determine though the actions that we been told about . I could have been a beggar or a thief. What service would i have left on the planet for all you humans to have for the rest of your lives if i had done so , hahahah. so to all you musicians i say have a great jam. To all you beggar thief's out there, if you see a pearl white Ovation guitar in the Newark NJ area pawn shops please let me know I give you a cash reward when I recover mine back !

nosey neighbor - song and video tribute

nosey neighbor - song and video tribute now available for all to hear. I used to think that my nosey neighbor was a russian spy. Now i know it was the NSA who were listening to me in the shower. the nosey neighbor that always come to mind was Christina. I couldnt light a fire in m backyard with her peeking around the corner to watch. her neighbor tara used to snoop around my shed at night. chester the molester next to her was a skinny little prick who walked thur people yards looking, later found out he was going into the house he rented out. pervert. there one in every town. they like to talk behind your back about your sack. The newest nosey neighbor is nancy. she like to scream at walls and slam doors when ever were home or she thinks she's alone. while dudes were on motorccles doing wheelie down the street she pops her out at me and says " I dont like what your wife tells these kids about me " than slams the door in my face. Christina after years of playing drums with us, eating dinners, going out to the bars to party, hanging out every other nite - she got upset when i smashed my fire pit with a baseball bat - she wrote wendy a letter that spelled out how i was going to hurt wendy and that christina tried to help us out but she's better than us and didnt want to be friends anymore. she even befriended us using facebook and youtube....boo hoo hoo ! what a dumb blonde. my other nosey neighbor was a old man who would try to stop us kids from riding motorcycles into the woods next to his house ! he call ed the cops. he thur tree limbs and leaves and whatever he could to get us to leave that wooded area in NJ where kids had fun. After i had the cops take me and my friends dirt bikes away on night I smashed all the windows on the front of his house. spray painted " fuck u " and poured gas over his grass that said " eat me ". I was about 12, i didnt always do the right thing, I was living in NJ I thought everybody was in the mafia. the nosey neighbor is the person who cant catch a hint that they shouldnt be there. like my old neighbor josh who walked up thur my back yard while m dog was dieing. as i was placen the American flag over old c-lo here comes josh all happy pants and sandals asking me " what ya doing " I pointed to c-lo, wendy held back her tears, i told josh " c-lo just died, i think u should go " i had to tell him again except with different words. he listen and left and i never saw him again. sad day that may 13 2010. NJ still has the nosiest neighbors. people in nj love to talk about cha and the love to find out someting on ya so they can throw it in your face ? leave me the fuck alone ! the nosey neighbor video is a real hoot. it was done like all videos - fake - no live performance, just fake imagines and music and more fake scene and walla u have a mtv video ! it all about watching your neighbors now thanks to the NSA and homeland security. I terrorists all the time but nobody doing shit about it. check out "Nosey neighbor " at www.youtube.com/luvispro or of course right here on the reverbation page. I would have made a million dollars with my music if it weren't for those meddling kids - scooooby doooobie doooooooooooooooooo!

New World War 3 , same old MYRAGE and not enough songs!

........my RAGE ......MY RAGE.......MeRizE....I'M NO GOD !!.....Hahahhaa good class. New Luvis Music for World War 3 2013 . hello mom and dad if your reading this today :-) .......NEW MUSIC FOR THE COMING WORLD WAR 3 is really the same old MYRAGE. As I remember in my little head, it twas a cool NJ nite . All the guitars were lined up. Amps always on sucking up that free daisy tek electricity. The wall of sound was the Marshall amp and those peavey that tommy used. MYRAGE IN THE HOUSE ! new jersey 1990 in a small warehouse unknown to the outside world. a small computer company wholesaler of selling parts. iT Employees where some of the area finest musician in essence . we were the A Team of musicians who played music with a zest for dolce vita . MYRAGE IN THE HOUSE should up the night of said " world war 3 " when we irqaq invaded Kuwait, as the bombs blow up Saddam army, tom and i wearing jamming out to some " I'm no God " while watching for any attacks to hit in NYC. WE jam MYRAGE Songs all night watching from the loading dock of daisy tek to see " what if " ! !!!!! As i think of the impeding doom over seas again except this time in Syria I wonder how odd it is to be jamming tonight under the same issue's some 20 years later. so many wars and not enough songs. so many dead soldiers and not enough songs. I wish we all could hav played justa little bit longer and not enough songs ageeean and again. For the past 20 yrs i've been soldior of fortune with da guitar. she has taught me incredible things and not tings. I will play today as it it where me last. no more during the war will i GIVE UP MY WEAPON. I SHALL DEFEND MY COUNTRY WITH GUN IN HAND AND GUITAR . THE MUSIC MUST BE SAVED. THE MUSIC MUST GO ON TO TELL THE STORIES OF HOW ITS DONE. "All along the watch tower the princess kept her view" Love that line, so it twas a nj memory. The time MYRAGE jam'd as if it was our last ! ya never know what number your gonna get. we might all be drafted tomorrow to figh the coming drone war between all countries. Everybody fighting and oil prices are going up and not enough songs? people are dieing on mother earth and the banks own EVERYTHING and not enough songs. MAKE SOME MUSIC AND START A RECORD COMPANY CUZ THER'S not enough songs ! SING AND PRANCE AND DO THE SAFTY DANCE CUZ THER'Z (CHORUS) not enough songs. and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs MYRAGE IN MUTHAFUKKING HIZZZZOUSSSSSS ! CUZ IT ALL ABOUT THE LUVIS GUITARZZZZ AND THE STRIP BARZZ SMOKEN OLD CARZZZ BANG'N PORN STARZZ I'M IN MAGIZINEZZZZZ MOVIE SCREENZZZZZ I MAKE YOU SCREAMZ YOUR LIFES MY DREAMZZZ WE ROLLING 420 DEEP UR KNOW WAKING FROM DEAD SLEEP ! HIT IT and not enough songs and not enough songsand not enough songsand not enough songsand not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs and not enough songs ! CHECK OUT " I'M NO GOD" the video www.youtube.com/watch?v=oggOTY5djpw