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LUVIS / Blog

So I'm walking down Esplande to Frenchmen

So I'm walking down Esplanade to Frenchmen st. I love that 1 house on the corner , its so 1800's. I keep walking and head back to decauter st. I walk past the tiki's the abbey and off to Jackson SQ to St Ann Street. I smile at the fortune tellers who want to tell things I already know about my self. I smile and wave at all the spirirts in and around the church. Off royal st I hear a jazz trio playing st james infirmary.I watch the vamps sucking on new blood along bourbon st, I get to burgundy and i look on the ground and there i see some rock and roll memorabilia. old school rock buttons of the who, zep, and my new favorite , Frank Zappa , that reads " shut up play yer guitar " That i rushed home to put on my guitar strap for the frieday night gig with blob snarly at kyles party. I find stuff all the time. I found a gibsen guita in a dumpster in morristown nj - which is still in the hands of my good friend and fellow musician big Dan. I think of how old this equipment is and how i find it and put it to good use. ahhhhhh the french quarter is so special i might just go back there with a case of beer and some black velvet and new amsterdam bottles and drink at the river with the band and all my friends who perform there ! In the meanwhile listen to some Blob Snarly live from Kyles birthday party playing some Agent Orange ripoff ! hahaha ! love it ! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10202152957736107

ps - looking forward to the upcoming gig SNOT RAG with BLOB SNARLY !!!! more to be announced ! MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

so its look like We playing this Friday 10-25-2013

so it looks like were playing this Friday night down here in nola off in a spooky place called the bywater to some but to other we call it the edge to the end of the world - off st claude before you jump off into the lower ninth bridge , a make a right on to poland and turn left at the burned down building a you'll see my friend kentucy ave - park where you dont want to have your shit broken into. dont come without plenty of pbr's beer and fireball whiskey, a pack of red apples with some purple haze cause the blob snarly crew are about to unleash some new and old school jams for kyle party - do u know kyle - if you dont you will cause the brothers gonna sing and shout with his band as well ! shit is gonna be so loud you'll hear us over in the 420th ward, even spoon man gonna be there and save me with your plan cause all my friends are brown and red. Old luvis might even bring out the real battle axe for sucha monumental show - who knows maybe we'll do " I was Abducted by Alienz " ! I havent seen lucky the drummer since our last show ,so its just like when we did that one tour back in 77. the Blob Snarly gang have our shit together for this types of exorcisms. When in doubt i will just pick up the bass and pound through a million more songs that will make those booties shake and those tities quake and you'll be saying " there goes my hero - he's ordinary " m phone is still dead so dont call my # 504-215-4463 - call my on facebook.com/luvispro cause all i can say is that my life is pretty plain i like watching the puddles in the rain !

Son of a Gun we having fun off the Bayou

Son of a Gun we having fun off the Bayou were the catfish are jumping and that steam roller is packing up with the finest of pleasure this side of the planet. Now I ant no kid at the game. each yr this time since my people were on the land 2 things happen - Deer Season and Harvest season. its a tradition to go out and harvest back from the land the food your family needs. from these hunts comes the songs of old that will help you see the great white buffalo. Many a hunt have taught me that i hold my gun the same way i hold my guitar - huh. I enjoy the noise the forest floor plays each hour - DJ poison Ivory and sumac are running amuck while the sweet rock and roll of the high grass tells me which way to walk to find that 12 pointer. As i think about that jet black Marshall amp in Indyanna I am taking back, a flash bomb in my minds eye to the daze of Memphis where i traveled to the white river in Arkansas to hunt trap and fish all weekend long . Hunting isnt about a lot of things. like music its the oldest profession that cant be taken from your chemical makeup. As the wars on terror takes another life How much great music isn't being performed or played. How man great soldiers are with there guitars or drums to record these little jams. I know for a fact A LOT . A lot of American military are musicians who fight daily. I know for a fact the terrorist all SUCK at playing music. I haven't been told of any great Islamic terrorist music ! why knot ! cause music is freedom and that all it is ! Us Americans create music daily. we are the inventors of musical instruments. We are the ones to keep and preserve the music, honer it and are define by it. Only in the USA does this happen anymore. As the time get tough American musicians are inventing new way to get the music out to the fans and future listeners . Independent musicians are the first line of defense against the NEW WORLD ORDER. As you harvest your crops and hunt your creeks this week take a look around, stop and smile, this is IT. I have some new riffs to explore with the blob snarly crew this week. we are moving into the next level of writing new music now that all the other songs have been mastered and our fans love us. I have a lot of photo's and film from last Friday nights show. work work work for this monday morning ! ya'll be kool and remember to press record cause music means freedom ! capcha/lottery numbers are 220 54988959

This friday night - BLOB SNARLY at the Bakery , Nola .

Its been a great week of music for my fans of the Independent label who dont close there doors even in the darkest of hours on this planet. As mother earth spins outa control heading deeper and deeper in the shit storm us musicians must keep playing and keeping the peace. It is our duty as musicians to perform while everythingS at its worst. The musicians of yesteryear are standing around you as protection from the forces of darkness that want to shut down the sound and make a nice quiet humming noise to filter your mind from conscious thoughts with your axe. I i meditate this morning i feel a deep disturbance in the notation. the musical staff doesn't lie kids. the notes have to be a sharp or flat. dont make the same mistake i have in life. Stand your ground with your music. fight the fight for your right to party. There's a lot of people who want us to stop performing and let these skinny Illuminati tweens wannabe on stages across America who pretend there making music with copying and paste'n somebody Else's hard work. So be a simple kind of man and I know you can. BLOB SNARLY the ska punk rockers from every where and nowhere is performing at the BAKERY . This is gonna be a great show with some trippy loud and proud jams in ur face. come out and support local music. Theres a couple of our bands as well, fun for the whole family. come early for autographs and beer bongs. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM !

times are tough but tough musicians are tougher

times are tough but tough musicians are tougha . As we fight another day on this war on freedom to play music and make a few million. How much time i spent over my vast 25 yrs playing music. So many boss's and CEO to thanked how helped me relieze how important my music really is on the planet earth. I knew this to be true because a company i worked at a few yrs ago just went flat broke, now some might say it was our famous president mr obama but this company was fukking themselves in the ass from the 1980's. now my self i was a lone worker with out a child or home. no fancy pick up trucks on dubs just working for the man. making a few dollars. The owner couldnt give a shit about me or my music or band or anything i ever did. all he cared about was satisfy the customers. I worked 8-14 hrs some days - 6-7 day a week a peek times. my mind would'nt be able to handle the work load. I would write songs in m head, write down chords from the music i was able to hear off th eradio. I would write lyrics and ANYTHING taht was funny at work would be a moral to asong. I wrote all the time. Thank god we had so much paper. I think my eglinsh teacher wuold have been proud o'me. The time i did have off was full of life's problems and upper cuts. I would carve my axe out at any moent to get my songs written and recorded so that i could make a cassette for monday mornings drive to work. yagetit now !. Time management is a torture. girlfriends get in the way with jam. pets get in the way . you car, motorcycle, sports team, etc etc etc. the whole time i've tried to spend some time playing the damn guitar and not talking about it ! I hate repeating myself but wha the fuck is there to do NOW ! the country is fucked up with no jobs and yet i see nobody out playing there instruments for a dime ! where are all the musicians hanging out jamming. where are all the musicians who say there musicans ! ya either are or not . I sometimes drink hot co co on wintery day right before i go snowboarding. Does that make me a hot co co freedom lover. "Hot Co Co" is my new blues band but thats another story. I cant keep up with new orleans on any level. this town is a gamble and a gambit day and night man. i love it but i watch my damn back ! time to play and kick back is few and far between all the other day to day issue's. some my own doing, other i blame on our elected officails , bastards ! if you can spend some time today and play some music i will be listening with my 6 million dollar bionic man ears. everybody needs to play music on a rainee day. "playing music keeps the blues away" is my new song from the HOT CO CO blues band. check it out.

captcha numbers of the day ? 25999446 13

You cant get to the moon unless you get on the space ship

You cant get to the moon unless you get on the space ship ! what does marsellus wallace look like ? who was that man in the masked ? life is full of choices s a . the path you choose in life isnt always the prettiest. sometimes the prettiest of things becomes the most violent like lizzy borden . Its fall again. the time of year where all things are dieing off. A little death turns to white. whats not dead is the MUSIC. for as long as i can remember all the best gigs start happening now. aug til dec get the most time to play indoors. those outdoor show stop in most of the USA. iTS SO NICE TO BE JAMMING this weekend with the new band. we are playing a mean version of " your not allowed " and the sister song " u r allowed " . playing in a reggae , ska, punk, country band is clowning. Blob Snarly is just strating to get a roll'n . its all for the love of music. its safe to say we are keeping the groove alive. be able to move freely from state to state to play shows is sweet. " all we need i 1 song " is all i've ever heard and its so fukking true blue. WE all have 1 song, plus another 50,000 ! We all can play for hours on stage. Its so nice to be able to do that. I used to spend hours ina shed in homeplace witha space heater and my amps pluged into computers. froze my ass off just to play a show with mansuper or the 420 all starz. its all a pipe dream at times knowing some of those clubs are gone. thank god the Melody Inn is around. I love that bar. Its like the antenna club or the downtown beruit bar or little orphan annies or joanns bar. this week i step into a new bar to play and than drink :-) love that stuff. Goodtimes with the band. good times with ours friends. good times with our familes. great times when i sit down to think about it while writing my mental notes of the week in rock for old luvis pro and the 420 production down here at swampmuck record and tapes St Ann studios a division of luvis420recordz hahahahahahahaha ! ok its time to practice some modes and chords. sing a little. polish up the guitars. have a great day and support local music. check out Blob Snarly for tour dates at www.reverbnation.com/blobsnarly. MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM

u dont know what you got til its been stolen

u dont know what you got til its been stolen . As a thief a raver a slayer i as always amazed how 3 young kids from the south side of parsippany where able to play so much great music. my childhood street was filled with kids. great times. my neighbor and i had parents who played music, so we played music. 1 block away was the was the baddest bassist on the planet. a 3 piece band is always great we had our up and downs on stages. the night in question was playing the Downtown Beirut Bar in NYC. What a great show. I was outa my mind on top of old smoky with a banjo on my knee. Cant believe how loud it was. may have been the loudest gig ever. there something about playing while slamming back shots of jack and cold pbr's. we played a shit ton of cover tunes but we always did these long winded jams it was great. I think after gig I just wanted to stay in NYC playing the circuit buy instead we keep on doing gigs in jersey. The beach pub Shows killed me. I just couldn't see the possibilities in playing a bar that was only 10 blocks from my house over looking the Lake. Looking back it seems to be all a funny set of rules that apply and never apply.

Things that i KNOW ARE TRUE IN LIFE !

the love you take is equal to the love you make, happiness is a warm gun, I get high with a little help from my friends and its alright cause were going to the end of the line. we live in a world of NOSE E NEIGHBORS and your NOT ALLOWED cause i said so when it comes to talking with the police About SAINT ANN STREET BLUES and how it connects to the MISSISSIPPI RIVER. " SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC - MUSIC MEANS FREEDOM " CAPTCHA WORD OF the day ? 79 92233999

post your stuff on craigslist !

yelp an dont forget the beer for the show. do this and you'll be famous ! http://neworleans.craigslist.org/muc/4080897258.html

Getting Hooked

The first time i tried it was in nj at a new yrs eve party. man that sound was amazing. she didnt want me to know what she was doing so she fess'd up and came unclean. I was a brave young American who had no idea what hell would come my way for the rest of my life :-) . she and I would forever be locked in blood. Off we would go to the city that never sleeps. hitting those guitar shops and record stores with blinders on. time stood still while under that musical illusion. In uni son the ill uminati have the game sewn up with past great deads rockers who couldn't break the spell of the contract . I have been to the crossroads. It just passed memphis, past south haven mississippi down 55 make that first right where the tree is split by lighting. you'll come to a road with 7 bridges to cross before you get to the spot. getting hooked is like breathing fresh air. I was hooked the moment i saw that cherry red sunburst finish. when the time is right you will know cause everything else is meaningless. Boring. Dull. Music is a sickness and i'm the doctor. Music is magical and I'm am the shaman. Music is like the ocean or the universe. Music is the only reason your here. look at my profile pic. Look into my profile pic eyes.... do you see me.....do u feel me...I feel you and now your feeling sleepy , you are now under my control. hahahahahahahaha going to the river to jam today who ever wants in can join along BYOB !