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The Fundamentals Of Musical Dynamics

In general, dynamics refer to the overall volume of a section in a song, individual musical part or note. To express the idea of specific dynamics in written music, the following symbols are used:

fortissimo (fortissimo) means “very loud” forte (forte) means “loud” mezzo-forte (mezzo-forte) means “moderately loud” mezzo-piano (mezzo-piano) means “moderately soft” piano (piano) means “soft” pianissimo (pianissimo) means “very soft” forte-piano (forte piano) means “loud, then soft” sfz (sfrozando) means “sudden accent” crescendo (crescendo) means “gradually louder” decrescendo (decrescendo) means “gradually softer”

Most Important...............

The number one most important benefit of music is exposure! One of the my reasons to write and record music is so that others can listen to and enjoy it. Thinking of a lot of song ideas isn’t as hard is it may seems. I can literally write and record a song on my computer and share it with people all around the world in five minutes. Only thing that’s guaranteed in this business is that there is no single path to success. Don’t leave it hanging; get out there and make your music work for you!

Jack Fransioli


All my present and future fans I would like to say thank you for your support. Music production is not an easy task, but when you have supporters like all of you it makes my job easier. Looking forward to working with some of you on future projects........Holla at me

Serious Inquires

Its been month's seen I started making music from scratch no knowledge of any kind producing music in my basement.I know there is a lot more to getting your music out there to the right people and companies that are willing to give someone like me a fresh start to becoming a professional at what I likes doing.It would be a pleasure to hear from one of these source to help me in the right direction so if you have the minute to take time and listen to some of my music and can give me a hand please do your help will not go on rewarded.

Sincerely, Jack Fransioli