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Marina Star / Blog

My new remix by Klubjumpers - "Everlasting"!

I’ve just published my new mix of “Everlasting” on my social media sites and would love to hear your feedback! I’ve been working with Klubjumpers for a while now and they’ve been always making great remixes of my songs. And this particular song, originally produced with Mirrortone Studios, was already a very upbeat dance track, but I think Klubjumpers created a fresh, “clubby” sound to it. I love EDM and vocal trance music and it has influenced my style a lot. I just love driving at night and listen to the entrancing sounds of my favorite EDM artists and it also is very inspiring. Right now, I’m also in process of writing new dance songs, in collaboration with really cool DJ from France and it will be released in perfect timing I think, since spring is finally in the air and a lot of people will start going out to dance more. :) So let me know your thoughts on this one and make sure you share it everywhere if you liked it! ;)

Love and Light to you all,

Marina Star.

Interview by TAXI

Q: Where did you grow up? A: I grew up in Moscow, Russia and moved to United States (Hope Valley, RI) at 14 years old to live with my mother. Since then I was traveling back and forth between two countries and most of my education I got in Russia. In 2005 I moved to US permanently and lived with my mother in New London, CT. In 2006 we moved to New York, where I live now. Q: What made you realize that music was your path? A: As early as I remember myself, I always liked to sing and perform and music always has been a very important part of my life. I started taking vocal classes and performing at an early age, but it wasn't until much later when I became 100% sure that I want to be a singer. Before then it was a choice between acting and singing career an I studied both at two different Institutes in Moscow. I was writing poetry since I was 15 and then I also started to write songs and composing music. And as I grew as a singer and songwriter I started to realize that it is the only path I see for myself and with years I became even more confident with my choice. Music is major part of my life now and I express myself through it. I'm very happy that I can communicate with the world through this beautiful and universal language. Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create? A: I would describe my music as a lyrical ballads with a real story telling. Most of my songs are based on my relationships and my thoughts about certain subjects. I write music as an acoustic version first with a piano and then take song to the studio to master and produce it. I see my original songs in a few genres - mostly pop ballads, but I like to create a dance/electronic tracks too. So far all my released songs are in this mixed genre of pop/dance/electronic. Q: Who are your biggest musical influences? A: Many artist inspired me in different ways, but I would say that Madonna and Whitney Houston - are my biggest music influences. I always admired Madonna's voice and the way she expressed herself as an artist. She is a true performer with an amazing feminine power and sex appeal. Though I don't like when artists overdoing it and exaggerating to a point when a natural beauty of being feminine and alluring turns to being vulgar and inappropriate. To me it is most attractive when a woman is able to express her femininity and charm and keep it graceful. And Whitney is just an incredible singer. Her voice is truly powerful and her music is very soulful, emotional and beautiful. These two singers always have been a huge inspiration to me. And later, I became very attracted to the dance/electronic sound of such artists as ATB and Tiesto, which also influenced my music style. Q: What makes your music unique? A: There is a unique story behind every song I write and it is based on my real experience in life. Original melodies that I compose, my voice, my thoughts and feelings - all that creates a unique music to my mind. Q: What's next for you? A: I have big plans for the next year. I'm planning to record and release my first album, make a new video, perform at many different venues and eventually get signed to a major label. I am very focused on the things I want to achieve and believe that my hard work, drive and true love to what I do would make me successful! And I'd like to thank everyone who supports me on my way and all those great Artists who keep inspiring me and striving to improve.

Tu He
Tu He  (over 1 year ago)

Cool \m/
Real Cool \m/
Im digging to all your posts in the profile

D-MoN  (over 1 year ago)

I admire Your desire to Follow your chosen path..It can be a up and down struggle at times But when that Master disc drops and The moments are pieced together in music and word it all becomes worth it. Continue to Stay on the Path to Happiness