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15000 views in one month for Dancing With Lucifer !

15000 views in one month for Dancing With Lucifer ! You did it, dear friends ! Thanks for your support and see you in Belgium on 3 May.

15000 vues en un mois ! Vous l'avez fait, les amis ! Merci pour votre soutien et au plaisir de voir ceux qui peuvent faire le déplacement en Belgique le 3 mai !


Dames Of Darkness 11th May

Our next show will be in the UK, with Delain, Visions of Atlantis and other great bands ! 11th May, Wolverhampton, Robin 2. Be there !!!! :)

Next Show - Prochain concert : Paris - 4 mai !

Notre prochain concert aura lieu à Paris, Scène Bastille, le 4 mai !!!

New Live video on youtube with outstanding performance from Marie !


Come and see us live !

- in Paris , 4th May : http://www.facebook.com/events/401030253317234/ - at the Dames of Darkness near Birmingham, 11th May : http://www.facebook.com/events/364632006960714/ - in Belgium, Herchies, 25th May : http://www.facebook.com/events/493349210702564

Cassandra's Mirror Video online

Our new music video "Cassandra's Mirror" is now online !


"Blind ?" video trailer online !

"Blind ?" video trailer can now be seen in HD on Youtube !


First "BLIND ?" single : The Ligthouse

Here is the first single extracted from "BLIND ?" : The Lighthouse.

Enjoy !




We are very excited to announce that WHYZDOM signed a deal with one of the most important growing european label : Scarlet Records. It’s a great honor to be part of their roster, along with such names as Shaman, Vision Divine, Eldritch, Labyrinth, Royal Hunt, just to name a few ! We are ready to work hand in hand to push our new album « BLIND ? », and make it available to a wider audience throughout the world. « BLIND ? » release date will be announced very soon. Stay tuned !


Scarlet Records : "Following the acclaimed debut ‘From The Brink Of Infinity’, Whyzdom have signed a deal with Scarlet Records and are proud to present ‘Blind?’, their new album. The band, which is known for their own signature approach to Symphonic Metal, blend once more intricate orchestral parts (including all the subtleties of strings, winds, brass, classical percussions, piano, harp etc.) and a real choir with the power of Heavy Metal. Through a coherence that hides the inherent complexity of this genre, Elvyne Lorient’s passionate melodies immediately stick into your mind, conveying pure emotions right from the very first note she sings. The album title not only refers to the blindness of people towards what’s happening around them, but also to the fact that we, as humans, often deliberately choose to be blind in many uncomfortable circumstances, which eventually lead us on the wrong path of life. ‘Blind?’ was produced by Vynce Leff, recorded and mixed in Paris at Powermania Studio and mastered by Mathieu Gillon and Vynce Leff at 120dB Studio. The stunning artwork is the result of a collaboration between X-Nihilo Design, Les Créations Vultus and Florent Cuaz."

Belgium + Netherlands tour

Hey, dear Friends, We are really happy to announce that we will have a mini tour in september in Belgium and Netherlands : 23 sept - Belgium, MAG 4 : WHYZDOM + AZYLYA + MAGION + ANTERIA 24 sept - Belgium, BIEBOB : WHYZDOM + ANGELI DI PIETRA + AZYLYA + MAGION 25 sept - Netherlands, CRYSTAL STAGE "GOTHZILLA FEST" : STREAM OF PASSION + KINGFISHER SKY + MAGION + EX LIBRIS + WHYZDOM + AZYLYA + AFTER THE SILENCE We hope you'll join us at one (or maybe several) of these dates !!! Cheers !

Some news of our 2nd album : BLIND ?

(version française ci dessous)

Dear Friends,

We have some very good news to announce today : the title of our forthcoming album was chosen, and we decided to reveal it right away. It is dedicated to people who follow misleading paths, misguided by the ones who love or hate or try to control them, or even sometimes by their own pride. We are pretty convinced that each and everyone of us can recognize him or herself in this situation one day or the other. Following this idea, we called this album :


We are even happier to announce that the recording sessions will start on 21st Feb. 2011. The whole week (and more if needed) will be dedicated to drums. Other sessions will follow until spring. Mix and mastering should be done during summer. We expect to release BLIND ? late 2011.

In the mean time, we will play some gigs in France and Europe :

10/05/2011 Paris, La Scene Bastille 30/05/2011 Femme Metal Festival in Birmingham (UK) sept. 2011 : 2 dates in Belgium to be confirmed + more to be confirmed soon.

FRENCH VERSION-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Nous avons quelques très bonnes nouvelles à annoncer aujourd'hui : le titre de notre prochain album a été choisi et nous avons décidé de vous le révéler dès à présent. Il est dédié à tous ceux qui suivent des chemins trompeurs, induits en erreur par ceux qui les aiment ou les détestent ou tentent de les contrôler, ou même parfois par leur propre orgueil. Nous sommes convaincus que chacun d'entre nous peut se reconnaître dans cette situation un jour ou l'autre de sa vie. Cet album devrait donc s'intituler :


Nous sommes encore plus heureux de pouvoir vous annoncer que les sessions d'enregistrement commenceront le 21 fevrier 2011. Toute la semaine (et plus si besoin est) sera dédiée à la batterie. Les autres sessions suivront au printemps. Le mix et le mastering devraient pouvoir se faire cet été. Nous espérons pouvoir sortir BLIND ? fin 2011.

En attendant, nous jouerons des concerts en France et en Europe :

10/05/2011 Paris, La Scene Bastille 30/05/2011 Femme Metal Festival in Birmingham (UK) sept. 2011 : 2 dates en Belgique en attente de confirmation + d'autres dates en préparation