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The Onda / Blog

New song!

I posted "Overhead kick (cover)" of the new tune. Please check it out if you have a time. Thank you.

Please check "Love All (cover)"

Please check out "Love All (cover)" of a new posted tune. This song is a fusion of Japan in the 1980s.

Please check New Tune.

"El Mirage" is cover song of The Square. You can see original song play on YouTube. Search of "the square el mirage"

Please check "Slow train" by Eri Iwamoto

I will introduce Eri Iwamoto Japanese singer-songwriter. The Onda was remixed the tune of "Slow train". Please check next URL. Sorry Writing in Japanese. http://iwamoto-eri.jp/

Please Listen. "Truth"

I will play as the last song in my stage at 12th Oct. Thank you.

Please check ! "Giant Side Steps"

I will play this song to Yara music festival at 12th Oct. Please listen to the tune of instrumental if you have a time. Thank you.

Please check out "Passage Of Clouds"

This tune is ballad, and I will play on "Yara" music festival at 12th Oct.

Please check! "Travelers (cover)"

I will play this song in the music festival at October. Thank you. ~The Onda

Please listen to "Omens Of Love"

I will playing this song in the Yaramaika Music Festival at October 12, 2013 and I playing EWI.

I will participate in the 7th Yara Fes.

* Name "citizen plays, citizens enjoy, music festival-citizens make" 7th Yaramaika Music Festival in Hamamatsu

*Organizer  Yaramaika Music Festival Executive Committee

*Contents musician does not matter what music genre held, age, nationality, the Pro-Am flocks in the city of Hamamatsu music! I engaged in a hot live in various stages of the band musicians of many is provided in the center. Review the various planning will enjoy to visitors at the same time, we aim to music festival in the city of Hamamatsu unique music. I will put a booth information dissemination instrument experience, handmade musical instruments, music merchandising, the performer and eateries.   * Conference Time 11:00 am start October 12 - 13, 2013

* rain conducted