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Hard Time coming!

This is a poem, I don't know, or inspiration it could be a flow, but as you know I keep it true and im ready to change facez all these people who are laugh'n at you, one day your going to make it, count money n!gah cake it, and all these mudaflipp'n hataz can get this middle finga see ya lata, cause they coming for the kill and on the real I keep it trill and got hundred other people in my brain each wit a mill, of that talent of that growth see you can't hang.. so nigah chill, got education, why you hat'n, why you mean mug'n the grill, I got a couple of the words that will get you crazy feel'n ill, so man just fall back i cutz no slack have you colder than a chill, just watch and relax take you way back while i'm signing on this bill.....hmmmmm?