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ARIES Da God / Blog

Heaven is Real

Great movie! I know people who've told me things of dat nature, I know dat heaven is real. #GodIsGreat #GodIsLove

Dangerous Minds

There's a lot of thoughts with limited time, too much community ignorance. No one man key piece to dis game. There is No Rap Messiah!


There's a bunch of talent in da 413 with unlimited potential. With dat being said there's also a lot of haters who don't want nobody to make it unless its them or their team. We all want In! Show love Get love. Show hate catch a bad one.

Makes U Wonder

At times I think I am alone so I walk with emptiness seeking salvation. But salvation comes to those who believe. The ones who believe and stand at your side are the ones who shall conquer and live lavishly thru a state of presence. All others shall decease in existence. Drowning in their own hatred and burning in their own jealousy.


he who want war shall meet defeat/tryda fuck around like a nigga sweet/put da gat 2 ya muthafuckin beek/cuz dead men dont speak when they 6 ft deep-@r!e$


Im tryna get dat number 1 spot on reverbnation but its kinda hard. I grind on here like i grind on da block!! Im number 3 in da city of Springfield so im only 2 spots away but i dont wanna be number 3 I want dat 1!! Lol:-)

wat da???

Did I just hear Flava Flave on a bachata beat??? Lmfao!!!!!

Fake niggas/ ratchet bitches

There's alot of fake ass niggas who act like they got it but they aint got shit!! They just envy u and want wat u got!! There's also ratchet ass bitches who act like they shit dont stink, bitch u aint a diva, to become a diva u gotta graduate hood rat first;-)

Come on peeps!!!

Thanks 2 all those supporting dat "never gave up" video it means alot 2 me but lets keep it rocking so tell a friend 2 tell a friend. Lets conquer youtube fuck it lol :-). U can also follow me on twitter @AriesdaGod413 holla at me.

Lets Get It!!!!

273 views n counting!!! Come on all my independent artist and fans of good underground music lets get it rocken!!! 413 independents LETS GO!!!!!!