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No RiSK / Press

“No Risk plays 'Living Color' and interview with Wendy Rollins from Radio 104.5”

“popVLTR: What are some of your proudest moments in music so far? No RiSK: We've done a lot of really cool things, but my proudest part of it all is the fact that any accomplishment we've achieved has been a product of our own work, we never really had a lot of help with booking, merch, etc. This band has taken us across the whole country. We played at the Whiskey A Go Go on a Friday night, and it was unforgettable. We've shared the stage with amazing bands like the Misfits and Casualties, Far From Finished, The Swellers ... hundreds upon hundreds of really talented people that I am proud to say I played with. I'm proud of this band and what it stands for, and especially the guys in it that make it all happen.”

“The phrase “no risk” calls to mind a safe, protected solace- say a bubble. Once you hit play on a No RiSK track, warm and fuzzy don’t exactly come to mind. Take “Scene Politics” for example. The song immediately opens with pulsating drums and a killer voice ripping through the sound system. Reminiscent of NOFX and A Wilhelm Scream, No RiSK certainly makes their individual presence known. Before you know it the next two minutes and 43 seconds whiz by and you’ve been consumed. You’re taken with their high energy and crave more. The guys in the band are the exact same way. They hail from West Berlin, NJ, bringing with them their pure, electrifying, contagious excitement. And that only begins to describe their attitude toward music. They’re the kind of people you want to be performing music for you on stage. This group of four best friends has been at it for over a decade now, toting their message of “high energy rock ‘n’ roll” all over the country (in a truck no l”

“No Risk opens for The Misfits”

"Quite rock n' roll for sure! Sounds great guys!!!!"

“No Risk set out for California on April 22, 2009, in a four-door pick-up truck with a cap on the back. “It’s unbelievable how great people treat you on the road. It was great to take a month of our life and realize this is what America is really about.””

“These Jersey Boys know how to add the Punk to Rock. This CD is lyricaly a very well thought out and has well rounded reflection of the Punk scene. It includes political statements towards the government, the punk "scene", religion, and everyday life. No Risk is one of those bands that doesn't fit a particular sub-genre of punk, they are just a Punk Band. On "The Great Demise" each songs seems to have a slightly different sound. The quality of the CD's sound is excellent and hard to believe it is a DIY production. My favorite song "The Great Demise" is, "We'll take it from here".”

“No Risk tours America”

“We've got No Risk driving through the Dallas / Ft. Worth right now...going to play a show over in Arlington somewhere...telling us how cool it is to have a show on the air that's playing metal music..."”

“No Risk is not at the epitome of proficiency, nor organization regarding their raw, rather Bigwig-influenced sound, but The Great Demise isn't half-bad considering. This seven-song EP is simply missing something. From the pseudo-ska dose of "Scene Politics" to the sloppy "Soundtrack of Our Generation," you can hear something good stirring but the end result just doesn't sit on the tongue amazingly. It's better than most 'local band' releases but just doesn't quite pass the threshold. There's lots of somewhat intricate riffs and a solid, aggressive pace, but If the arrangements were tightened up, the vocals delivered with a stronger conviction, I think something would really be on tap here. The Great Demise unfortunately does not churn out exceptional anthems, or many memorable points, but as far as first outputs go it's not the bottom of the barrel -- maybe just an arm's length down.”