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Noellia Goodwin / Press

"Nice start on the intro. It's powerful and commands the attention of the viewers without being overpowering. The warm clear vocals are the perfect contrast to the music. The vocal range displayed was a great addition to the song. The backup singers sounded great too, although they did not display the same vocal range (they don't need to.) The piano really brings all of the instruments together and keeps the energy of the song going. I can see this song easily hitting the top 10. The lyrics resonate with everyone. The vocalist is clearly talented and professional. Great quality track. The ending is smooth as well. It's almost shocking how smooth, yet powerful the whole song is."

Reverbnation Crowd Review - Review of "Everybody Wants to Be Happy

“Noellia! You are so precious and wonderful and it was quite an experience to listen to you, a pleasant surprise. I'm going into raptures over your great musicality and your unspoiled vocal chord, I'm spellbound. Your brilliant music is a delight to the ear, and you could have knocked me down with a feather. I'm enjoying your tuneful, harmonious, optimistic and fascinating songs. You sound fantastic with your gorgeous, powerful, beautiful and totally impressive vocal. Just wonderful and amazing. All the best wishes and good luck from a Danish fan and musician, Keld”

Keld Sand - Reverbnation

““Her voice is amazing. I like the lyrics and they are something that I can relate to. The piano is great. I would definitely download this song. This is a fantastic song! Her voice has the best tone and I want to download this song right now!””

Crowd Review - Reverbnation



“What an amazing voice.... Wow, plz keep up the good work hun,,,, Your beautiful, from the Heart and the voice....”

Artillery - Reverbnation

“wow...great listening to your wonderful music so tender yet filled with such emotional phrasing”

The Buddy Jack Band - With Bud Brown - Reverbnation

“Noellia - Just a quick message to tell you I truly love your sound! "Everybody want to be happy" is vastly becoming my favorite. great lyrics and the vocals are so engaging. you have such a beautiful voice. I wish you much success- This industry definetly needs a great and talented artist like yourself. - Patrik Ryen of RHG ”


“Nice Lyrics, perfect beats, and smooth delivery! The game better watch out for you, keep doing ya thang your very talented, I'm a fan!!! Don't 4get 2 drop by my page and show some love”

Lyrical Rain - Reverbnation

“Noellia, you do an amazing vocal performance on "Right Here For You" Great control and execution! "A TEAR JERKER INDEED" what a great flawless delivery! Be Blessed... G.M”

Gary Moore - Reverbnation