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Mother Hen Promotions / Press

“Jeanette is tireless and a true fan. She loves this singer/songwriter world and wants the whole world to join her.”

“Indie Showcase has been working with Mother Hen Promotions, spear headed by Jeanette Lundgren, for quite some time now. We have found Mother Hen Promotions to be professional, efficient, quality minded, helpful and a sheer delight to work with. She provides us with Artist information, music, and is an exceptional go between, always keeping us up-to-date on special events, awards, new albums and tours. She takes the time to check in with us often and to tune in to make sure her Artists are being heard. This lady walks the walk and follows through long after first contact and airplay begins. I have never met any other Promotions company that works so hard and diligently for their Artists as Mother Hen Promotions. We, as a radio station, are always kept in the loop with her Artists. I only wish more were like her.”

“Mother Hen promotions is the best value in promotion I’ve ever found. Extremely attentive to artist’s needs, never misses a detail. She handles all the little chores that don’t want to spend time bothering with, and is constantly finding and suggesting new opportunities for promotion and advancement. All at an extremely reasonable price. Well worth the modest investment!”

“For the serious-minded professional musician, Jeanette's practical approach combining business savvy and personal attention to detail along with her high degree of integrity is invaluable for those seeking to promote their music to the next level. I highly recommend her services !”

“I wouldn't let just anyone be my Mother Hen; but as Jeanette says: 'It's your job to make good music. It's my job to make sure everybody knows about it.' So I'm as happy as a chick in a pile of feed to have her be my Ma Hen."”

“MaHen (as I call her) has not only taken the promotion (and Social Networking) weight off my shoulders... but has done an INCREDIBLE job. She has taken my music to the number 1 slot on Roots Music Report (and is STILL #1!!!!). Thanks MaHen for your passion and dedication to not only helping get my music out, but being so wonderful to work with! I honor and treasure that in you!”

“In this foggy world of independent musicians trying to survive and navigate the vast promotional ocean of promises and empty catch phrases, Mom Hen Promotion aka Jeanette Lundgren is a bright star that leads the way! She's by far the best investment I've ever done regarding promotion and Social Media!”

“I am still new under the wings of Mother Hen, but already impressed to see how she has expanded my presence on the Web! -Songwriter Alan O'Day ("Undercover Angel", "Angie Baby", "Rock'n'Roll Heaven", "Muppet Babies"...)”

“Mother Hen Promotions has done a fantastic job of promoting my music in the social media world. Jeanette is not only responsive, she is ahead of the curve and always finding new sources and ways to get my songs exposure in places I would never even know existed. No one works harder, Mother Hen is the best!”

“Jeanette Lundgren AKA 'Mother Hen' is just that. She says she's a Social Media Manager, but that doesn't scratch the surface. She's a trusted advisor, a friend and exactly the person you need in your corner to take a some of the 'indie' out of indie artist. She doesn't just keep your social media up to date, a thing she does in spades but, she becomes your extra eyes and ears. Another person finding opportunities and relationships for you in this ever expanding E-world we live in. You don't have to go it alone when you have 'Mother Hen' on your corner, what a huge relief. Thank you Jeanette AGAIN for everything so far. I feel so much more in control and out there. I'm really looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish together. Gratefully, John Zipperer”

“Dear Jeanette, I just must tell you that your diligent work and patient assistance has made SUCH a difference in my work and in the new directions I've been taking as a performer. You have helped me navigate the waters of social media, keeping up relationships with fans and potential audiences, and, basically, holding my hand through the complicated business of self-(done by you, thankfully)-promotion. You're a life-saver. Your grateful client, Gary”

“Jeanette is a true professional and maintains that unique ability to stay ahead of the curve. She works ‘smart’. She has strong communication and organizational skills and has developed an approach that is both creative and practical. I’ve become a big fan of ‘Mom Hen’; she’s a critical part of my promotional & management team.”

“I have made a lot of friends around the world and my radio play has increased dramatically since I have been working with Mother Hen. It's great to have her on my team.”

“Mother Hen is essential to my business. As artists adjust to the 'new entrepreneurship,' we quickly find that if you don't have someone to competently handle promotion, you're doing it yourself -- which ultimately hinders creative output. Mother Hen is an indispensable part of my team.”

“Before I began working with Jeanette at Mother Hen Promotions I had reached the limit of my ability to keep up and maintain the social media networks that are so critical to a touring indie artist. As a result, booking was suffering, leaving me feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. Jeanette took over and handled the networking with ease, which allowed me to get back to the work I needed to do to stay employed. What an immense relief!...I wonder if it's merely coincidence that it was while working with Jeanette that I had my best year as a solo artist to date?”