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Milk Thistle / Press

“The night kicked off with a band from Austin called Milk Thistle, and I was very pleasantly surprised with their gorgeous, pop-lined spin on psych rock. Lead singer Devin Usher stole the show for me: sporting glitter on his face and some very expressive eyebrows, his face told a million stories of pained exuberance and sarcastic sorrow. The band’s new bassist was also fun to watch, dancing (exactly like I do) with his shoulders and knees — if I were in a band, I’d perform just like him. Near the end of their set, guitarist TJ McDonald stopped playing briefly to point at the bear that crosses between trees in the woods on a projection on the inside Mohawk stage, and asked with real wonder in his voice after the song was over, “Anybody see the bear that walked through here?” Through the whole set, a voice in my head kept whispering, “This band has so much potential.” I’m excited to check out their new EP, Dread’s Bloom, and follow them as they continue to progress.”

"...a simplistic yet sophisticated indie-rock group will set the tone with steady vocals and complex rhythm. The outfit is now in the final stages of production of its album, Heart + Soul, which should be released soon."