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Mersy / Press

“lets support Mersy on his new single birth through you feat. Curtis listen and enjoy great lyrics, keeping it real !!!!!!!!!!”

Sabrina M. Smith - Proud Supporter!

“great music love the lyrics another millionaire status lets go”

Sabrina M. Smith - Proud Supporter!

“I just wanted to touch base with you and let you know that I burned all of your songs onto a CD and we've been listening to it in the car. I even added GTD Troublemakers Cypher to it. My daughter asked me to add Grace to her mp3 player. My husband also loooooooves the music!! He said he can relate to it and it gets his spirit jumping!”

Gantt Family - We Are Proud Fans!!!

“Yay!!! Actually I have listened to ALL of your songs on Soundcloud! My daughter and I LOVE your music! You've got a 10-year-old dancing to and singing your songs! That's a blessing! My husband wanted me to download your songs to the computer so he can listen to it on his mp3 player. I couldn't decide between Grace, Til These Lungs Stopped Breathing and Addicted to Jesus. My daughter says Grace is her favorite. Addicted to Jesus is my favorite.”

Gantt Family - We Love Your Music!!!

“I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove this!! Awesome job! The message in this song is so powerful!!!!! This could have easily been us, BUT GOD!!!! Amen!”


“YO! Mersy you represented God with excellence on #realtalk at The Movement Greenville”

Eric "Last Apostle" Haylock - Live Ministry

“Whoa! I wasn't expecting all of that and It's very graphic but I think effective to help someone in that situation be able to tell their story and get free in Christ! Great work bro!”

Ryan Cole - Broken Dream Video

“Wow, so powerful!! Great job Mersy.”

Rachel Relaford - Broken Dream Video

“Excellent message!”

Deniela M Sherard Collington - Broken Dream Song/Video

“Keep bringin it and i'll keep sharing everyone need the gospel fam”

Shane Bates - Broken Dream Song/Video

“Great work!”

John Godwin - Broken Dream Video

“I love it. Great work friend.”

Tena M Jones-Irby - Broken Dream Song/Video

“Bruh! u did tht! So Powerful I pray it reach the Millions that need to hear it!!!”

James C. Smith Jr. - Broken Dream Song/Video

“Truth is powerand God is truth, when Port-A-Praise Outreach Ministry recives a video screen we will take this and other messages like this to the people .Life with no end in Jesus Christ . thankfull our paths crossed folks like you change lives.”

Eric Sharpe - Broken Dream Song/Video

“Blessed by this brother! Powerful message. Thank you.”

John Galloway - Broken Dream Video

“Wow! I was there for the filming of the Broken Dream video and never did I think that it would hit home like it did... even though I was there, I still cried while watching this video... it is so real... Please take the time out to watch and share with your friends, you never know who's going through this and who needs to see this... someone's life could be dependent upon it.... let's become aware of what's going on in the world and make it our place not to judge but to be a haven, administering love, inspiring healing, giving hope to a lost generation...”

Kita Williams - Broken Dream Music Video


Mike G. - Broken Dream Video/Song

“Wow, that's real bro!!! Great work Mersy”

DJ Anomally - Broken Dream Video/Song

“That's deep my man! 5stars!”

Christopher Glenn - Broken Dream Video/Song

“OMG... I love it!!!!”

April Thomas - Broken Dream Video/Song

“Yo, this is heavy! We need more of this and less of the fairy tales. High vibrations!”

Timothy Thompson - Broken Dream Video/Song

“WOW this Broken Dream song is deep. Part of it was so me back in 89-91 But God! Love this, it is powerful”

Rita Harden - Broken Dream Song/Video

“This "LEADER" joint goes hard!! Shoutout to Greenville's Mersy”

Cedric Hester - LEADER song/video

“No secret you are my, secret place! Haven't stopped listening to this CD since I got it.. thank you Mersy! — feeling blessed.”

Alexander Lyric Dukes - Love Your Music!

“Mersy Man Your Music Is The Best Music Alive , I Have Be Come A Big Fan of Yours, I Catch Myself Sanging I'ma Addicted To Jesus Overdose, Overdose, Just Know Keep Doing What You're Doing Now Because I'm Just Waiting On The Next Song To Come Out!”

Ciara Rice - #1 Fan


Predestined - Take The Crown Video

“Everyone need to listen to this powerful but true loved it faithfulness is a must radical for Christ really rehab time let's go”

Sabrina M. Smith - Take The Crown Song/Video

“there you go keeping it real powerful but true”

Sabrina M. Smith - Take The Crown Song/Video

“I'll tell you what bro if you did this video you hired!”

Predestined - LEADER Video

“This song is a monster!”

Mainframe - LEADER Song/Video

“New work from Mersy Believe me its that truth fire!”

Predestined - LEADER Song/Video

“I got to get you on my project. I'm about to inbox you.”

Young News - Collaboration


Young News - LEADER Video

“SOLID!!!! Good stuff right there brothers!”

John Galloway - Take The Crown Video

“New video from Mersy featuring Predestined! Be sure to watch for his latest mixtape!”

Predestined - Take The Crown Video

“Haha sitting at the red light yesterday and dude in an old box chevy, listening to Lil Wayne, pulls next to me and hears my music and ask me who I was listening to? Who was I listening to Mersy... #AintNobodyMadButTheDevil”

Martakius R. Dennis

“My fav so far is "Holyghost Move"”

Christian Steve

“Yo Brethren Mersy having a blast of your tunes through my awesome headphones ye love your tunes keep hard at it n keep em coming ye!”

Christian Steve

“You were awesome last night and I'm glad u brought CDs. I've been turning up all day lol. So happy to see a great man of God being used for the uplifting of the Kingdom!”

Alexis Robinson

“Yo Mersy, Been checking your music and videos keep em coming man they're real good Kingdom for God music!”

Christian Steve

“I love your music, i hope you have a really successful year!”

Simon Allan

“Keep up the great work w/your music!”

D'Aych Music

“Hey Mersy you're truly underratted”


“Hi Mersy, We dig your sound and would be honored to air you here on IMRadio.”


“I love your music! We would like to be a Corporate Sponsor!”

National TV: BET / Gospel; Fuse; E; Gospel Music Channel; Worship Network; TvOne

“stopping by 2 show some respect.”

Branda Vagner

“I am a big fan of your music, and ministry, please return the favor. We do this for the Kingdom of God!!!!”

Corey Webb

“Hey my name is Rosie Taylor. I am the A&R Consultant for Atlantic and Universal Records. I just came across your music and see that you have what it takes. You are lacking the major exposure due to your management or Location. If you would like open up on Tour for Nikki, Drake and Trey Songz in Miami,Atl or Chicago at the Please leave us a contact number.”

Rosie Taylor (A&R Consultant for Atlantic and Universal Records)

“Tight holy ghost tracks!! Todd Stevens A.K.A. XL”

Todd Stevens A.K.A. XL

“I love ur style!!! we should get on a collabo together! K.B. Beats”

K.B. Beats

“What Up, Im Digging Your Craft, That 2nd Track Goes Pretty Hard! Daw Jones "aka" Sunni Boi D”

Daw Jones "aka" Sunni Boi D

"LOST" was that cut on here bruh for real, you was gettin it in pretty ugh bruh, keep building for the Kingdom. The YOUNG LIONZ support your movement and what you got goin on for real..Keep doin what you do, can't nobody stop you, tried and true fact! sincerly, REVOLUTION


“Just coming thru to check your page out. Keep making music that makes a difference in the lives of those that need hope, love, and encouragement. I became a fan. Cordially, Delvyn”


“Hey, I hope all is well with you... I'm very inspired by what you are doing and i was hoping that we can connect. Peace! Maria (musicguide)”

Maria (musicguide)

“Hi Mersy, We would be honored to air your amazing music on our new radio station! We’d be proud to have a few of your outstanding original songs in our radio rotation! Best wishes in everything you try! Peace, Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician”

Paddy Noonan, IMRadio, Founder and Musician

“keep using your talent nd spreading the word of God. God Bless. L4Y”


“Hey Bro. I can feel your music. I would like to do a collab. with ya. T-WON a.k.a. "Tha GospelGodfatha"”

T-WON a.k.a. "Tha GospelGodfatha"

“My name is DA TROOPA an upcoming artist from Philadelphia, just wanted to stop pass and compliment you on your material. Keep up the work , your style is very unique! Thanks and GOD BLESS”


“Mersy, You are awesome all we can say is wow! We just became fans if yours if you get a chance check us out. Your vocals and music is just incredible. Brothers in Christ Jim Williams John 3:17”

Jim Williams

“Whats up fam, just wanted to first say I enjoy your music and appreciate your kingdom mentality. God Bless! Berean”


“I just came across your RN site and found myself listening to all your tracks. Very nice, love the sound and the lyrics are moving. I had to join your fan club. Keep the Faith, Kendall Chaffee”

Kendall Chaffee

“dude i just listened to your music!! it was awesome! God Bless!!!”

Eli Brewer (Bigg-E)



“Greetings, I just want to say that I like your sound and the kingdom message. God Bless and keep you and increase you!!”

Ornicia Lowe

“Hi! I am Carol (Paul G’s wife of ‘Passion8). I thought I’d message to let you know that I stopped by your page and love what you’re doing! I have become a fan of yours!”

Carol G

“Mersy: Our music can reveal a lot about what we believe, and I thank God for your obedience in using your talent to glorify God through your music. I believe music is a key instrument God uses to draw people to his kingdom, set people free, removing burdens and destroying yokes.”

Matthew Fisher aka. The Prophet Godstar

“Great anointed music. Keep up the calling of Psalmist that God has placed upon you. Fan me back, I'd really appreciate it, Rock Rio Studio”

Rock Rio Studio

“Love what you’re doing! Keep sharing the Word! Stay in touch. Blessings, David Krienke Ministries”

David Krienke Ministries - David Krienke Ministries

“We would be honored to air your amazing music here on our new radio station at: www.IMRadio.com. We’d be proud to have a few of your outstanding original songs in our radio rotation.”


“I'm very inspired by what you are doing”

Music Guide

“Music is fresh my man love the sound you putting out!”


“Nice singing with the rap. I like your praising His name! That is so awesome!! You have a nice voice!”

Christine McHoes

“Yo Mersy, I already knew your music was anointed, but once again you are very talented Champ!!! I look forward to Ministering with you!! May you be filled with the Holy Spirit!!”

Chrizt Dizciple


Robert L. Bradley

“Dude i just listened to your music... it was awesome!!!”

Eli Brewer (Bigg-E)

“Great Sound!!!”

Tru Natural Talent

“Mersy, You are awesome all we can say is wow. We just became fans if yours if you get a chance check us out. Your vocals and music is just incredible. Brothers in Christ Jim Williams John 3:17 ”

The Chosen Ones

“I wish you much success in your music endeavors. God Bless Etholia”

Etholia Kent

“Hey Bro. I can feel your music. I would like to do a collab. with ya.”


“My name is DA TROOPA an upcoming artist from Philadelphia, just wanted to stop pass and compliment you on your material. Keep up the work , your style is very unique!”


“Hi! I am Carol (Paul G’s wife of ‘Passion8). I thought I’d message to let you know that I stopped by your page and love what you’re doing! I have become a fan of yours”


“Your song HolyGhost Move is nice....I would ride to that. I wish you much success in the future!”


“keep goin hard for da kingdom! ”


“Yo man enjoyed getting the chance to chop things up with you. Thanks for the advice. Stay blessed bra.”


“You keep representing Greenville, but most importantly, Jesus Christ!”

Demetral Butler

“Love the sound! Its Powerful! Keep Repping the KING HOMIE!!!!!!! (G.G.D) AY!”

(G.G.D) God's Gifted Disciple

“Finally Found A Good Christian Hip-Hop Musician On Reverbnation lol. Anyways You Stay In Greenville To? We Should Collab Sometimes. Keep Living For HIM!!! -Zach-”

Zach Klein

“My partner Keyfacta told me you had a nice sound, but wow, I'm lovin it brah, keep it movin for Christ and get at me on my page! ”

Predestined/Krucifyd Ministries

“SALUTE! THAT'S THAT HOLY GHOST FIYAH! Loves it! Keep doing what you're doing Man of God!”

Psalmist Shanica Bell

“I hope you don't mind Man of God - I had to share HolyGhost Move on my FaceBook page. I love it!”

Psalmist Shanica Bell

“God bless you Man of God. Keep doing what you're doing for the Kingdom of God!”

Psalmist Shanica Bell

“Hello Mersy!!!!!! You got it my brother!!!!!! God Bless You!!!!!!!! ”

Rene Saucier

“Thanks so much!!! God Bless you MUCH!”

Shelly Wilson

“Hi again Mersy, just became a fan thru your fanreach mailing list and thank you for your support.It's great to see christians supporting eachother. Keep up the wonderful work in your ministry thru music and may God continue to bless you, your loved ones and your ministry... your friend In Christ, (Dean)”

Dean Jablonski

“Thank you Mersy. I thank God for you soooooo much. I can't wait to get your music on our radioshow.”

C. Hicks

“Loving your music and your movement!!!! ”

Clarise Hicks

“Hey MERSY, Just checkin on you and just want to Thank You for what you done for me, You are the BEST!!!! (via text message)”

Tyger D.

“This is a true warrior of the kingdom diplomat..... keep representing the kingdom!”

Leola Williams

“Thank you sir for the kind words. Was just checking out your songs. You rock with a message. I love it! Brothers in Christ (Mike)”

Day Of Grace

“Loving the sounds bro, Keep it up. God bless Jesus Christ 4 Life ”

God's Child

"Kingdomatik Overload" The dude on the first verse is tight yo!!! (vi facebook)

Asmeret Tikue

“Every since you helped me with my reverb page, I have gotten connected with some folks where they were listening to my music. I really appreciate you and I know God is going to do some great things in and with your ministry! You are Truly a Blessing! (via facebook)”

Clarise Hicks

“Thanks for the add bro and your right, Christ all day everyday! I checked out your reverb, it seems like God is blessing you bro!”


“Your works are annointed my brother.. Keep doing your thing and remain in the faith.. Nice one my brother.. sanctifiedflow one!”


“Mersy what up man? Just wanted to holla @ cha and you and the Kingdom Diplomats are doin ya thang man. Love the style!”


“Man I was not expecting you to bringing it like that, str8 holy ghost fire!!!”


“Amen bro listen, We noticed you was from Greenville Man I love your music!”

Filthy Ragz

“Hey loving your songs bro! Its a blessing to be in the same movement as you. Stay bless!”

C.R.E.A.M. Int'l

“I go all over these charts listening.I like knowing whose doing what,Whose got what.feel me? You my musical friend, have a major skill set and I appreciate you much!”

GLC MIMS (The Vocal Doctor)

“Iron sharpeneth iron so as a friend sharpeneth the countenance of his friend Proverbs 27:17...learn to encourage each other saints because we need one another!!!”

Mersy a.k.a Mr. Kingdomatik

“Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother's eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye? Matthew 7:1-3 (KJV) ”

Mersy a.k.a Mr. Kingdomatik

“Its Time To Usher In A New Sound And Establish A New Culture. Its Time To Do What Has Never Been Done Before And Show The World Something They Have Never Seen. Its Time We Stop Following The Standards Of This World And Become The Standard.”

“Kingdom Diplomats Debut Album "Kingdomatik Ovaload" is Now Available at www.itunes.com, www.amazon.com, www.rhapsody.com, www.emusic.com”

Mersy a.k.a Mr. Kingdomatik

“Check Out Kingdom Diplomats @ www.myspace.com/kingdomatikovaload”

“For Show Booking, Email: Kingdomatik Management @ MersyDoneDeal1@yahoo.com”

Kingdomatik Management

“Follow Me @ www.twitter.com/mersydonedeal”

“Subscribe To Kingdomatik TV @ www.youtube.com/kingdomatik1”

“If It Ain't KINGDOM... It Ain't Me!!!”

Mersy a.k.a Mr. Kingdomatik

“Mersy aka Done-Deal "Mr. Kingdomatik" Is A True Warrior For Christ!!!”