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Merry Citoli / Press

“Merry, I'm a huge fan of yours! I love your songs, especially No Easy Way Down!! I'm listening it with caress. You are kind of a spiritual guide for me. I wish you a lot of success!!!”

Elaine Montalvo - Fan Mail

“hello, I Listen To Your Music And Get an Instant Eargasm, since the first time i've heard your tunes i'm addicted to them! ”

Roscoe - Fan Mail

“Merry, with your shine you can drive the world with your voice, and music. You are a big musician, congrats for all your hard job, to get everything you wanted. You are a inspiration for all your fans - you belive this? - we belive in you. Your song is more than just songs, is the truth, is the world. I don't need to say you are the best musician for me. Thank you, Merry, for put the real music in the world. ”

David - Fan Mail

“Hi. I also found you on MySpace, but I use N1M for music content. Just found you a few days ago!!! You are fantastic. I am truly looking forward to your new music. Will be bringing friends to your page. Cheers!!! ”

Darci Kraveoick - Fan Mail

“Of all the songs I listened to, I liked "The Shadow" the best. For me, it was more to do with the mellow vocal delivery. It drew me in in a really gentle way. :-) The melody in the verses is hauntingly beautiful and low in register, and then the chorus has wonderful melodic contrast with an ascending line.”

“Hey Merry, love your music..Musicians with your talent are very rare... Keep on doing such great music... Dylan”

Dylan Lautens - Fan Mail

“Like your sound after listening Phantoms. Im going to buy your album. Finally some new music to enjoy. Lisa”

Lisa - Fan Mail

“My God, No Easy Way Down is such a good single. your music is so awesome!!! Frederic”

Frederic Chen - Fan Mail


Tsumin Gilhere - Fan Mail

“Just heard your song Phantoms ---awesome!! Can't wait for more!! Kieran”

Kieran Berns - Fan Mail

“Hi Merry! I am LOVING your song No Easy Way Down...keep 'em coming!”

Dennis Aldridge - Fan Mail

“Your music, is absolutely amazing(: Never stop making it Robert”

Robert Klein - Fan Mail

“Hey Merry, I've been checkin out your music and i gotta tell ya that No Easy Way Down has not left my ears in several days. Great music on every song! Very, very cool! Ernie”

Ernie Dyer - Fan Mail

“your music is so awesome,i love all where can i download a ringtone for your tune Phantoms Thak You”

Giuseppe Rossi - Fan Mail

“hi Merry, love your work. I'll come back for more music from you!”

Julie Murdok - Fan Mail

“The Shadow is brilliant! your music brings tears to my eyes for that is how amazing it is. Grover ”

Grover Combs - Fan Mail

“Phantoms VERY cool tune! And your style is amazing!”

Richard - Fan Mail

“Hello Merry! Thanks for the mail. I did not know about you before, but some time ago accidentally heard the song No Easy Way Down and I liked it ... Thank you for the beautiful music! Faye ”

Faye Alarie - Fan Mail

“Much luv from your real number 1 fan”

Jessica Sandoval - Fan Mail

“Hi I really enjoy your tune Phantoms, you know and my sister too we want to join your army of fans ;)) ”

Roger - Fan Mail

“Hi Merry Just saw you for the first time on n1m and felll instantly in Love with your sound”

Mui Cheung - Fan Mail

“Hey Merry, Your music is so beautiful and full of serenity. I really enjoy it and your voice is like a summer breeze so sweet and warm. Keep the faith ”

Barbel Diesbach - Fan Mail

“Hey Wow! I do like your great music. If you have a banner, please let me know, I would be happy to post it on my page to support your music. "Phantoms" i luv this tune! AJ”

AJ - Fan Mail

“Really enjoying Phantoms right now...great track!”

Allison - Fan Mail

“I absolutely love No Easy Way Down when will you be adding more songs? i need some good new music and i need to see you in concert.”

Nobuaki Nonoyama - Fan Mail

“Hi Merry!!! i just wanted to let you know how much i like your song No Easy Way Down. i can't get enough of your music. keep in touch. ”

Bobby Xman - Fan Mail

“Love The Shadow, When are you going to put up more songs?”

Margaret Genovese - Fan Mail

“Hey hey hey that track Phantoms is awesomeee. great work and keep it up.”

Igor Blahut - Fan Mail


Hope Cristol - Fan Mail

“With its fully realized orchestration, inspiring lyrics, and earnest, emotional performance, it is easy to imagine Someday as the title song to a Broadway play or TV special. But even as a standalone, the song demands and deserves attention. With a little word of mouth and distribution, this could be the feel good Christmas hit of the year.”

“Hi Merry I absolutely love your music! My favorite song is No Easy Way Down. I could listen to it for hours!”

July Inglis - Fan Mail

“hi Phantoms is for my opinion the best track...thank you for your great music!”

Bill - Fan Mail

“Can't stop playing phantoms!!!”

Feroza - Fan Mail

“Hi Merry,i have listened to your music on number1 and myspace... Your songs are great. "No Easy Way Down" is my personal fav. keep it up!”

Megan Widowski - Fan Mail

“Great tunes Merry. I really like the way they sound, stands out from the crowd.”

Jacquelyn - Fan Mail

“MERRY! You are my favorite musician on n1m. I'm SO happy to have found you!”

Austin Contreras - Fan Mail

“Very good ;) i like your tune Phantoms.”

Jean Kusina - Fan Mail

“Hi, so, I just heard of you recently and decided to take a listen. just incase you didn't know, you are completely amazing. so amazing that I am already internet stalking you lol, but really, you are completely awesome and I just figured I would tell you that and I really hope I can go to your show and I would really love to see you live. Everytime I hear your voice I get the chills. I'm not even kidding. keep up the great work.”

Jean Kusina - Fan Mail

“I don't think I could ever get tired of your tune no easy way down. It's amazing”

Jonas Fassbinder - Fan Mail

“No Easy Way Down Very good track!!!! Cheers ”

Ashley Diane - Fan Mail

“I found snatches of the songs running through my head at odd hours and now it finds its way into my CD player (at work, no less) at least once a day. Give Phantoms a try and you, too, may well find yourself succumbing to Merry Citoli's spell. ”

Laurie Thayer - Rambles

“Hi Merry, Just discovered you and your music! ..and it's fantastic! You are extremely talented and a wonderful musician, I wish you all the best Seb”

Sebastian - Fan Mail

“.. just wanted to say your song no easy way down is fantastic and to wish you a fantastic day and to thank you for sharing your brilliant music!! .. much much respect!!!”

Jayson - Fan Mail

"Someday When Christmas Never Ends," Just one airing of the song lit up the KJO-104 switchboard in Minneapolis/St. Paul. "Someday" became the hottest record of the season on a rock and roll station! The hot single was later aired by dozens of stations stretching from Chicago to Seattle. Said K-JO program director Gary Rawn, "Someday" has tremendous potential as an American holiday standard."

Gary Rawn - KJJO-104 FM

“im so obsessesesedd with your music!”

Bill Markleq - Fan Mail

“woa.... you got amazings tuness!!!! I love all of them!!!”

Jeff - Fan Mail

“Merry amazing songs. carry on! (:”

N. Anderson - Fan Mail

““Lose your Phantoms on Ms. Citoli’s musical journey. Musical inspiration to light your self-awareness path.” Terry Krause….The Academy of Radio & TV Broadcast. ”

Terry Krause - The Academy of Radio & TV Broadcast News

“Hope your doing great and love your tune No Easy Way Down.”

William Crim - Fan Mail

“Hi, Merry I hope you had a great day. You are so talented!!! I love your songs. I am blessed to be friends with such an amazing artist!!! I will always support you. I believe in you. I want your dreams to come true, I will always be loyal to you. I care about you!!! ”

Nick - Fan Mail

“i hope you read this because i really want to let you know how much your music means to me. especially your song no easy way down. i'm so glad that you decided to share your talent with the world. ”

Alex - Fan Mail

“Hey...I was just listening to No Easy Way Down today:] you're amazing and I hope you have an amazing day.”

Wilfredo - Fan Mail

“hi i want to thank you for the life you breathe into me through your music take care”

Loretta - Fan Mail

“Hey I didn't know your music but I think it's fantastic! phantoms - Great track and nice producing! You just need to push it harder to the masses... I will follow you... ”

Elliott - Fan Mail

“Hi, Phantoms the most amazing tune I've heard recently, I am happy to be your friend here on numberonemusic! also will become on myspace, facebook and Twitter,YouTube.Have a nice day!!! ”

Reed Nixon - Fan Mail

“Hi Merry you are indeniably amazing & completely talented. seriously, my friends & i can't stop talking about you.”

Woody - Fan Mail

“Merry!<3 youre my favorite singer! please please don't stop singing youre the best! i like The Shadow keep playing on repeat ”

Alfred Anderson - Fan Mail

“Hi Your music is amazing, I'm a big fan of your work. I LUV THE SHADOW If you get time to upload more songs to n1m profile that would be awesome! Thanks Bobbie”

Bobbie Hurst - Fan Mail

““Queen of Synchronicity goes right into your heart. Haunting vocals connecting you with your emotions. Lori B - Fan”

Lori Boettcher - Fan