Matty Charles / Press

““Matty’s singing – sorrowful and buoyant by turns – undoes your heartstrings, lulling you to a state where you can believe in sweetness and true love, if only because Matty does.””

Rachel Kushner (author of, The Flame Throwers)

““Matty is a true gem. His songs are instant classics.””

Greg Trooper (singer/songwriter)

““I didn’t know they still made voices like Matty’s until I heard it. What’s even rarer is such a voice combined with such a writing talent…it blows me away every time.””

Devon Sproule (singer/songwriter)

"Charles's plaintive, mournful voice draws as much from country stalwarts like Merle Haggard as it does from non-country singer/songwriters such as Jackson Browne and Nebraska-era Bruce Springsteen..his playing never distracts from the songs themselves. As simple as it seems, not everyone can pull off this sort of stuff."

Splendid Magazine

"Matty Charles' debut solo album, Lover In Arms, is absolutely amazing!! I highly recomend that you check out this album."

New York Leisure Suit

“Well-considered tones and poignant tales of love. That rare blend of resignation and gritty hope one seldom finds this side of Guy Clark.”

Village Voice

“Matty Charles's songs are anchored by simple, singable hooks. His smooth cowboy crooning - which sometimes brings to mind Johnny Cash, other times a less twangy Robert Earle Keen - make this disk (Land Beyond the Sea) an instant classic.”

Acoustic Guitar Magazine

“Charles' lyrics and melodies are insightful, engaging and catchy, and his guitar playing is superb. You should definitely check this record out, you wont be disappointed. Great, great, great!”

Dagger Magazine

“Lyrical and musical depth couched in a folksy, subtle presentation that reveals rather than announces itself.”

Country Standard Time

“Matty Charles's smooth baritone and articulate guitar work are colorful and authentic.”

Time Out New York

“Instead of songs about sadness that leave listeners feeling alone, Charles' lyrics and smooth guitar riffs wrap their arms around his listeners and hold them tight.”

SF Reporter