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Marsha Goodman-Wood / Press

"These numbers could easily be incorporated into programs and lesson plans or enjoyed in a family setting. A solid addition to any collection."

"Goodman-Wood makes quite a splash with her debut album. The nine original songs are a unique blend of science and positive social messages encompassed within toe tapping melodies and sing-along worthy lyrics."

“From the joys of spinach and carrots to dancing penguins, Goodman-Wood's songs aim to entertain and teach life lessons.”

"This week on Head Lines, we introduce you to a local mother whose musical talent has a message for all to hear. Marsha Goodman-Wood has created her first CD entitled, 'Gravity Vacation.' One of those songs encourages us all to be safer when we ride our bikes."

“'The day was filled with inspiring stories, calls to action, and fun songs celebrating breastfeeding.' '...here is a little video of a fun breastfeeding song by one of those amazing mamas and singer-songwriter, Marsha Goodman-Wood, that captures the spirit of the Great Nurse-In’s message beautifully.'”

“No, I do not know the moment I met Marsha, but I remember very well the day she joined our movement. I was in the grocery store fruit [a]isle and I told her about this idea I was hatching to create a Walking Gallery. I asked her to join us and consider writing a song. She could focus on hand washing, as it was so necessary to fight infections in the hospital setting.”

“He was watching all the cars and asked, 'How do you know the cars won’t float away?' 'Gravity!' we said, and proceeded to explain a bit about what gravity is. Then he said, 'But how do you know they’ll never ever float away?' My husband said, 'Well, there’s no vacation from gravity!'”