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Marla Mase / Press

“Bill Laswell pops up laying down the bass line on a Tom Waits inspired brooding number called "the Heart Beats". The lyrics ponder the universal truths music inspires, a familiar concept on True Groove projects. This is followed by the Rolling Stones like shuffle of "Gaping Hole".More lyrically self aware than Jagger's apologies for being a beast of burden, Mase instead questions the gaping hole the masses seek to fill with relationships as much as they do drugs of any flavor.”

““2014 has in the mainstream market been a pretty bland year for music. Nothing has reached out to grab the radio by its balls or done anything more impressive than claim to hit you like a wrecking ball. So lukewarm might  be par for the course unless you are part of the  New York music community that has been brought together by the True Groove Label. The True Groove Crew has rallied again  to create a follow up to Marla Mase’s “Speak Deluxe” album with “Half Life”.”

“ "On June 12th, True Groove Records presents Downtown/"No Wave" icon James Chance live at The Cutting Room backed by True Groove founder and former bandmate Tomás Doncker and The True Groove All-Stars. Chance will perform music representing a career retrospective that will follow on the heels of True Groove Records' official re-release of James Chance & The Contortions debut album Buy (available through iTunes and all digital music stores this June). With True Groove label-mate Marla Mase opening with music from her latest album, Half-Life and more from her deep and adventurous repertoire, The Cutting Room will be cooking with funky post-punk vibes.””

"There are musicians, there are multi-talented artists, and there are rebels with a cause. New York native Marla Mase comfortably fits all three categories and ..then she hooked up with guitar maestro and genius producer Tomás Doncker, a fellow New Yorker, and the rest, as they say, is history.."

"Nothing lasts forever/tonight I need your loving," Mase sings on the title track, "Half-Life," which combines elements of funk and jazz with subtle electronics and Mase's lovely voice. But as smooth as the track is, Half-Life also has an aggressive rock side juxtaposed against Mase's voice, demonstrated on the opener, "Drown in Blue," "Bitch in Heat," and a club release of "Things That Scare Me," which continues Mase's lyrical discussion of social issues.”

““Half-Life” includes sexy saxophone and Marla’s signature vocals. Among my personal favorite in this really diverse and interesting record is “The Heart Beats”, featuring iconic bass player Bill Laswell, who has played with musicians such as Iggy Pop and Herbie Hancock.””

“Mase brings more to the table than just good music and songwriting abilities. Mase is a movement all her own.”

“[Marla Mase's] music is raw and even at times, aggressive, but it’s truth. Her music speaks the truth about humanity.”

“Quirky, inspirational and exceptional... In just eight tracks “Half-Life” leaves you dying of thirst, wanting so much more…”

“There’s a distinct sense of poetic vulnerability throughout Half-Life. The EP starts out with a charging ditty, ‘Drown In Blue’ that gives us Marla’s signature growling and magnetic voice...Half-Life is a succinct but splendid release...”

“Half – Life is sexy and sensual...”

"I have not seen or heard someone as fearless since Liz Phair. [Mase] tells it like it is and leaves you powerless as she opens your mind to a few new suggestions... She put in her full force of effort and created [with Half-Life] a musingly little master piece.”

““Half-Life wonderfully expresses the very sensibilities that make us human, in which we have no choice, but to relate.””

“Words are a big thing for Marla Mase. For her, music counterbalances and complements the vignettes that swirl around in her head. The brief accounts of fear, the blues, anxiety or the hope of fulfilling dreams of acknowledging the inner sexual beast -- these are the themes that drive her. Marla is living in her own skin and wants those who listen to her music to be comfortable in theirs as well.. Her latest EP, Half-Life, might be a metaphor for Marla's excursion into embracing the next life while she's in the present life shuffling off the mortal coil.. [Mase's music] is a little tribal, a little rock, a little jazzy, a little bluesy, a little funky, but most of all cathartic. Half-Life starts off on a rock vibe, her lyrics, whether sung or spoken, are brilliantly backed by The Tomás Doncker Band, which adds roots to the soundscape.”

“[Half-Life] is a delight to listen to...each track surprised me as it jumped from punkish rock and roll (Drown In Blue) to funky soul (Half-Life and Things That Scare Me) to bluesy country rock (The Heart Beats, Gaping Hole and the Drown In Blue reprise). I was totally delighted when I heard Hold Fast Your Dreams. I wasn’t expecting the jazzy soft song to end the album...””

“Marla Mase is back with her newest masterpiece of eclectic funk-punk-rock, Half Life.”

“...there’s a little bit of everything in [Half-Life]. It starts out very rock-heavy with some punk influence, but throughout the tracks there are glimpses of funk, global soul, and spoken word. Add to that the quality of vulnerability and honesty that Marla brings to the table and you get a completely unique album.”

“Marla Mase is a lot of things: grungy yet ethereal, earthy but progressive, and both easy to like and very polarizing. She has the sexual honesty of some newer female solo artists like Fever Ray and Lana del Rey...[and] is about as plain and straightforward in her desires as the Red Hot Chili Peppers; in fact her funky, bluesy style seems to draw on a few similar influences, with a bit of country thrown in for good measures.”

“[Mase] can lull her audience with contemplative tracks, then hit them with her New York-inspired punkish flare... She is a rare talent, indeed.”

““Drown in Blue is a track that touches upon the work of Joan Jett and The X-Ray Spex. The track needs little more than guitars, drums, and a sizzling set of vocals. The bounce between front-forward rock and hooky pop-laced rock makes this into a must-listen.””

“Somewhere in New York City, armed with lyrical dexterity and rugged charm is an artist known as Marla Mase.... “Half-Life” lyrically and musically slays, bringing Mase to an unparalleled dimension that will be virtually untouchable. While such an artist is so very rare, listening is in fact believing; Marla Mase has made us believers.””

"there will be few better albums than [Marla Mase's] "Half Life" this year... a masterpiece" rocknycliveandrecorded.com

Iman Lababedi - Rocknycliveandrecorded

“I can’t recommend this mix and match of spoken word and new wave highly enough: it is like this place where Chrissie Hynde and Patti Smith meet...[Half-Life] First Great Album of 2014.”

“With Half-Life, Marla Mase has produced a great record.... Opening track 'Drown in Blue' introduces Half-Life's sound of trailblazing guitars and Marla Mase's own Iggy Pop-like rock strut, whilst the eponymous title track expands the artist's persona, as she sings 'I'm a practical woman/ Who believes in magic', encapsulating the dual sides of this 'neurotic introvert/ psychotic extrovert'. 'Things That Scare Me' is another winner, with its infectious bubblegum pop-rock and cartoonish backing vocals, whilst 'Gaping Hole' is a piece of double entendre-laced pop.... These days, personality is all the rage. Accordingly, on her Half-Life EP, Marla Mase is just all about that “”

“[Half-Life] P opens with “Drown in Blue”, a blazing and unforgiving opener that kicked me back in my seat. Don’t make the mistake of having the volume too loud for this one. A nod to Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth and British punk rock, this song is killer.”

“[Half-Life] opens with “Drown in Blue”, a blazing and unforgiving opener that kicked me back in my seat. Don’t make the mistake of having the volume too loud for this one. A nod to Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth and British punk rock, this song is killer.”

“Immediately hitting play on any of [Mase's] tracks gives you a poetic new wave vibe similar to Patti Smith, David Byrne, Jim Morrison, Iggy Pop, etc. Her voice is raw, yet real and adds a different spin on what music is. My favorite was the title track, “Half Life.” It had the perfect amount of chill in it that totally complemented Marla’s anthemic, unveiled voice.”

“‘Half-Life’ enhances Marla Mase’s reputation as a songwriter and performer, and the passion in her musicianship is clearly felt in these tunes. The album definitely holds a strong appeal for listeners who admire the likes of The Doors and Lou Reed and enjoy rock with a bit of soul, spoken-word and funk interspersed in it. Metal Assault is certainly enjoying this album and recommends you to check it out.” -”

“Backed by the soulful and funk-tastic Tomas Doncker Band, Marla Mase – an uber-talented producer, singer and songwriter who hails from The Big Apple – has completed her latest eclectic offering, Half Life.... even though the record is extremely provocative in material, it is still very much engaged in delivering something that is intrinsically entertaining...Providing a unique blend of cleverness, sincerity and sexuality, Half Life twangs, snaps and zaps from start to finish, showing just how to utilise a world of instrumentality to create an album that can resonate internationally.”

“Mase is not just a triple-threat; she’s an in-the-double-digits-threat.”

“Bitch In Heat and Half-Life in best songs through Feb 28, 2014”

“Following two acclaimed and eagerly received albums, [Marla Mase] unveils her new eight track adventure Half-life. Diverse and an emotive look inwardly and outwardly at life’s struggles, emotions, and obstacles, the album is a fascinating insight into the world of its creator, a release which takes a serious investigation to its themes whilst having and providing its most magnetic quality, fun.”

“Mase bravely carries out her provocative, raw performance throughout the entire EP, as she effortlessly infuses her diverse songs and genres with intellectual lyrics... [and] enthralling instrumentals ... From the heart-pounding guitar introduction from Tomás Doncker and James Dellatacoma on the opening song, ‘Drown in Blue,’ to Mike Faulkner’s mellowing drums on ‘Half-Life’ and the riveting bass on ‘The Heart Beats’ by Bill Laswell, the EP has a distinctive instrumental sound that powerfully supports Mase’s unique and gritty voice.”

“Breathtaking ladypower at its finest. Rock on.”

“If you’ve listened to any of Marla Mases’ music, you quickly realize that she is fearless. The new record from Mase, Half-Life , carries on with her very unique and specific lyrics, half-spoken style with riffs of rock with an off-Broadway current wending it ways through. “Mase conjures up a tribal force, a feminist punch in the face, a modern day take on the spirit of Janis Joplin.” “Well produced and a welcomed continuation of Marla Mase’s unique vision and sound, Half-Life is fully Alive.”

“Mase chose only eight songs for this release...[which] maintain and express each of her very eclectic influences from spoken word to funk and electronic aspects - "Things That Scare Me (2014 Club Version))" sounds like a Tom Tom Club song while the next, "The Heart Beats," is an etherial chant with a low, bluesy sound behind it....and finally "Drown in Blue (Reprise)" opens with a Norman Greenbaum-esque guitar figure before moving into a very Blind Melon like song.”

“Raw, emotional, experimental, deeply personal but with just the right amount of humour to keep it light, Marla Mase returns with a new EP titled Half Life. Backed by The Tomás Doncker Band and driven by a passion for human rights, equality, healthy human sexuality and feminism, the New York outspoken-word artist/performer/producer is as strong a force as it gets....”

“[Mase] channels The Stones on the truly wonderful shunky country rock “Gaping Hole” – what a great song!”

“Marla Mase has outdone herself with this EP release. Although Speak shone, the Half Life EP shines ten thousand times brighter.”

““as each song ends on [Half Life] you can’t wait for the next tune to start playing.””

““Marla Mase...an artist in every sense of the word.””

““....Marla is sheer musical genius.” “Bitch in Heat...my favorite track on the album....an extremely funky rock song with a hint of blues.””

“Marla Mase’s music is intended to inspire, amuse and provoke...[and] I’ll be getting my imperfect groove on at Marla Mase’s psychotic feminist post-punk disco.”

““Marla Mase That Crazy Women You Should Check Out””

"Things That Scare Me", is our absolute favorite. Besides being a fun, funk number that you'll want to dance the night away to, the song's lyrics drive in a fantastic life lesson. You have to push yourself past your limits. Fear should never be an excuse, because you never know what you can achieve when you  reach outside of your comfort zone. This is exactly what we love about Mase. She consistently produces great beats, melodies and lyrics to live by.

“[Marla Mase] is a true artist. Her mix of styles, sounds and words makes for an extremely interesting listening experience.”

" Marla Mase may very well be this generations Lou Reed...Deeply personal and incredibly beautiful, [Marla Mase's] new EP Half-Life is evidence of the power that her fans have always known she had. Marla gets what she wants to do and executes with a perfection that none of her peers can claim to have... Who knows what this mysterious modern rock genius will do next?"

“I bring to attention the EP’s title track (Half-Life), which has this cool and calming nature to it that is very reminiscent of Zero 7....Towards the end of the song it changes gears into alternative rock jam. It’s only a bait and switch, as you’re soon thrown into a jazzy finish. It’s a bit of easy listening that is good for those lighter moments when you need to take the edge off.””

“Half-Life: ‘The first great album of 2014.’”

“Half-Life is Mase’s most eclectic release to date, and one worth picking up...”

“Marla is the definition of a woman that really does it all, and she even has the ability to mix many different genres into her masterminded work. The writer, performer, producer, singer and songwriter mixes different music styles including alternative rock, classic rock, punk, soul, experimental, and even throws in some spoken word and poetry to her music. She is the perfect example of one for woman power.”

“A moving and inviting exhibition of spunky energy, Mase is a storytelling master.”

“Half-Life is another fantastic offering [by Mase]”

“SPEAK DELUXE by Marla Mase and backed by the Tomás Doncker Band is a truly original, contrasting, and refreshing album to listen to....If you are a fan of Indie Music, Punk, Funk, 60's, 80's, Reggae or Rock, there is something here for you. The album is so deep and meaningful I could really write at length about each song in its own right but don't take my word for it, check it out for your selves!.”

“I have rarely been as excited -- or intimidated -- about writing a review. For a writer to suggest that he is speechless would not simply be an oxymoron, but also a quick route to ending his career. So I will speechify, knowing that my words are unlikely to match the feeling behind them: extreme admiration, bordering on awe......Ms. Mase all but sprang full-grown from the head of Zeus with her frighteningly brilliant debut, A Brief Night Out. [N.B. The opening track, "Things That Scare Me," is among the greatest opening tracks of any debut rock album.]... A Brief Night Out is a concept album, a mini-"rock opera" about a woman having a midlife crisis. And Ms. Mase has performed this one-hour rock opera both with her extraordinary collaborating band and a cappella. In that show, and its music and lyrics, she combines the raw emotion of Patti Smith, the spoken-song brilliance of Lou Reed, the the musical eclecticism of Frank Zappa, and the fearless performance style of Iggy Pop.”

" Marla Mase may very well be this generations Lou Reed...Deeply personal and incredibly beautiful, [Marla Mase's] new EP Half-Life is evidence of the power that her fans have always known she had. Marla gets what she wants to do and executes with a perfection that none of her peers can claim to have... Who knows what this mysterious modern rock genius will do next?"

“Marla Mase's self-portrait on the front cover of her new album Speak Deluxe actually does speak volumes about what she sings. The animalized photograph of her face verifies that Marla is peeved-off about something, or maybe everything. She doesn't want mankind to cry craven, but to look at hunger in the eye and feed it. The intrepid and raw realities of her lyrics echo the need to break away and address the world with a "ROAR!".....You can hear all that Marla Mase has to say at SummerStage this year where she most likely will bring on her idiosyncrasies, as well as her feisty message of peace and perhaps wake up the beast in all of us.”

“Half-Life: The first great album of 2014.”

“Through music, Marla Mase not only entertains the public, but brings awareness to the human condition, and works fervently as a writer/producer/performer/singer that granted her the title of a visionary artist.......the New York City-based artist is backed by the Tomas Doncker Band that includes Tomas Doncker (guitar), Josh David (bass), James Dellatacoma (guitar/vocals), Damon Duewhite (drums), Alan Grubner (violin), Heather Powell (backup vocals), Manu Koch (keyboards), and Daniel Sadownick (percussion). They are mastering their music and actively involved in projects and campaigns bringing awareness to various issues that affect people worldwide. Mase’s new album, SPEAK does just that: enlightens, informs, and entertains simultaneously.”

““Speak” is a multi-media concert and dance piece inspired by the songs of artist Marla Mase’s acclaimed album, Speak Deluxe. Combining live music, spoken word, dance and visual imagery, choreographer Adrienne Hurd melds contemporary and modern dance forms in this one of a kind show. The music, co-written by Marla Mase and Tomás Doncker is an integral part of “Speak” and features elements of Rock-n-Roll with World Beat, Punk, Funk, Electronica, Reggae and Soul and will be performed live at each performance with both Mase and The Tomás Doncker band.”

“The "Piece of Peace" music video showcases footage from Mase's time in China. One thing we couldn't help but notice in it is how passionate Mase is for her music. She has this way of performing that is so striking. You can literally feel the lyrics she's singing, which is a rare and incredibly special thing. That's why it's no wonder Mase is finding so much success. She has toured in countries like China and Europe and even received an honorary Messenger of Peace award from Friends of the UN. Mase has no plans of stopping anytime soon. She recently snagged a spot at the upcoming Summerstage in New York City. There she'll perform THE SPEAK SHOW, which is described as an ambitious multi-media performance concert.”

"Drown in Blue", "Things That Scare Me", "The Heart Beats", and "Hold Fast Your Dreams", all really have their own creativity and uniqueness like sounding a lot like Sade crossed with Alicia Keys meets Paramore with Eyes Set To Kill just a combination of a little bit of everything, which makes her that more enjoyable and rather upbeat. Marla Mase is another one of those up-and-comers that should be highly watched out for...

“I bring to attention the EP’s title track (Half-Life), which has this cool and calming nature to it that is very reminiscent of Zero 7....Towards the end of the song it changes gears into alternative rock jam. It’s only a bait and switch, as you’re soon thrown into a jazzy finish. It’s a bit of easy listening that is good for those lighter moments when you need to take the edge off.””

“For musicians, artists, activists and everyone in between, a look into what Marla Mase has to offer through her work is certainly inspiring and worth the time. -”

“I couldn’t recommend picking up Speak by Marla Mase more. It’s an eclectic and playful album that speaks to societal concepts while also providing strong anthems for the post-Occupy generation.”

“Benji Taylor: How has living in New York City (famously depicted in so much literature as a “City of Sin” or a modern-day Babel) informed the themes and lyrics of “Speak”? Marla Mase: Well, I’m a New Yorker that is true. I was born and raised in Brooklyn and have been living in Manhattan since I’m 18 so it’s just part of me. However, it’s hard for me to see it. To me it’s being a person living in the world that informs my work and in particular in SPEAK. Although I have to say that people who hear my work feel it is very NYC.... I think it’s my accent.”

“With its spirited refrain of “I wanna shut this shit down,” Mase could easily be using Squirm as a vehicle for her disgust with the economy, government or any number of societal institutions responsible for putting the United States on the brink of collapse. It’s the kind of decisive rabblerousing that Rage Against the Machine awakened in the early ‘90s.”

“Mase’s musical company includes David Byrne, Henry Rollins, and Patti Smith. There is also a liberal dose of the sarcasm of Frank Zappa, which is a welcome addition to the sonic stew. In fact, comparisons to Zappa’s work, particularly Joe’s Garage, are likely and accurate. The message of her music, impossible to miss, sits atop a melting pot of musical styles that keeps the listener guessing. Under the broader framework of rock, the Tomas Doncker band incorporates elements of funk, reggae, experimental, folk, and world music from across the globe. Intelligent musical choices with an overt rock influence dominate, giving legitimacy to Mase’s mission and affirming that this music is more than a complaint. It would be easy for Mase to slide off the vehicle of artistic complexity she has developed. Instead, she takes the punk ethos that defines her presentation and subject matter and keeps it classy. This is punk for the sophisticate.”

“Marla Mase is real. Marla Mase is truth. And quite honestly, I think that scares a lot of people. They don’t want to hear the truth or reality because it can often be uncomfortable. When you listen to Marla Mase, you’re going to have to pull your head out of the sand and see and think about things as they really are. Marla’s not afraid to do it, and you shouldn’t be, either. So turn the music up loud, spread it among all your friends, and tell everyone you meet about Marla Mase!”

“Marla Mase has a style all her own. Her vocals carry a heavy message, accentuated by heavy instrumentals that has a very unique appeal. At first listen, I was instantly captivated by the songs, even though it's not a style that I would traditionally gravitate toward. Marla has a way of telling a story that draws listeners in. I find that her music is strangely alluring and hauntingly beautiful and a must listen for anyone looking for a change of pace from the everyday fodder.”

“New York singer-songwriter Marla Mase is making music that matters. Her powerful album “SPEAK Deluxe” intelligently and compassionately tackles everything from personal issues like eating disorders and technology obsessions to global concerns like world peace. Crafting songs that combine multiple genres, Mase has created a sound that is completely original and fully intriguing.”

“Anyone spoken about in the same breath as PJ Harvey and Patti Smith piques my interest and I was not disappointed with this album, released in February of 2013. In SPEAK Deluxe (backed by the Tomas Doncker Band), Marla Mase has combined memorable spoken words and sung lyrics in songs with unusual subject matter and diverse musical influences. Based in New York City, this singer songwriter is bold, brave, witty and true, often looking in dark corners where others don’t dare to look.”

““SPEAK...is somewhat hard to explain as it in ways parallels the work of Bob Dylan, The Doors, and Jefferson Airplane.....[Mase] in a sense could be looked at as a modern Bob Dylan...”

“[Speak Deluxe] opens with “Scream (reprise),” a song sung in a Patti Smith like punk manner, over an African influenced percussion rhythm, and Mr. Dockner’s reverb filled guitar riffs and soaring punctuating solos. “Piece of Peace” follows, and kicks the chugging rock factor up a notch, with lyrics that look to the common things we all look for in this life: education, housing, food, etc. etc., questions “what’s stopping us,” and pleads for a “piece of peace,” with such a longing that it could be the voice of any oppressed person; it is impassioned to say the least.”

“Marla Mase knows how to write a song that makes listeners think-and dance.”

"First off I am proud that I am doing this, that I am going for it, full force despite all the voices in my brain that might want to convince otherwise. I am proud that I am doing this and that I am doing it my way, as me, Marla Mase, and not some idea of what I should be or a copy of anyone else."

“Ryan Sprague speaks with renaissance woman, Marla Mase. We learn about the amazing journey this musician, writer, and performer has been on around the world, the array of musicians she has toured with, and we get an in-depth look at her performance piece based on her album, Speak. -”

“[SPEAK DELUXE] is noteworthy for the ease in which it switches genres, although Mase’s witty lyrics remain a constant. Mase gets her feline aggression on in “Lioness,” muses about the immortality of cell phone numbers against a great alt rock beat in “New Cell Phone,” and sweetly makes a declaration about how love needs to die a slow death in the aptly titled “Kill Love.” From the reggae rays of “AnnaRexia” to the 80s-rock sound of “Queen of Imperfection,” it’s safe to say that Speak (Deluxe) has something for everyone.”

“This disk is full of passion. Mase's vocals are gritty, harsh, and rough around the edges, and then suddenly airy and soft. The music is hard rock, punk, world, reggae, you name it, and it all blends together to drive home her message of peace in such an authentic and genuine way. Unlike many others who attempt to switch from different styles/genres and blend them all together, Mase very convincingly embraces each different style/genre, which is very rewarding to listen to. The band is equally adept in each different style/genre, and change styles and feels from track to track with ease. SPEAK Deluxe is a solid album all the way through, full of great music and a powerful message of peace throughout. ”

“[Marla Mase's] punk/rock n roll, soul inspired music and style remind me of a cross between Patti Smith and Chrissy Hynde with some Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell fused in there. I truly love her music and when I listen, I can’t help but get inspired, empowered and just feel harmony in my life. I hope you get a chance to listen to her.”

“New York City singer/songwriter Marla Mase is a true multi-dimensional artist whose heart and soul is all over her beautiful, rather eclectic second album, Speak....[It] goes down as hands down one of the most unique releases of the year.”

“Marla Mase is leading a reggae/jazz social movement via music compilation. While it’s definitely not something you want to listen to lightheartedly, she manages to create whimsical tunes on heavy subjects. A strong female looking to empower those around her, she borders on slam-poet at times. Her songs cover female societal issues ranging from body image to sexual freedom. But she wouldn’t classify herself as an activist. She’s got the on-again, off-again vocals of The Moldy Peaches and the message of Bob Marley.”

“There’s no one way to describe this passionate, and energetic album that says ‘screw you’ to the stereotypes of genres, so I guess you’ll just have to check her out to find out how amazing Marla Mase and her Speak Deluxe really is..... the message beneath the funk-filled, reggae tune of AnnARexia is one of the most important songs I’ve ever laid my ears to.”

“So many of us (well me) stop ourselves from doing stuff because we're afraid we're not good enough so instead we do nothing. FEAR FEAR FEAR and Queen of Imperfection is a call to Push Fear Aside and Say NO, this is who I am, people. What you see is what you get and I am not going to hide or go anywhere. I'm going to stand right here. So Take a look!”

“The spoken word poetry in “Lioness” is a fierce standout of powerful lyricism; [Marla] is both sexy and strong as she talks about her “hunger” and, um, climaxes with several roars.”

“Meet Music Indie Star Marla Mase!”

“It's very clear how passionate Mase is about her music, all while spreading messages of love and peace. She has this way of making you feel every lyric and note she's singing. Whenever you find an artist who can connect to his or her listeners the way Mase does, it's a very special thing. She's toured in places like China and Europe, and just recently took on the hugely popular music festival, NYC Summerstage. There she performed The Speak Show, a multi-media concert experience. There's definitely no stopping Mase anytime soon.”

“With her raw, punch-to-the-gut, spoken-word approach to performing, Marla Mase seems like 2013’s answer to the great Patti Smith. Like Smith, she is a New York-based writer, singer, and performer whose primal poetic fury has already proven to be globally influential. On her 2013 album Speak Deluxe, a re-release of 2011’s Speak featuring six new tracks, Mase experiments with elements of rock, punk, funk, and reggae in order to tackle the issues ravaging society today. Songs like the guitar-heavy “Piece of Peace,” debuted at the United Nations Global Peace Day 2012, and the ironically upbeat, reggae-rock anthem “AnnaRexia,” written for Mase’s “Love Your Ass” campaign, display the singer’s rebellious refusal to meet both musical and societal expectations. ”

“The genres covered throughout the course of [SPEAK DELUXE) take one on a journey across both a musical and physical map....This brings me to arguably the best song on the album, "Piece of Peace" [with] its guitar driven plea for peace.....Mase never makes her presence lost as her fingerprints run all over this album. Whether it conjures up Patti Smith, Iggy Pop, Fleetwood Mac or any of the other comparisons it may cause you to make, by the time you get to the next song, you will need a whole new comparison.”

“When Marla ...[performed] “Lioness” and “Things That Scare Me” (which plays off a “Colored Spade” type litany to immense effect) bared at her magnificence with the taut body and mane of hair, the glint in her eye, and the provocative closeness, she electrified; the possibility of her jumping the barrier between art and rock and back is clear.”

“Mase, a rising star and buzzed-about new figure within New York’s underground rock ‘n’ roll scene, isn’t the kind of female artist we’ve gotten used to hearing in the post-millennial music circuit. In an age where two of the biggest stars on the planet are female artists who take inspiration from classic singer/songwriter traditions (Taylor Swift, who borrows from ‘70s folk and pop, and Adele, who adds her soul and R&B records into the equation), Mase goes unapologetically in the other direction....her songs are dark, atmospheric, and gritty, and almost primal or elemental in execution. The songs on Speak are led by a voice that is harsh and rough around the edges, ornamented with loud guitars, and littered with shades of punk rock history.”

“Mase’s songwriting often strongly resembles that of Patti Smith’s insomuch as that the same thing often said of Smith’s poetry can be said of Mase’s: If you were to write it out and read it, it wouldn’t nearly have the same guttural impact as it does when you hear it performed. Admittedly, there is one major difference. Patti Smith preferred to keep her meanings hidden behind esoteric discourses with references of Rimbaud, while Marla Mase often keeps her message fairly close to the surface, albeit intellectually. Neither style is necessarily better than the other, they’re just different, but the level of emotive content contained within each is, well, barely containable. No matter the song, or message behind said song, Mase contains such a convincing believability within each moment of her vocals, it’s impossible to not be impressed.”

“Be it good or bad, there are many musicians and/or recording artists that can be identified as soon as the proverbial (or actual) needle hits the record. When you take in all of Marla’s published music, you begin to notice that there really isn’t a particular sonic print that can be resolved to her. If you ask her to describe her sound identity, if you will, she’ll tell reference a description from her friend Patricia gave her after listening to “A Brief Night Out”: ‘Psychotic’. Marla thought that was quite funny. “I write songs as they come to me and they come to me in many different genres. Then Tomás takes them and adds his signature Global Soul Sound – the genres may change drastically but the Groove is always there. So I would have to say that the best description for a typical Marla Mase record is that it is very Mase.” ”

“A veteran of the scene, New York based songwriter Marla Mase has been added to the bill of the annual local performance arts festival, Central Park Summerstage 2013. Other artists performing at this outdoor NYC series comprise music legends like The Zombies, Dead Prez and Rakim. She has recently received acclaim for her performance art concert experience entitled “Speak” (you can stream the entire record here), which combines dance choreography with the songs from her 2013 release, “Speak Deluxe”. Mase’s latest album is a compilation of songs that examine the oppression of women, while the live show features seven dancers who act out the series of the her musical vignettes.”

“The CD "Speak Deluxe" found Marla touring both China and Europe, being honored by Friends of the UN, and receiving top reviews from publications such as The Huffington Post, who said "her feisty message of peace will perhaps wake up the beast in all of us".”

“No nonsense straight from the start of “Speak Deluxe” we’re introduced to AnnaRexia, a heavy look at anorexia with not too subtle reggae backing tones, which bring the listener into her words. Songs like “Dance the Tango”, and “Squirm” bring out a little shoegaze punk, while elsewhere throughout the disc you are able to pick up the influential rock goddesses of Fleetwood Mac's Stevie Nicks, Joan Jett, and The Cranberries.”

“New York rock/punk/crossover artist Marla Mase has confirmed that she and guitarist Tomas Doncker will be bringing her “Speak” show to Summerstage 2013, joining a lineup that includes The Zombies, Django Django, Dead Prez, Lianne la Havas and Rakim.”

“Marla Mase's self-portrait on the front cover of her new album Speak Deluxe actually does speak volumes about what she sings. The animalized photograph of her face verifies that Marla is peeved-off about something, or maybe everything. She doesn't want mankind to cry craven, but to look at hunger in the eye and feed it. The intrepid and raw realities of her lyrics echo the need to break away and address the world with a "ROAR!"”

“The most awesome thing about music are the lyrics. The words that songs speak can change our lives, even being so simple. Performer, singer and songwriter Marla Mase writes music with the intention to change the way we think, and the way we view ourselves and others. Her new album Speak Deluxe is more than just six new tracks to follow up with her first album, Speak. It’s a movement.”

“Marla Mase, the New York City native that’s been called the “Female Jim Morrison” may find her style is often compared to other musicians, but when it comes to her music, there’s a description that’s all her own. “Mase, very Mase."”

“Empathy, originality, and intellectualism are the hallmarks of Marla Mase’s utterly enchanting lyrical style. Known for her extremely raw and powerful live performances, something about the singer-songwriter and businesswoman from New York City exudes pure vintage Rock ‘n’ Roll sexuality and commands the attention of audiences. But her style has a modern approach as well, seeming to blend the raucous, blistering sounds of the music industry forty years ago with the progressive, streetwise spoken-word-style bellowing of modern-day New York.....Mase is a truly inspiring feminist voice for her generation, and “Speak Deluxe” offers a richly emotional experience with equal positivity and darkness. She is fantastic at honestly exploring and expressing the reality of our human condition, particularly for women in today’s changing world.”

“MARLA MASE is, by far, not your typical musical artist. While the music charts are populated with songs (mainly) about so-called romance, sex and material things, the singer/songwriter/producer wants her music to have MEANING – and she definitely achieved that by tackling the more serious issues of today –issues we should really sit up and take notice of more often.”

“Marla goes against the grain of industry standards and flows freely in what she believes. If you enjoy tunes from Patti Smith or Iggy Pop, you will definitely enjoy the sounds of Marla Mase.”

“If you are in Europe next week take advantage of the situation and catch True Groove Global Soul Recording Artist Marla Mase on tour. Every time we check in on True Groove Record Label they are doing something else, whether it is Doncker opening for Ethiopian pop stars or trips to China or Mase's extended version of her album Speak or anthem single "Piece Of Peace", they are relentless in their pursuit of musical excellence”

“So what is Speak? It’s rather hard to explain but to put it as simply as possible, it’s the music work of activist Marla Mase, resembling the early work of Bob Dylan and Jefferson Airplane.....“Open Up My Heart” is probably my favorite track on the album as the haunting instruments combined with the dark lyrics create that particular atmosphere that send goose bumps running down my spine.”

“Backed by the Tomás Doncker Band, the record kicks off with the jungle sounds of “Scream (reprise)” and never dares to look back. Mase crafts each song as if it were an album itself, taking meticulous care in every aspect of the song. From the tangible sounds of the instruments to the abstract notions of ambiance, every song on Speak (Deluxe) is a story in and of itself.”

“Under the hood of Speak (Deluxe), we have what is deemed Marla Mase’s underground hit AnnaRexia, which is a reggae/dub crossover song dealing with the illness anorexia.”

“Marla Mase’s style of mixing poetry with music & sounds is what sets her apart from others in music industry. She sets the mood with a beat, and gives us a vivid image of the scene by painting a picture with her words.”

“Under the Gun Review is thrilled to bring you this exclusive interview with New York City’s multi-talented Marla Mase! Marla is endlessly busy in her impressive flood of creative enterprises but she managed to take the time to speak with us candidly and in detail about her extensive medium-melding career, her newest album, and even a little about sex. So read through and get familiar with a genuine artist and human being, Marla Mase.”

“In the spirit of legends such as Patti Smith, David Byrne, Frank Zappa, and Iggy Pop, Marla’s music is epic. ”

“Marla Mase is sitting on quite the powder keg with her new album “SPEAK Deluxe”, an offering brimming with passion, anger, pain, wisdom, and compassion. What was the last album you heard that you could honestly say that about? Embracing everything from rock and roll, punk and reggae to spoken word, electronic, and downtempo music, Marla Mase will appeal to fans of Patti Smith, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, PJ Harvey and Ian Dury. .......Marla Mase’s music and message is poised to spread in an industry starved for meaning.”

“Marla Mase is a wanted woman. This multi-hyphenate force has spread her message and music worldwide..... To experience Marla Mase is to experience the human condition – raw, real, and reactant.”

“....favourite tracks on Speak are Queen of Imperfection, She Hooked Him Up, Divine Restlessness and Dance the Tango. Usually it’s easy to distinguish your favourite tracks on an album but this time round it was hard. Most of the tracks are outstanding due to the way they open your mind and make you think about the world and how we all live in it together.”

“Marla Mase Takes The World By Storm”

“... one of the most eclectic and exciting albums this reviewer has yet heard in 2013!”

“Ably backed by veteran New York funkster Tomas Doncker , who admirably fuses his signature brand of "afro beat and soul" with Mase's half spoken word, half melodic vocalizing approach, Speak is at it's best asa fearless, soul baring proclamation by a daring artist who makes no excuses for her approach and takes no prisoners on her exit.....The record reaches it's pinnacle on the punk infused "Squirm" in which Mase proclaims her desire to "shut the shit down" and "squirm like a worm" in the underground. Spoken like a true New York City poet - defiantly independent and unwilling to give a shit what anyone else thinks. Highly recommended if you have the heart.”

“Rock music seems to be full of people trying so hard to look the part and sound the part that the core is completely missing. In many ways, rock and indie have taken on many of the mainstream aspects of popular r&b, pop, and hip hop, with few artists who truly stand on their own. Enter the strange and lovely Marla Mase, a woman whose closest companions may just be Patti Smith and Henry Rollins. She’s about to release her new full-length “SPEAK Deluxe”, and it’s chalk full of sexuality, death, activism, women’s rights, spoken word poetry, and more than a little fun, in case that all sounds a bit too ominous for your week-night easy listening appointment. Sure, Mase is a genre-hopper. On “Speak Deluxe”, the listener will very clearly hear rock, funk, prog rock, electronic, reggae, spoken word, and pop elements, but make no mistake. Marla Mase is punk rock.”

“What do you get when you combine the cadence of Patti Smith, the rhythms of beat poet Anne Waldman, and the vocal freedom of Yoko Ono? Marla Mase’s SPEAK fuses the lyrical intensity of these three women backed by the arrangements of the Tomás Doncker Band. Mase is bent on exploring the use of verse set against music ala “Riders on the Storm.” Each track on SPEAK sets itself apart from the next, ranging from a reggae-inspired anti-anorexia anthem (“AnnaRexia”) to a post-modern inception of self via space, time, and the internet (“Blog”). SPEAK Deluxe, out 2/28/13, features a versatile composition of percussion, vocals, guitars, and dance hall beats.”

“There are artists who open up to you and there are artists who are there to open you up to everything around you. And then there are artists who have that innate ability to do both. Marla Mase happens to do both with precision. A singer, songwriter and playwright out of New York City, Marla’s music is a crystal bridge that links today to the days when Patti Smith and Chrissy Hynde prowled on stage. With Speak Deluxe, the re-issue of her album originally released in 2010, Marla herself exudes a feathered ferocity throughout the album, beginning with ‘Scream(Reprise)’, a hard-charging tune that captures the anguish and bewilderment of a battered woman wailing against the indifference of the world. ‘Dance The Tango’ gives an otherwise somber story about someone who passed away who had a love of dance a resurrection with light pouring out of each note. Each song on ‘Speak Deluxe’ is a whirlwind of harmony and reflection brought forth brilliantly by Marla & the Tomas Doncker”

“It’s hard to find a musical artist who embodies the essence of that latter word. Many will sacrifice exploration and honesty for chart-topping singles. Marla Mase does not sit among the superficial.....Whether singing or speaking, rhyming or fiddling with free verse, Marla’s voice will grip you tight. She dances on the balance beam between music and poetry. Not once does she falter/”

“There are plenty...[pf] positive, celebratory moments on Speak Deluxe. ‘She Hooked Him Up’ is a happy, funky tale of love and lust. ‘Queen of Imperfection’ rejects media ideals of womanhood in favour of accepting yourself, flaws and all. ’Smithereens’ is charmingly romantic, a cooling stream of gentle beats and flowing acoustic guitar. Throughout Speak Deluxe Mase is wonderfully well served by Tomás Doncker, who writes the music and leads the band that supplies a spectacular variety of tunes, tones and textures to complement the rich verbal content. Marla Mase speaks and sings wise words with passion and precision, and demands to be heard.”

“Vale la pena sumergirse en la interesante propuesta musical de Marla Mase, que transmite una urgencia por revalorar la comunicación humana en su estado más puro a través de tracks destacados como “Scream(reprise)”, “Lioness” y “AnnaRexia”.”

““Speak Deluxe” is the work of a complicated artist, but one who is very human and easy to relate to. Listening to Marla Mase somehow makes me slightly disappointed in other artists currently producing new material, not so much for the musical chops, but the lyrical responsibility and potential. She’s a wordsmith and a communicator, and this is where she excels. “Speak Deluxe” is not for mainstream music listeners. It’s for serious music listeners.”

“Marla Mase’s album release is yet another triumph for woman in music. It is angry, sad, beautiful and poetic. She proves, that there exists a rare breed of female artists who don’t have to have the image of a supermodel or sing unlimited keys of vibrato to gain listeners’ attention”

“Overall, there are very few albums on the market that will compare to SPEAK DELUXE; offering a break from what has become a comfort zone for many. Anything but commercial, Marla Mase is surely an artist we will see more of in the years to come, and I doubt that we'll be disappointed by what she releases. I'd absolutely recommend that music fans give Marla's new release a listen with an open mind. You'll be glad you did.”

“I suppose what makes Speak experimental is the vocal style of the head lady more than anything. Many of her songs portray the native New Yorker as a philanthropic campaigner for many causes but predominantly the imperfections of humanity. The message is clear in songs like Queen of Imperfection and AnnaRexia which discuss exactly what they say on the tin. And Marla does it in her own unique way...”

“Marla Mase is a complicated artist; one with the ability to go from the war cry-like call for peace of "Piece of Peace," to something much more seemingly mundane, such as the common act of purchasing a new phone on "New Cell Phone." Her sound can be rock & roll one moment, and spoken word put to music the next. Whatever guise Mase's art takes, though, it's never less than compelling.”

“Marla Mase Marla Mase is an interesting funk/punk/experimental artists whose music often defies words. It is at once complex and easily digestible, heavy and light, dark and beautiful. I love the layers created by the music. The dichotomy between normal singing and spoken Lou Reed type parts is very well done, it helps to give the music an interesting layer where normally there should be none.”

“It's been a while. But I'm really happy to be able to say "and now for something completely different" and mean it. [Marla Mase] is one totally talented young lady, prepare to be blown away. ”

“Marla is well known in New York for her songs, play-writing, short stories, erotica and poems. In her performance art she does not cater to refined tastes, instead she is known as an explosive, no-holds-barred firebrand who is not afraid to shock. Marla recently returned from her first tour in China where she was invited by the Friends of the UN to perform for UN Global Peace Day in Linzhou City. Marla was given an honorary “Messenger of Peace” award for her work as a songwriter and performing artist.”

“Musically, this is a very driven album. Each track has a strong rhythmic feel to it whilst Mase carries the melody with her vocal lines. Her band serves each song well and provides the perfect atmosphere for her voice. Diversity is also key. At times the music can be 80′s inspired, reggae inspired and even pop inspired. This album is an eclectic mix of inspiration and shows just how diverse the music of Marla Mase can be.”

“One listen to Marla Mase and you'll be beckoned into her world of provocative lyric poems that are impactful and insightful. Her album, Speak Deluxe, is full of sounds that mirror the likes of Patti Smith and Frank Zappa, while allowing Marla to maintain a unique and distinctive representation all on her own.”

“Marla Mase who featured heavily on the website in 2011 has been on a recent tour in China and spent her time usefully to release a new video for Piece of Peace. I look forward to catching up with Marla Mase pretty soon to and hope to be able to feature more in 2013, for now here is Piece of Peace in which we find Marla in an even more powerful space which she fills with admirable boots.”

“Marla is taking herself back on the road but closer to home, for a four night tour of New England, in support of the Deluxe version of last years Speak. The album is a thing of beauty, where the structure of rock and roll and the scripture of art meet in the world. As likely to rock as it is to delve into spoken word, it has elements of Patti Smith as we haven't heard in a long, long time. Listen to "Scream" for a lesson in thought and action. And has anyone ever got more out of two words, "Divine" and "restlesness" before?”

“Marla Mase, True Groove recording artist and a terrific rock and blues singer who can scream with the best of them, has recorded a new song with Tomas and the Global family, working a simple as hell play on words "Give me a piece of peace" into a powerful call for world harmony.”

“Madalyn: Describe your toughest moments in your quest for a music career and tell us how you overcame them. Marla Mase: My toughest moments were all the years I spent NOT doing what I knew I wanted to be doing, what I was ‘called’ to do. This also includes my writing and performing by the way — but I spent so many years hiding, letting fear take over, thinking that things had to be a certain way before I could get out there, do something and it’s just not true. It literally took a breakdown to cause me to break-through and just do it. Fear or not, perfect or not, I knew it was life or death. Literally. Once I opened the door to action and putting the negative voices aside (or at least not letting them rule my life) it’s been quite a thrill even with all the frustrations that comes with being in this business.”

“Since the beginning of the music industry, it’s been easy to see that there are at least two kinds of artists, and the main difference lies somewhere in the metaphysical realm of intention. Some artists have truly great ideas that resonate with others because they speak their truth. Others write music specifically to sell, and they’ll do anything to do so – including ignoring their hearts and spewing who-knows-what into the world. New York rock poet Marla Mase falls squarely into the former category. Why waste precious life not being open and honest with the other souls who share your world? She expresses and says what she wants in free flow poetic form, much like the great Patti Smith, and she does so with a fearless ease.”

“Marla Mase remains on top with this her second album, it is a musical creation that will intrigue and possibly enlighten those who have not yet experienced music as art and will delight those who already worship their musical Goddess.”

“The crowd was then treated to Brooklynite performance art lioness Marla Mase growling over two guitarists (like Funk and Fripp) and drum tracks--a frenetic action show that channeled Patti Smith as she crooned “I changed my cell phone number--it’s a big deal now, you know?” ”

"New York native Marla Mase is the epitome of a lyrical messenger."

“In a world of farce, fakery, and ridiculousness – where reality shows and ‘commercial’ musicians are bought and paid for – Marla Mase brings back the very real, raw, and brilliant concept of what rock-n-roll is all about!”

“Coral: Has there been any events in your life that has determined the type of music that you play? Marla: Every song/every word I write is determined by what is going on in my life and that ‘going on’ has a feeling, a mood, a genre — thus my eclectic musical styles”

“Marla Mase charts #8 on the indiebandblog New Year Ninety 2012 countdown for best emerging bands....”


“Host Cyrus Webb welcomes recording artist Marla Mase to Conversations LIVE to discuss her love affair with music, how she is able to address causes that matter to her through song and to introduce her new single AnnaRexia.”

“Writer and performer Marla Mase is set to deliver a special one-night-only performance of her stunning one-woman rock opera, A Brief Night Out, on Monday, December 12th at The Triad in New York City. Mase will be joined by the Tomás Doncker Band and the evening will feature direction from Sara Berg. ”

“Marla Mase interviewed by Corey King on Artist First, March 14, 2012”

“The always eccentric, and never dull Marla Mase returns with her new album "Speak." On her previous album "A Brief Night Out," Mase delivered alot of spoken word speeches on her songs. On "Speak" Mase, delves away from that somewhat, and shows us more of her vocal abilities. Mase is able to intertwine both her vocal, and spoken word abilities throughout the songs flawlessly. And being the diverse musician Mase is, the album offers its listeners a various array of different music from the very 80's Blondie grooved "Lioness," to more of a Rolling Stones driven element in "Queen of Imperfection." Mase's latest work offers a various arrangement of rock and roll, blues, jazz, and a little folk, and never leaving its listener stagnant with one genre for too long.”

“Ironically Dance the Tango takes us on a rock-a-billy ride out, really uplifting composition, with the ever present brooding lyrics which once again reflect on disappointment and unreflected truths. A superb composition. Smithereens, finds another space in which the vocal sits with perfection. This is a subtle composition with the voracious appetite of a brown tree snake. Inconspicuous but laden with venom. Once again I find myself at the end of a release wanting just a little more. A neatly packaged album which delivers on every level”

"Always remember, true artists are few and far between. These are the people whose music, points of view, anger, happiness, love and pure skill last for generations to come. They are a part of history; they are people who change the future. THIS is Marla Mase!"

“This performer has been a bright light in everyone’s world for a long time, and her skill, talent, humor and spot-on knowledge of what this country wants to hear, see and learn about is beyond outstanding. I have spoken with radio people who have interviewed Marla Mase and they can’t stop speaking about her (the women want to be her, the men want to marry her) and she is the best guest (seriously) that they’ve ever had on their program.”

“Definitely one of the most eclectic releases of recent time, Marla Mase's "A Brief Night Out," takes you on a whirl wind of music, poetry, and raw emotion. This album will take you on a wild journey of emotions that will you have you one moment raising up an eyebrow questioning what you're listening to, to the next moment of throwing your fist in the air rocking.”

“I remember the first day I heard Marla’s music and I was transfixed from the moment it washed over me. A few weeks later, Marla was appearing on a talk show that I was doing some engineering for. I remember fumbling over my words and finding my reaction unusual for I had long ago learned that celebrity did not phase me. I had listened to her music for the past few weeks and had heard a dark piece of myself within the truth of her lyrics and the strength of her voice. It was an album that I instantly felt at home with in my headphones at night and I also felt at home the minute she started speaking.”

"Marla Mase’s new album – SPEAK – has been crossing genres, radio stations, minds, and making sure that all people everywhere know that Marla Mase is THE performer, artist and singer that is changing the way rock-and-roll is seen. How? Because it has truly been decades since the world has been given a singer that not only has something to say, but absolutely KNOWS how to say it."

“One word: FEARLESS! Raw... Enigmatic...Unapologetic…Unique. So, maybe one word is not enough to describe the “experience” that is Marla Mase. How is one expected to explain what I call: THE MARLA MASE EXPERIENCE? You can't. It is equal parts: rock, rap, Broadway, monologue, Lilith Fair, blues, & dare I, a rocker chick, say I heard some good old guttural vocals on track #5 DFWME?”

"Like David…Marla Mase Will Kick Goliath’s Butt!"

"Feminine power is something that Marla Mase stands for. Her amazing rock opera/album, A Brief Night Out, is what 'the feminine' is all about: The desire, attraction, obsession, strength, and the love/hate relationship females have with themselves as they grow and learn. Luckily enough, my words will not fall on deaf ears. Things That Scare Me, the opening track from A Brief Night Out, is already being played on over two hundred stations across the globe, bringing the message of Marla Mase to millions who are looking for hope."

“Mase has already attracted attention from people of all ages. Surprisingly, teenagers around the world have fallen in love with her sound. They are drawn to her balls to the wall, fearless attitude. She has been described as having a teenager’s rebelliousness and fearlessness with the wisdom of a woman. Having said that, woman generally relate strongly to Mase’s material. She’s been told she’s an inspiration for going out there and doing her thing, for being honest and so raw. Mase likes to describe her music as rock-n-roll at the core with a lot of funk and groove. She’s been told that her sound is unlike anything people have heard before.”

"Giving VOICE to young girls, allowing them to SPEAK, builds confidence and self-esteem - which is sorely lacking in the world right now - so that these next generation of women believe in themselves! This is a subject very near and dear to the heart of Marla Mase, and a lot of what her music is about."

"Many months ago Marla Mase was introduced " into my life. Not only did I receive a wealth of music that I literally can not stop listening to, but I was introduced to a woman who has a heart and soul that are as big as her powerful voice! "

“A Brief Night Out was about an affair, while SPEAK will end up being about another affair - an affair that fans will have with the incomparable Marla Mase. Once you fall in love with Marla`s music, that is one love affair that will last a lifetime. Those are the words of press and reviewers, as well as fans and believers, in the Marla Mase phenomenon.”

“SPEAK is its name, and I can guarantee all readers and fans out there that this CD will be one of the greatest albums in the history of rock-and-roll!”

"marla mase band so exceptional at community 2. hard wired to me brains superb performance, she's a big apple/whole earth magic goddess with a cosmic class band. wow wow wow. brought me back to life after an 18 hour day, no sleep, no pay but music that lives in me. she is the sensual spirit & rockin talent that makes rock n roll rock & she rolls so very good" (ian bruce, lehigh valley music conference producer)

Ian Bruce -- Community 2: Lehigh Valley Music Conference Producer - LVMC.com

“Krista: What is the next `project` that you feel will see the "light of day,` so to speak? Marla: Next project is Speak The Tour; I want to create some theatrical elements for the music on my new CD so that when I tour, it will not just be a straight-up music show but will also have the theatrical elements that I like. It won`t be a play like A Brief Night Out, but because it`s me, it`ll undoubtedly have dramatic flair. It won`t be a big choreographed production like a `Madonna` tour, (whom I like), but something very ...hmmmm....well, very Mase.”

“She (Marla Mase) is poetry & music & art & imagination & nice legs too. nyc is lucky to have her. theatrical rock that walks the walk & talks, patti smith would be proud. ”

“Don't buy A Brief Night Out, buy a carton of them. Take A Brief Night Out and pass them around. Give them out to every cell-holding zombie walking the earth right now - and get them to wake up!”

“Marla Mase glorifies the strength of free expression in rock `n` roll music by offering some of the deepest, wildest emotions that fans could possibly imagine. With A Brief Night Out, Marla Mase tells the story of a middle-aged woman who is bursting at the seams with anxiety, sexiness, and obsession. The “character` brought to life offers a look at a true victim going through a mid-life rock “n` roll crisis and the super-hot/super-cool performance that Marla Mase gives – which is almost like a witch`s spell cast over every single audience members that hears it – is one of the most riveting “scenes` in the music world today.”

“Marla Mase is the true "Goddess` walking around New York City. Her writing, her songs, her rock musical titled, A Brief Night Out, her businesses, her life "everything about this woman screams Star! "”

“Opening with Things That Scare Me, a scene setter for the album. An off-beat reggae number, which shines with a strength of song-writing capability. The track swathes through Jamaican beats, while introducing some Indian melodies and even a nod to the Spice Girls, as the music identifies with the central character of the album. Some-one on the edge of a nervous breakdown. A clever track to open the release.”

“From the first track of Brief Night Out, which is guaranteed to knock you out of your chair, Things That Scare Me unleash inner demons. It is so powerful that the only thing an audience can do is sit up straighter and buckle themselves in for the ride of their lives. Electric shocks literally flow through your body as Marla Mase shares - in a sultry way - her uncertainties and fantasies with songs like Texted, Exquisite Drops, and I Fell in Love (Woman). Another extreme high is when the audience must scream, "All Hail Rock "n` Roll` when Marla Mase offers listeners the ultimate battle waged by a powerful warrior-princess in DFWME!”

“Marla Mase has written many words that reflect life and encompass all different human emotions in the form of plays, monologues, short stories, journals, songs - the list goes on. In fact, from the thousands of pages of journals came the plays, songs, and one-woman shows that once seen or heard, are impossible to ever set aside or forget. This amazing woman with the powerhouse voice can take an audience to a place they never knew existed, by using the raw emotion in Marla`s soul. She delivers these performances without fear, judgment, or negativity. Again, a mirror image of Kali who is known for her no-nonsense way of eradicating negative thoughts, and turning them into words that scream love, kindness, protection, and absolute lack of fear.”

“Marla transformed A Brief Night Out from the literary world to a rock-n-roll musical. Combining her talented script, in-your-face personality, and the creative thespian sitting dormant inside her brain, she reached one of her Kali- `like` hands outward and connected to a man who is an internationally renowned guitarist and recording artist by the name of Tomas Doncker. As he listened to Marla`s incredible stories, lyrics, melodies, and scope of her amazing project, Tomas began to create the music that would accompany this amazing play. The music was as profound as the words, and Tomas also became the producer of the unforgettable CD.”

“SOP's Battle of the Bands Featuring Marla Mase with 'Things That Scare Me'”

“As we continue to Walk the Mase, we will delve deeper into the musical talent of Marla, discussing her BNO (Brief Night Out) album that has turned into a fantastic rock-n "-roll musical. This is truly a theatrical drama that offers Jamaican beats, Indian melodies, rap, jazz and rock and roll music”

“Her most recent show, A Brief Night Out (BNO), is a kick-ass rock-n- roll musical that is fast becoming an underground sensation. The CD soundtrack of the show co-produced and co-written with Tomas Doncker is viraling its way through cyberspace and is getting downloaded daily.”

“Marla Mase sneaks in a closing song to end all endings in 2011 and beyond. Her song, “That Wall” is soulful, socio-political and solid to the core. A mere glimpse into the genius of this emerging artist and new addition to the ever-growing community found within the WomensRadio network.”

"Ms. Mase's music and stories will take you by the hand and lead you on a tour that is, at times, filled with ideas of romance and love straight off the proverbial movie screen; to fear, passion, and reality that will sometimes haul off and punch you in the gut with brutal honesty. Whether love her or hate her, Marla Mase will be the voice inside your head screaming at you to stand tall in the face of adversity."

“She is an artist who can range through a plethora of sounds with no discord, as her each iteration has the hallmark of Marla Mase stamped clearly.”

“There's a new girl in town and her name is MARLA MASE. For empowered women everywhere, you'll want to check out this hot act, either on the Web, or LIVE in NYC. Check her out at: http://marlamase.com/”

““ she's refreshingly awesome. like the women acting in the movies. shes a character who belongs on broadway and she is definitely my new #1 favorite. wow!” (15 yr old Jango Fan-Bklyn NY)”

“Tim: You write plays, poetry, have a blog, produce, write songs and perform. What made you decide to spread your wings so widely as a creator? Marla: I consider myself a writer first-- it all stems from the word.”

"I feel a very heartfelt genuine passion in your music and that is very much the way we are going with IndieGuild."

“The BAND, a smokin' group of bad-ass veteran musicians combined with Mase's fearless performance and provocative lyrics make A Brief Night Out one of the year's most exciting and original releases. ”

“Marla Mase and her debut album, "A Brief Night Out," kick out a collection of songs that are packed with stimulating Adult Alternative Pop/Rock music.”

““I Can Be Naughty at Times So Let’s Skip That Question””