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““The gospel like introduction is really well done. I get a real grimy hip hop feel from this song. The beat took a real roughneck turn and the beats and singer's sample adds to it. The rapper has a real gritty flow and sound like he's angry most of the time. This song has all the elements of a successful rap song. The hook is the best thing about this song though. Great hip hop.... “This track definitely has star quality and potential. The lyrics seemed well written and I can feel the emotion behind their voice as well which is always a good thing when listening to a track. The melody and sound was great, I loved the fact that they added some ole R&B soul to the track. I would definitely give this one another listen, well done.” “Overall, this is a strong track. I would recommend that there is a more interesting transition in the beginning between the vocals and the rapping. The lyrical singing complements the rapping well, in their gritty tone and lyrical content.”

““Passionate, wild, soulful, hip hop song with great musical arrangements. The mix of the vocals is insane! It fits perfectly. This is really good producing work. The singer has a beautiful, deep, mind-blowing voice. The rapper a really cool tone and clean flow. This is bold and fierce. Never dull. The instrumental/beat is relaxing, and laid back. Melodious and Sentimental. The rap/hip hop vocals, of a more aggressive nature and vibe balances the song quite well, but are then again counterbalanced by the soothing and profound vocals of the other singer. This song probably appeals to a wide range of listeners. From soul, to electro, lounge, hip hop or trip hop. It has so many subtle elements, anybody will find something to like. Sometimes it reminds of Moby, sometimes of Mob Depp. This is really cool. I'd definitely recommend a listen, at least for the creativity and originality of the track.””

“” “Thick bass and an effect loaded vocal tone sets up this song, and what comes next, is pretty much following the same lead. The deep bass layer and the slightly repetitive but still tuneful accompaniment stands behind an impressive vocal performance, which brings the expressive and dynamic features along for the deep and meaningful lyrics. I'm quite surprised really, because it doesn't happen often that I find a song impressive in general, if it comes to this genre. It 's a deep impact, and even with the repetitive touches, it definitely makes a deep impact.” “The soundtracks intro starts off standard. the instruments sounds pretty decent it was a perfect choice for this song. “Sound effects on the voice of someone talking. A few seconds later you hear a male rapping. He rapping under instruments such as strings, a piano, drums and a bass with synthesizer. The rapper is rapping about his life experience. Due to this you can feel the pain in his voice. He raps with real conv”

““this song started out pretty interesting and cool sounding. it had a very interesting beat. the singing sounded really cool. i thought he had a talent for rapping. he is great he actually sounds hardcore. he is pretty great. the beat is amazing. the intro is amazing. everything about this song totally rocked. i love this guy he is the best!” “The introduction had me wanting more! I couldn't wait for the bass to drop or to here the lyric part of the song. Very uplifting and almost pump up style to it. A lot of energy and none of it was negative just all up lifting. The voice fit the actual track and beat perfectly and easy to understand.” “Good strong club track. Not sure it would do well in the charts, but would be a good track for a DJ to have maybe to mix up with other tracks and beats. Beat is good, strong and constant. Rapper is very good, can understand every word, good Lyrics. Better than an album track, but may not light the world up in the charts.””

“Here is a new album from Bradford rapper M​-​Acculate and its something well worth checking out. Maybe overdone a little bit when it comes to the skits, but get beyond that and what you have here is an emcee that seems honest in his approach to making music. Whats also evident is that this Northern emcee has got a thing for those massive ‘posse tracks’ and colloborations with a string of guests featuring. His twang might not appeal to all, but his message and songs will. Clever with intricate wordplay, this rapper has a style and flow that deserves your attention. Make sure you go and cop this, its bubblegum free and full of reality rhymes.”

“Hailing from the North of the UK, Bradford to be exact comes M-Acculate with this monster 42 tracker with features from Georgia, Mik-e, Jimidkid, Meatman The Butcher, Karnage, Facetious, Jay oo, Jeffers, Silvatung, Mtley, Uncle Bungle, Hiphopcrates & Chopper and production from The Guru, Pro-P, Existence, Facetious, Tuk, Rez and Sarikey Beats. Good concepts throughout this album is something fans of UK Boonbap will adore. With a solid flow and delivery we get a varied selection too which I liked. There is a new album due to in January, so his ethics match his skills which is nice to see. So many rappers try and follow where M-Acculate is crafting his own style. Original and refreshingly creative, this is something you need. Download link: http://www.ingloriousbasterdshiphop.bandcamp.com/album/m-acculate-pain-is-momentary-pride-is-eternal http://www.soundcloud.com/m-acculate-free-album-dl/sets/m-acculate-pain-is-momentary”