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Leadfinger / Press

“Leadfinger - No Room at the Inn (Citadel Records) **** 4 Stars!”

“If you take a journey through the past 20 years of Australian underground rock'n'roll, chances are you'll pass Stewart Cunningham in your travels. Now performing under his ''Leadfinger'' nickname, Cunningham's cult pedigree includes a stint with the Proton Energy Pills and Asteroid B-612. On No Room at the Inn, Cunningham confirms his status as one of Australia's most underrated songwriters. On the opening track, You're So Strange, Leadfinger imbues the front-bar southern comfort of Lynyrd Skynyrd with a Wollongong surf-rock sensibility. On Cruel City, he falls naturally into the role of swaggering guitar-rock icon, while Pretty Thing is a post-punk pop classic Nick Lowe would sell his songwriting soul to own. It's time someone found room at the Australian rock'n'roll inn for Cunningham"...."4 Stars”

“MOST great rock 'n' roll is made out on the fringes but this latest album from Australian veteran Stewart ``Leadfinger'' Cunningham packs such a punch that it deserves to come out from the underground. Fans of bands from The Masters' Apprentices to HITS will love its greasy swagger, sure-footed songwriting and a sound that's both rich and raw. This is a deep seam, back to the classic Stones records of the late '60s on songs like 'You're So Strange', with its gospel-charged backing vocal from Chloe West. 'Gimme The Future' sports searing guitar work that threatens to shred speakers, and 'Cruel City' pumps with the kind of intensity once found on Radio Birdman records. But there is also room for banjo on the dusty roads of the title tune, and the intense 'The Lonely Road' is dedicated to Rory Gallagher. Anyone who ever heard the sparks flying on a record by the late Irish bluesman will recognise a soul brother in Leadfinger and his passionate tunes.”

“The portents were there that it was going to be a very good album but Leadfinger’s “We Make The Music” makes a convincing claim for greatness in the space of 49 minutes. From the Who-like title track that opens it to the Hendrix-tinged finale, “Beside Me, Against Me” (with its shades of “Castles made of Sand”) this is a bona fide Australian classic… Plonk down your heard-earned. This is worth it.”

“Yet it’s the title track that sums up where Leadfinger – the band and the man – resides, and where many others blessed with cash but not spirit, will surely fail to inhabit. A roll of drums, a suitcase full of classic licks and plenty of attitude to boot. Rich kids can’t play rock’n’roll – but Leadfinger can.”

"The Floating Life" will demand close attention. It swerves off the beaten track in its moments of delicacy ("The Music Had The Last Say") and introspection. Never forced ("So In a Hurry") it sometimes veers into full-band raunch ("Thin Lizzy") but that isn't the character of the whole. Open your ears and prepare for an interesting ride.

Craig Regan - I-94 Bar

“Rich Kids’ is the rollicking sophamore album from the eponymously named Sydney based outfit lead by seasoned rock’n’roller Stewart ‘Leadfinger’ Cunningham. Now back to the future...‘Rich Kids’ is Leadfinger’s second album, and is released on Spain’s Bang! ‘Rich Kids’ is a cracking distillation of all that is great and unique about Australian rock’n’roll. The powerful songs of Stewart Cunningham have hooks galore and great slab riffs that veer through swamp blues tones with power-pop melodies and pleading vocals. Leadfinger’s timeless rock’n’ roll sound sits them comfortably in the same stinky bandroom as such luminaries as You Am I, the Repacements, DM3, Wilco, The Drones, Sloan, Ryan Adams, Evan, Drive By Truckers, Jayhawks, Dallas Crane... you get the picture! This album is a powerful statement by a songwriter who has paid his dues but is yet to find any mainstream legitimacy in his homeland.”

Ian Underwood - Rich Kids Album Press Release