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Lauren Adams / Press

“LAUREN ADAMS BAND This is an all-star outfit, from superb songwriter / band leader LAUREN ADAMS to PHIL PARLAPIANO on keys and accordion and MARK “POCKET” GOLDBERG on bass. This is easily one of L.A.’s top ten electric Americana bands, and Lauren’s originals should be hit songs. Their rendition of ERNEST TROOST’S “Evangeline” with Lauren’s vocals is powerful and compelling and very different from the classic blues ballad delivery that Ernest gives it. Lauren’s song “Thirsty,” title track to one of her albums, evokes lost country & western, from a time before Nashville lost the western part and turned it all into dysfunctional relationship, red-state-trailer-park rock. Each band member got a featured song, since all are singer-songwriters with solo albums and dozens of credits on records by big names. Be sure to catch LAUREN ADAMS when she performs in town, or at her monthly “Americana Music Circle” showcase at Genghis Cohen in Los Angeles.”

"One listen and I was hooked. Superb, intelligent, thought-provoking songs. Real songs for real people wrapped in melodies that, promise to capture, inspire and pull the listener in again and again. Songwriters of Lauren Adams' level are few and far between.

LAURIE JOULIE - Take Back Country Magazine

“Lauren Adams has A CD here that is infectious, the lyrics and sweet melodies along with some sweet slide work make you want to keep listening, a very well done recording.”