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The Lachy Doley Group / Press

"In my opinion, Lachlan Doley is one of the greatest keyboard players of any generation"

Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple Member) - Herald Sun

“Put simply, Lachy is a brilliant musician. His ability to weave his lyrics through his diverse instrumentation is nothing short of impressive - both live and on record. But live, his music is taken up a notch, as he's a brilliant performer, owning whichever stage he's on. And given the bands he's played with over the years - Jimmy Barnes, The Hands and Powderfinger to name a few - it's certainly a stage he's both comfortable and familiar with”

"A National Treasure"

Glenn A Baker - Live at Windsor Blues Festival

“7/10 Doley does a classy fare that uses soul as the starting point of each song but ventures into mainstream pop. Don't rule out Doley doing an Alex Lloyd-style breakthrough soon. ...”

Bernard Zuel - Sun Herald SYD

"Starting with an ironic vocoder intro, British la la las and a frantic lyrical delivery Lachlan manages to win me over pretty quickly with this novelty track. There's great advice for all ages in the excellent line "Unless you're Spongebob, Johnny Depp or the Fonz don't succumb to the pressure of the cool"

“Lachy Doley has created one of the most fun singles I’ve heard in ages with “Pressure of the Cool.” Make sure you take notice of the lyrics as you listen to this joyful pop anthem about being yourself, no matter how socially unacceptable that may be. In a world full of gloomy emo tunes this upbeat song is a real sunny spot.”

“If a bomb went off in Arcade Lane on Thursday night, the Australian music industry would have been a very different place. Head honchos from Warner Music as well as the A&R plus the managers of Jebediah and Grinspoon were at the venue to see Lachy Doley. The former Adelaide singer-songwriter/organ player has performed with the likes of Jimmy Barnes , Powderfinger and Karma Country in the past, and there's talk he's set for the big time in his own right. From the looks of his VIP guest list, it seems likely this will happen sooner not later!”