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Killgasm / Press

“Pure Brutality.”

Music Extreme Webzine

“Worship of all things Darkthrone but the unstoppable grind influence in the drums gives a slightly different angle for this tried and tested formula.”

Lurker's Path

“Fans of classics of the genre like Benümb and Plutocracy, but with the sicko-spazz influx of ASRA or Blöod Düster will get balls-deep into [Killgasm's] shitkickingness.”

Metal Maniacs

“A torrent of crusty blackened death/grind in the vein of like-minded lunatics Bestial Mockery.”

The Living Doorway

“Excellent slabs of violent blasting fury.”

E-Metal Reviews

“ There aren't many bands that play this style of metal and Killgasm seem to do it fairly well.”

Ancient Death 'zine

“The combination of thrashing black-metal with sudden eruptions of holocaustic noisegrind honestly gave me chills...Very alive and vicious.”

Vice Core Records

“Sounding like Anal Cunt meets Australia’s Abominator, Northern California’s Killgasm play pure unadulterated blackened noise.”

Pentagore Webzine

“Brutal and straight to the point, relatively catchy and always ready to be utterly loathesome to anyone or anything.”

Deathdoom Productions

“This band just blast and crash through these tunes with the fury of a pit bull.”

-Steve Forbes/Metal Core 'zine

“Some of the most abominable Christian-slaughtering, whore-fucking "blackened grind" that your ears will come across.”

Pure Metalocity

“Relatively catchy with memorable riffs, excellent hellish and blasting drums.”

Metal Revolution 'zine

“Like a fragment bomb mauling a schoolyard packed with kiddies.”

Unholy Cult Webzine