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Kill, Baby...Kill! AL / Press

“...boy it rocks! It's loud, aggressive and packed with energy and twang. All five songs are originals, and show that the members have listened to the classics, but have decided to give their songs a punk rock edge.”

“If Dick Dale is going to the beach, paddling out, and waiting for waves to come, this band is more like hopping in your Woody after a long day of surfing, and driving along some dark, winding coast road at 80 MPH. ”

“Maximum Rock n Roll issue number 339, August 2011 "So this is instrumental surf music from Alabama. At least the ocean-deprived surfers of Alabama have somewhere to congregate. This is actually as garage and punk as much as it is surf. Not unlike AGENT ORANGE when they break out the surf songs. This five songer is a fun summer time release" ”

RL - Maximum Rock N Roll Magazine

“What we have here is a five song extended EP with very fast-paced songs full of fuzz, quotes from classic horror films, and high-octane playing. This isn't Sleepwalk or Misirlou - this is more akin to The Cramps than Dick Dale. Award for "Creepiest Track" goes to "Suppose The Doomsday Cults Were Right?", with a beat you might catch in a slasher/exploitation film. My favorite track was saved for last with "Turn Your Insides Out" - a song made for driving fast in the dark with your windows down and the radio up. There's something very ominous about the song, which takes me back to my youth when I would crank Black Sabbath up to 11 on my stereo.”

“Sometimes They Come Back was produced by The Queers front-man Joe King, and the sound is clean, crisp and reverb heavy. All the tracks are energetic and my bet is that they put on a great live show. Kill, Baby…Kill! are able to retain your attention on an EP format, and it will be interesting to see if they can manage the same on a full length release. ”

“If you like mind-twisting surf music style mayhem, then you’ll love Kill, Baby…Kill out of Anniston, Alabama. “Fast-paced”, “hell-bent”, and “catchy” are the first words that came to my mind as soon as track 1 of their new cd “Sometimes They Come Back”. (Outlets for purchase or listening can be found at the end of this article.) An instrumental mix of screaming guitars, catchy beats, and powerful drumming is what gives this instrumental psycho-surf music it’s listening flair. This band is a MUST for anyone who…ahh, who am I kidding? This is a must for anyone who listens to any kind of music at any point in their lives. The sound had me wanting to go find the biggest wave in Hawaii and go surf whilst tappin’ my feet to an addicting beat. Even though there are no lyrics in the songs, there are words racing through my mind to give the best review humanly possible for Kill, Baby…Kill.”

“What’s the hell is going on in Alabama? That state has produced some of the most interesting surf-instrumental reverb minds around. One of the finest examples is Kill, Baby…Kill, the five-fingers of death in music form. Their debut recording, the EP titled SOMETIMES THEY COME BACK, is five tracks of high voltage instro music. It’s not just power surf; the prefix ‘mega’ can be applied with absolute sincerity.”

“-These guys have risen from the grave and are ready to rock. There’s nothing cliché about what they’ve done to get here and their debut EP, Sometimes They Come Back, which officially drops with a release party May 13 at the Smoking Moose, stands as testament to a band that won’t even let death get in the way...”

“After almost a year since first hearing about Kill,Baby..Kill! I am finally being treated to the finished official debut EP by these southern instro horehounds of near cult status.”