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Kailey Swanson / Press

“Watch her buzz worthy Yallwire video >> "Secret Suitcase" published on August 21, 2014 showcasing this intriguing singer-songwriter at her best, doing her darnedest to shake off the haunting vision of a past full of secrets.”

“Tuneful and tenacious, Kailey Swanson is an indie country artist whose songwriting is unabashedly gut wrenching and soul-searching, all at once. With the confidence and swagger usually reserved for her peers, as well as the hooks and the looks to turn heads, this humble songstress has hit pay dirt with her latest single "Secret Suitcase" and become a buzz worthy prospect in Music City. Mysterious and somewhat otherworldly, the phenomenal "Secret Suitcase" video showcases this intriguing singer-songwriter at her best, doing her darnedest to shake off the haunting vision of a past full of secrets.”

“Swanson may have begun her career in the spotlight as an actress, starring in The Legend of Beaver Dam among others, but it’s her music that she should be truly known for. Her latest single, ‘Secret Suitcase’, which I recently discovered on independent country video site Yallwire, is a haunting, dramatic, musical immersion, her ethereal and breathtakingly powerful vocals drifting above an eerie, folky instrumental section. Initially reminding of The Civil Wars, Kailey takes things one step further, developing the music into a full-bodied haunting rock blowout, electric guitar piercing through in a drone that ebbs away just as quickly as it crept up. Combined with lyrics that detail a heartache in a truly emotionally-charged, devastating, angry and lonesome way, the video adds to the song’s unfathomable mystery and curiosity, featuring slow motion day-to-day activities completed while running from a floating suitcase, holding her baggage and the past she is trying to escape f”

“There is so much joy when Kailey performs that we can’t help but smile.”

“Meet Kailey Swanson! Kailey has just released her newest single Country Love Song, and is set to take over the Nashville country music scene. You may recognize her from roles on Disney's "Kickin It", ABC's "Mixology" and the “The Legend Of Beaver Dam.”, but if not, don't feel bad ... we caught up with Kailey to find out everything you need to know.”

“This Country Dance Pop number certainly is an improvement on Billy Ray Cyrus` latest attempt at being a Rap artist, Kailey will have you holding up your skirt or hitching your thumbs in your braces at this Saturdays, Cowboy boots, line boogie bonanza!”

“If this is how Kailey Swanson does music videos, we'd like some more!”

““If you could only imagine a Disney princess playing amazing acoustic guitar, with a voice that made you want to dance throughout Disneyland, then Kailey would be her! She’s sweet as Cinderella, she’s got a belt in her voice that would make you think she could be the girl in Brave, and you know if Belle played a guitar, she would play it like Kailey. Welcome to the family, Kailey. We loved you as American Girl!” says Tish Ciravolo, President and founder of Daisy Rock Girl Guitars.”

“If this is how Kailey Swanson does music videos, we'd like some more! ”

“Kailey is excited to introduce her first official music video HOOKED. Featured in the video is Austin North, who is an actor best known for his roles on Disney Channel as ‘Holland’ on A.N.T. Farm / MutANT Farm 2 & for the role of ‘Ricky Weaver’ on Disney XD’s Kickin It. Kailey has also been on Disney XD’s “Kickin It” as well as the Sundance award winning horror musical “The Legend of Beaver Dam”. Kailey is excited to share her new original song “Hooked” music and lyrics by Kailey Swanson and Jill Krachmer.”

“If you havnt already heard of Kailey Swanson then get ready ! This young alternative country rocker has just released her first single ” Hooked ” which is available on I -Tunes.”

“If you haven’t heard the name Kailey Swanson by now, then get ready. The young artist has already made huge steps in both the acting and music world! Most recently, she’s released the music video for her latest song “Hooked,” and it features her friend and fellow actor Austin North.”