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JunRey Band / Press

“Please VOTE for our song "Terriblemente Enamorado" at the link that Is provided. WE NEED ALL THE VOTES WE CAN GET IN ORDER TO GET A CHANCE TO WIN & GO TO: THE LATIN BILLBOARD MUSIC AWARDS.....SHARE WITH ALL YOUR FRIENDS... VOTE---VOTE---VOTE--- VOTE---VOTE---VOTE---Leave us a comment THANKS!!!!! Thank you in advance and God Bless, Rey Sanchez ”

“When you are with a girl make sure you give her a good conversation and also make her laugh a lot. The Conversation is the lyrics and the laughter is the melody.Now, it's up to you to make the best and most beautiful song of your life.”

“In the music industry if you aré a struggling Musician you must take extraordinary meausures to make the DREAM God placed in your heart a reality. However, if you do the BASIC essentials.... God will do the imposible! Rey Sanchez, Jr JunRey Band”

"It's better to fail in originality that succeed in imitation"