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Jill Sissel / Press

"It was just another Friday night in Bowling Green and we had just finished dinner with a friend. As she rose to leave, she stated that she was meeting friends at Molly Shannon’s Irish Pub on Broadway to hear Jill Sissel. Her recommendations were so glowing that we decided to follow her over and to our surprise and delight we ended up staying most of the evening listening to this unique performer who was playing on the patio. I soon realized that I had to talk with her." see the complete interview on the published web site below.

“Her voice is soft and alluring, her guitar playing is solid, and her lyrics are evocative with a slightly playful undertone. To make that long story a bit shorter, Jill Sissel’s got it. The proverbial “it.” Not just talent—although she certainly has enough of that to go around—but a drive and earnestness that so many talented people seem to lack in today’s music industry. Just looking at the liner notes is enough to make me feel inadequate. Jill Sissel is the lead vocalist; she’s the guitarist (acoustic and electric); she plays the keyboard, the bass, the mandolin; she either wrote or co-wrote every song on the album. Is there anything she can’t do? ”

“CD - Love Knows No Distance - "The 10 songs on this CD are all co-written by this multi-talented artist. Sissel has a warm, sexy voice and sets the tone of the album with the title song. She also gets to show off her guitar pickin' skills on every track as well as her other instrumental talents.”

“I Googled, “Jill Sissel!” WOW! Six pages of info choices immediately slapped me in the face! She is an incredibly talented and prolific music machine! She does it all. I learned quickly (YouTube never lies) that Jill is an accomplished blues guitarist.”

“Music Row, Robert K. Oermann Single Review for "Love Knows no Distance" written by Jill Sissel (ASCAP) and Steve Bigler (BMI). It's a little under produced, but the song has a cool hook and the wha-wha electric guitar behind her "dry" vocal is teasing and wonderfully ear-catching.”