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James Durst / Press

“Superb. An excellent international repertoire of songs and a wonderful stage presence. The audience, ranging from school children to emeriti professors, was enthralled. (He) truly convey(s) the richness of diverse cultures and of humanity around the world.”

Martha Hamilton-Phillips - College of William & Mary, Williamsburg VA

“A sensitive melodist. ”

New Age Magazine

“…A time machine, taking me back to the era in which we all believed with such a vengeance in peace and truth and beauty.”

Amanda McBroom - Singer/Composer, 'The Rose'

“Words fail to come which express adequately my gratitude for your gift of song. If it was just the songs, it might be easier, but you offer much more. The phrase ‘the singing of our lives’ comes to mind. You sing our highest hopes and profoundest joys and we come to know our lives in a deeper way.”

Bruce Robertson - The Institute of Cultural Affairs, Los Angeles

“A fine voice, a nice collection of songs and a great sense of presentation. Worth braving the weather for what we heard.”

The Straits Times, Singapore

“Poets are reference points in a sometimes confusing journey through life. They tell us that life is worth living, for laughing, for loving, for singing! James Durst is a poet. It was very reassuring to experience his refreshingly honest personality and music.”

Allen Hovey - Monday Morning, Beirut

“A talented entertainer of no little range and versatility. His sometimes funny, more often poignant songs of other lands were always fascinating. Their ultimate message of peace and understanding left a warm impression of this delightful artist.”

Don Anderson - Winnipeg Free Press