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Iszoloscope / Press

“9/10 : iszoloscope has found the perfect equation with his new album "the audient void". earlier work could mostly be divided into either noise or drones. releases such as "aquifére" and "les gorges des limbes" are more located in the ambient sector, while albums like "coagulating wreckage" and "au seuil de nèant" could be put in a more rhythmic region. on this latest release we get to enjoy both extremes and in such a perfect combination, that "the audient void" has become a beautiful and intense album. delightfully dark and oppressing, but with at the same time very challenging beats and breaks. it's also very surprising to hear that often in one and the same track the soundtrack-like moods and the thumping rhythms are both present. yann faussurier's latest outburst comes with beautiful and very matching artwork. [...] with iszoloscope's "the audient void" ant zen brings us the perfect album for those dark, lonely and cold winter nights to come.”

“They sound “non organic” to me, difficult to define: alien. Sometimes some seem to tend to metallic sonorities or like some electric devices, but they don’t remind much actual ones. Many frequencies from low to high are represented, many sounds, from abrasive ones to really smooth ones. Stereo effect is also used, but with moderation. The whole sounds complex, changing, hypnotizing, with a complex structure, with quite short loops, often changed, combined and repeated further in the track. Many effects and subtle changes are hiding all along the tracks. Such a dense music deserves more than a listening to be fully appreciated. At the first listening, it may sound obscure, difficult to grasp, although supplying efficiently a unique dark, cold, but “vibrating” atmosphere. Feelings of loneliness, darkness, oppression, but also, energy, “heat”, depth, space are created.”

“Iszoloscope's 5th album doesn't dissapoint. The angry, noisey beats from 2003's Au Seuil Du Neant and the creepy dark ambience from 2004's Les Gorges Des Limbes have been brought together to form The Audient Void. Blending the styles of the past worked out pretty well for Iszo on this outing. The beats seem to be a little more electronic this time around which give this album a dance appeal never before found in a Iszoloscope record. The voice samples are still here... but are very minimal this time around - often beginning the track out and then not to be heard again (which usually they appear through-out the tracks in Iszo songs). Bottom line is, if you enjoy Iszoloscope and were possibly wondering what he could cook up next... well hear you have it... The Audient Void”