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“Rock music isn’t a genre that a significant number of African-American artists experiment with, especially when they already have a background in gospel, R&B and rap. However, Jerroll “J. Chris” Christopher is breaking the mold with his band Harvest Mill.”

"Everybody’s jumping into rap, because they think it’s a means to make money and they don’t understand even rap takes work,” he said. “No matter what you do, you’re going to have to work at it. I want black kids to get more involved [in genres other] than just rap and R&B. I want them to start seeing that there’s more music out there...there are different things that we can do. We don’t all have to strive to be Lil’ Wayne. You can strive to be your own person.”

“Oscar Wilde once wrote, "If you give a man a mask then he would be able to tell you the truth." J. Chris wears many masks. Maybe that is why his truth is so profound. Born in the old Naval Hospital in Millington, TN, the doctors found themselves in awe of a kid's heartbeat that mimicked a drummer's pattern. It was official, music was this boy's heart. The doctor's were concerned at first only to realize the boy was healthy and strong.”