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Halogen Records / Press

“All Apologies Before we continue, I would like to take a moment to apologize for something I wrote recently that has the local hip-hop community up in arms, and justifiably so. Two weeks ago, in pimping a Higher Ground Ballroom appearance by Immortal Technique, I wrote a spotlight blurb playing with the thug stereotype often associated with rap and hip-hop. Essentially, I attempted to cheekily suggest that jail time boosts a rapper’s street cred, which drew the ire of certain MCs in the 802 who accused me of “clowning” the entire genre. Hoo boy.”

“Straight Outta Locash Nothing boosts your hip-hop cred like jail time. Freshly released from a six-month stint in the clink, rising underground hip-hop star Immortal Technique is ready to reclaim the mantle he set aside as one of the genre’s more philosophical and socially conscious voices. The Saturday, Tech returns to the Higher Ground Ballroom with longtime collaborator DJ GI Joe, Mohammad Dangerfield and local comers DJ A-Dog and Nastee, and BURNTmd. ”

“As New Owl Studios CD Featuring Snoop Dogg, George Clinton & Others is Readied, The Legendary Headhunters Announce U.S. Tour “A true fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Rap, Salsa, Rock, New Orleans, African rhythm and its classical forms"”

“Be a part Vermont’s “party of the summer” at the eighth annual Festivus, “THE MANIFESTIVUS” from July 9-10, 2010 in Cabot,VT. The “forward thinking, groove-heavy” (Jambase) Toubab Krewe based in Asheville, NC will perform both nights with an additional Toubab and Friends performance on Saturday. Friday night will also include a rare backwoods performance by Common. Other performers include John Brown’s Body, Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, DJ Ben Arsenal,Sarazino, Bajah and The Dry Eyed Crew, DJ DonP,D’Moja, Japhy Ryder, Casio Bastard, Rough Francis, and more. ”

“Philadelphia Slick, DJ GI Joe, The Problemaddicts, DJ DB Cooper and Malbourne the MC all hit the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge stage in South Burlington this Friday. The show is presented by Halogen Records, Turn it up Promotions, and Sound Syndicate ”

“Halogen Media have a big ol’ hip-hop hootenanny at the Higher Ground Showcase Lounge this Friday with Philadelphia Slick, DJ GI Joe, The Problemaddicts, Natural Ingredients, DJ DB Cooper and Malbourne the MC. Word. (Resolution #4: Catch a Halogen show one of these days.)”

“PORK CHOP SANDWICHES Montpelier’s Halogen Records has made quite a name for itself this year.”

“Erin McDermott and the Dixie Red Delights, Bear Hoot Album Review ”