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“TOTAL BISING COMPILATION VOL.3/ January 2013 Screwrot (Israel), Imperium (Mexico), Gotsu Totsu Kotsu (Japan), Gore Instinct, Dead Carnations, Exaleips, Detritivor, Immense, And more...”

Compilation - Gore Instinct

“XXXMAS GORE COMPILATION (Noisy And Nasty Ways To Make Santa Suffer)/ December 2012 Visceral Decay, No One Gets Out Alive, Cum Book, Gore Instinct, Guttural Slug, Whore Torture, To Decay, And more... Infected Toilet Records (Finland) ”

Infected Toilet Records (Finland) - Gore Instinct

“PASUKAN JIHAD COMPILATION online #4/ December 2012 Inhuman Remnants (Australia), Dead Carnations, Cardiac Necropsy (Singapura), Raped By Pigs (Peru), Despise The Sun (USA), Before I Die, Gore Instinct, Hellskuad, Bernadeath, Exaleips, And more...”

Pasukan JIhad Compilation - Gore Instinct

“7-way split/ December 2012 "SLAMMING BRUTALITY SESSION vol. 1" Vomit Disease (Germany), Vulvectomy (Italy), Genital Mutilation (Germany), Gore Instinct (Indonesia), Gutrectomy (Germany), Nephrectomy (USA/Russia), Incivility Regurgitated (Italy)... Goreruption Netlabel (Germany)”

Goreruption Netlabel - Gore Instinct

“BGMK COMPILATION ONLINE/ November 2012 Digging Up, Humiliation, Sundality, Gore Instinct, Khasarath, Refuse, Devormity, Stigmatuary, Bengal, Between, And more... ”

Compilation - Gore Instinct

“PROMOTIONAL DEMO/ May 2012 1. Syphilis Sickness of Torture 2. My Special Sperm Self-released.”

Self-released - Gore Instinct

“And early november 2012 we officially joined the Germany label Morbid Generation Records and Rebirth The Metal Productions to release our EP in 2013 entitled "Invasion Of The Body Slammer" with the contents of six shit on it, of course with a new song material, new voice, new sound, and of course lots of SLAM..”

“INVASION OF THE BODY SLAMMER CD/April 2013 OUT NOW : www.rebirththemetal.de.vu / www.morbidgeneration.de via Rebirth The Metal Productions (Germany)”