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Fash Stewart / Press

“A rising star in the country scene”

The Courier

“A poet in the mould of Leonard Cohen”

Adrian Goldberg, BBC 5 Live

“A man of parts”

Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

“Fash Stewarts music feels real or honest and i love that... i think we all need it today. ”

Alana Grace, Columbia Records recording artist

“A big hit every time”

Ewen Sutherland, Perthshire Amber Festival

“Fash's correlation between country music and country values is seductive”

Rob Ellen, The Medicine Show


Gina McKie, 102.5 Clyde 1

“Fash brought some reflective moments to the evening reminding us of who we’ve loved and lost in life, but he still knows how to make us laugh in a sad situation. His sudden arrival in the blues jam brought with it some strange animal noises with a funny note or two.”

The Face

“You could start by saying that Fash Stewart is a country/folk singer, songwriter, musician, entertainer – but you could save a lot of effort by just calling him a force of nature ”

Malcolm Harris, MHPR


Scottie McClue, L107 top talk & top tunes