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F&M / Press

"The arrangements are sophisticated pop at it's finest. The plaintive guitar stroll of "Bell's Own Desire" has a timeless quality to it. The Rebecca-sung "Swan Song Serenade" is an elegantly crooned piano number. "The Singer Gets It Right" boasts the gravitas of a U2 song (think "All I Want Is You"), without any of the pomp and arrogance that goes along with it. It may not be party music, but Sincerely, F&M is a solid choice for almost any other listening occasion."

"Their music works because it examines themes that every adult faces in life and the depiction of the couple’s experiences comes off as authentic and haunting. F&M are a band that won’t stay a secret for very long."

"Edmonton duo Rebecca and Ryan Anderson are a cutie-patootie couple with their folk-pop hearts in the right place. Their winsome new recording, Sincerely, F&M, comes with the most unusual of liner notes: Each song is paired with a wine suggestion. Take that, Metallica."

"I've been a big fan of the band's litterate style for a number of years so, if like me, you sometimes like your pop with an adult message and some food for thought, this is definitely the place to be."

“Becky and Ryan create something so different that you have to sit up and take notice ... Where Ryan is darkness. Becky is light. Together they make a listening experience that you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else.”

“They hit me like a very gentle and sincere steam-train, but hit me they did.”

“Every Light Must Fade is going to be a difficult experience for some; it's not clean and easy to listen to, but it's a robust artistic statement on mortality, done in the fumbling awkward terms in which we tend to address the subject. Are you up for a challenge?”

“At times the band doesn’t raise their voices above whispers. At times the subdued lead guitar sears. Their songs are always intelligent reflections of life.”

“... wowing audiences ... with an intimate set of touching and thoughtful folk/rock songs... The band ... combines folk ballads with alt rock sounds that draw comparison to The National.”

“[Every Light Must Fade] is an overwhelming aesthetic beautiful gift.... F&M's art/style is something that needs to be guarded like a treasure - for one's entire life.”

Stfan Reis - Main Echo, GERMANY

“every light must fade is a body of work that matures with each play... each song strengthens and nuances shed skins with each listen.”

“F&M have just reminded us what finely crafted adult pop is all about -- not in the schmaltzy easy-listening radio sense, not in the big power notes and diva personalities of mainstream contemporary music, but in the thoughtful, emotional power of true musical storytelling.”

"F&M takes the more difficult but more fulfilling route . . . the power of the music is not in what is there, but rather in what is hidden in the spaces between the notes."

Eden Munroe - VUE Weekly

"Delicate and smooth"

The Edmonton Journal

"F&M's sound is sweet but their verses may surprise you"

SEE Magazine

"After I heard F&M for the first time, "Liesl's Song" and "Dial H for Help" are playing as two endless relaxing loops in my car."

Stefan Reis - Main-Echo Magazine, Germany

“Every Light Must Fade exists on a different plane of reality; one where polish overcomes brash noise, where folk-pop becomes ambience, and where F&M flirt with per-fection.”

"Each show brings more and more of a crowd; each performance solidifies F&M as one of Western Canada’s top artists, set to take on the world."

Brent Oliver, Talent Buyer, Keystone Music

"A way between Beck and Leonard Cohen...beautiful melodies charm with infinite depth."

Stadt Magazine, Germany

"focused and true to the soul of their songs"

VUE Weekly

"great expressive range!"

CBC Radio, Key of A

"If the rest of the music scene seems more concerned with pumping out the party hooks, F&M are still studiously crafting their own brand of cerebral melodies…. and stripping the music down to its most basic, heart-wrenching core.”

““a rare band . . . From upbeat and a matter of force and emotion, to soft spoken and ethereal. The musicianship is a pleasure to watch and i go away from each performance feeling lucky and happy to expose new groups of patrons to their sound.... Reminding me why it is i love live music."”

Daniel Huber , Entertainment Manager - O'Byrnes Group