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Fairy Bones / Press

“Eerie and raw, Fairy Bones goes full American Horror Story with this track, from their crowdfunded, soon-to-be-released album Dramabot. Singer Chelsey Louise wails something powerful, and the band provides tasteful guitar lines, pounding drums, and beckoning bass lines as backdrop. It's the sort of track you could hear during a scene in a horror movie, when the evil serial killer is slowly overtaking its wounded soon-to-be victim.”

“With only 4 songs, The Fairy Bones EP is a short listen. The band seems to have masterfully packed in a statement as to who and what Fairy Bones is. New listeners will easily be blown away by Chelsey's (singer) powerful voice and find themselves bobbing along from start to finish.”

“The four stunning songs on Valley band Fairy Bones' debut EP pack a sonic wallop worthy of any national (or international) act you'd care to name. "Like Like" should be on everybody's shortlist for best single of the year.”

“If No Doubt hadn’t started out as big fans of Madness, they might have sounded like Fairy Bones by the time they got to Tragic Kingdom. Vocalist Chelsey Louise bounces all over their self-titled debut EP, but “Like Like,” the first single, distills their sharp edges into two thrilling minutes.”

“After it ends, the only logical thing to do is to hit repeat. In a world where there’s little original material left in music, The Fairy Bones EP restores faith that music can still be a beautiful, powerful and ultimately incredible thing.”

“Chelsey Louise is a goddamned firecracker on stage and the band supports her histrionics and indulgences with smiles, grins and a furious garage groove.”

“And did I mention that I love this band live? Their like this adorable family of miscreat elves. Or, excuse me, Fairies. Whatever you prefer. And they will rock the roof off the house every single time… even if they’re tired, or sick, or it’s their second show of the night, or all three at once.”

“[They are] quickly become one of the brightest up and coming bands in the Phoenix music scene, and they hope that their upcoming EP will not only help continue their rapid momentum, but will also fully capture the powerful live sound that’s drawn such praise from those in the local music community.”

“Fairy Bones might have just formed earlier this year but already they’ve amassed a strident following. If you’ve seen them live you should totally understand why. Fairy Bones is fierce and much of that has to do with fiery frontwoman Chelsey Louise.”

“Fairy Bones is a four piece band fronted by powerhouse vocalist, Chelsy Louise. Louise’s vocals boast an impressive range with unique inflections which suits the harder indie rock group. She is a natural performer who doesn’t have to force it and the rest of the band is conscious enough to let her take center stage.”