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Digital Distribution, How to Get Music on iTunes

Take your music to the next level. Get on iTunes. Get discovered. Get paid. Let fans find, stream, and download your music from their favorite store. You'll get a check, all of your rights, and 100% of your royalties.

Get Your Music on iTunes Today
Direct Line To Your Fans

Your fans are online. They're buying and streaming music online from stores like iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Spotify and Google. When you distribute your music with ReverbNation, you will not only get on iTunes, you will gain exclusive access to over 40 stores around the world.

What You'll Get

You will get on iTunes and access to over 40 of the hottest stores. Up to 50 tracks per album. Marketing tools. Trending reports. And reporting sales to Nielsen SoundScan. See the chart below for more information

How to Get a Song on iTunes

Whether you want to release a single or multiple albums, with ReverbNation you can learn how to put your song on iTunes. We'll never ask for a cut of your royalties or any of your rights.

"...everything i wanted for the lowest price. Add on the free promotional tools, and I've got the complete package of being a recording artist without the label obligations. I wouldn't be where I am without ReverbNation and the Digital Distribution premium serive."
— J. Whitman

ReverbNation Pro
for Maximum Exposure
ReverbNation Essentials
Number of Stores 40+ 30+
Price per Year $59.95 $34.95
Built-In Marketing Tools Yes! Yes!
Free Trending Reports Yes! Yes!
Sales Reported to SoundScan * Yes! Yes!
iTunes (US) YES YES
iTunes (Aus/NZ) YES YES
iTunes (Canada) YES YES
iTunes (UK/Europe) YES YES
iTunes (Japan) YES YES
iTunes (Mexico) YES YES
iTunes (Asia) YES YES
iTunes (South Africa) YES YES
Google Play YES YES
Amazon MP3 YES YES
Spotify YES YES
eMusic YES YES
Rdio YES  
Last.fm YES YES
Zune (Musiwave) YES YES
Rhapsody YES YES
Myspace Music YES YES
Medianet (Aggregator) YES YES
 Pasito Tunes YES YES
 La Curacao YES YES
 Synacor YES YES
 playlist.com YES YES
 Myxer YES YES
 Various other stores** YES  
24-7 Entertainment (Aggregator) YES  
 Play.com YES  
 Media Markt YES  
 Various other stores** YES  
7 Digital (Aggregator) YES YES
 Guvera YES YES
 Puretracks YES  
 Virgin Mobile Canada YES YES
 Virgin Mega YES YES
 Slacker YES YES
 Various other stores** YES YES
Deezer YES YES
Aspiro YES YES
Nielsen Soundscan YES YES
We7 YES  
Nokia YES  
Get Your Music on iTunes Today

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