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Dave Weld and The Imperial Flames / Press

““The Chicago native slide guitarist, singer, songwriter, bandleader and JB Hutto protégé has spent most of his life playing countless gigs in divey bars, toiling in the trenches of the blues…displays the same earnest, honest, unvarnished approach that won my adoration when I saw him years ago…joyous romp through the many faces of the blues...danceable groove behind Dave’s relaxed tenor…Jeff Taylor shuffles like a mutha, keeps time like a watch…his smooth spot on vocal treatment remind me of classic Johnny guitar Watson…the nicest surprise is singer Monica Mhyre...”Talk dirty” with a kittenish growl, if you liked Lou Ann Barton give Monica listen…spot on intonation great phrasing and a dose of moxy…Dave’s tribute to his mother (Donnie Lee)..this is some deep blues…Lil’ Ed careens at breakneck speed, proceeds to light his guitar on fire… I can’t get enough of Monica…teardrops were falling from Dave’s guitar….Dave this was well worth the wait”…”

Liz Mandville - Chicago Blues Guide

““ he’s played gigs with J.B Hutto…Weld’s blues are as heartfelt and pure as that slide maestro’s… he’s not capable of turning out anything contrived. The jangling rhythm on “She’s mine” is life-affirming…”Ramblin” is, at the same time clean and dirty…tenor saxophonist Abb Locke delivers a solo…uptown and greasy…as Stanley Turrentine. Myhre’s voice has a telling element of sass…it’s a whole lot more than declaiming…she doesn’t have any of those irritating affectations…she gets the message across. He and his band hit the spot—which on the basis of “Burnin’ love”, is second nature to them. ”

Nic Jones - All-about-jazz

““On this CD, Weld returns as strong as ever as a songwriter and guitarist. He shows why, despite being less well known, he is one of the best practitioners of the Chicago Blues. This is Chicago Blues at it’s boogie best! …Abb Locke, who has played with everybody from Buddy Guy to Magic Sam ,blows a powerful solo… The sound is tight ...it is possible to imagine that it is a lifetime ago…playing for $5 a night and the glory of the blues. Dave Weld and Ed Williams are two distinct guitarists and songwriters. But together they are magic…we should thank the great Delmark label.. ”

Tom Callahan - Blurt-online

““Using a metal slide, the guitarist draws on lessons learned from the great JB Hutto, and makes his emanations of power and energy ever so purposeful…Abb Locke is a true Chicago Blues hero!!”… ”

Frank-John Hadely - Downbeat Magazine

““His latest release on Delmark records brings Dave and his fantastic band to the forefront of contemporary blues…Dave Weld learned his lessons from “uncle JB” and Hound Dog Taylor well. His joyous, soulful slide playing and vocals keep the traditions of the legends alive, and “Burnin’ love” makes for quite an enjoyable listen”… ”

Sheryl and Don Crow - Nashville Blues Society

““it is some great original stuff! Weld is so adept in his songwriting style telling vivid stories which he sing with great gusto. Myhre (Monica) harmonizes with Weld nicely here and Weld’s guitar just blows you away with the solos. Taylors vocals…showcase his smooth, suave and cool vocal style. Myhre (Monica) fronts the band… which sounds pretty darn cool… shows off her inspired, sultry voice…Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames are a hot inspired blues band worthy of broader acclaim. This is a fine CD done ins the Chicago style with great vocals, guitar and sax. I highly recommend it!!”… ”

Steve Jones - Crossroads Blues Society

““A hot sax player such as Abb Locke indicates that…the party is going to start. Tribute should be paid to the rhythm section, Jeff Taylor on drums, Dave Kaye on bass who bring in some groove,,,Monica Myhre contributes to buttress...Locke starts blowing seriously, Dave Weld who plays wild and raucous solos adding that taste of unvarnished all good Blues records need…set the tone of a more than decent, if not ground-breaking Chicago Blues release”… ”

Luca Lupoli - IL Blues

““Dave works fine on this Chicago Style material…strong sax solo… a real fret burning solo from Dave…Jeff takes lead on the vocals on both of his compositions and does a good job…two tracks feature Monica Myhre on lead vocals, both her own…the variety of vocalists is a strong plus for the cd...harmony vocals from Monica which add…strong sax, guitar…an excellent comeback album for Dave.. ”

John Mitchell - Blues Blast Magazine

““…shearing juiced up guitar… Weld is a graduate of Chicago’s classic slider schools: that of JB Hutto…recreating the buzz of razor wire wildly whipping off its spool. Expectedly, “Burnin’ love is a party. The prominence of Abb Locke’s legendary sax, along with added singing from Monica Garcia and drummer Jeff Taylor helps to better temper the steel on steel romp through originals… he(Weld) makes good on hollering out joys (She’s mine) and their flipside sorrows (She’s lyin’) like his slide slashing barker of a role model (JB Hutto)”… ”

Dennis Rozanski - Bluesrag

““Its been a long time coming…a very strong new CD…the musicianship is excellent throughout. The vocals (four different leads) are also top tier. Add some great guests like Harry Yaseen on piano, Lil’ Ed on rhythm guitar, lead vocals on one track, and this CD is one great comeback for Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames!! Welcome back!”!... ”

Billy Rose - Independent Midwest Music

““…tough slide...with a sharp Chicago band that includes the incredible Abb Locke on sax and original music that delves deep into the Chicago slide mystique. Weld plays intense slide, the band contributes on all levels…a fine little album….” ”

Jim White - BlueNotes

““Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames comb are one of the hardest working, longest running, and most talented Windy City blues bands around…kinetic saxophonist, Abb Locke, Art Hodes protégé Harry Yaseen on piano, Dave Kaye on bass, live wire drummer Jeff Taylor and delightfully raucous vocalist Monica Garcia…she soulfully channels Etta James…longtime friend, band mate, and Alligator artist Lil Ed… marvelously aggressive…boisterously strident…Two thumbs up! ”

Gary Van Tersch - Sing Out

““Approaching 60 years of age is nothing for bluesman Dave Weld. He is the definition of perseverance and poise.. he sat at the foot of the learning tree of great slide man JB Hutto. The finished product is literally an inspired example of great Blues music. Every track was inspired... great call and response going with Weld’s vocals and Abb Lockes saxophone…fantastic slide solo…firey guitar solos…will draw a smile across your face…cleaver songwriting...Monica Myhre gets down...a fantastic rhythm section…”Burnin love soars…Dave Weld and the Imperial Flames keep their momentum from start to finish… turned in a fantastic record...Bob Koester..Delmark Records, have done us all a great service by releasing this CD… ”

““Burnin’ love is a raucous monster…Weld performs wonderfully wild guitar…their sweet vocal harmonies are as animated as Weld’s wicked and rockin’ slide guitar. (Monica’s) “Talk Dirty” is equally suited for a sultry blues diva…here Myhre displays her burly pipes. Weld cut his teeth with Hutto and has a long standing relationship with Lil ED, but Weld is no mere copycat of his mentor or colleague. If you ever wondered what houserockin ’music sounds like, listen to “Burnin’ love”…”

Tim Holek - Living Blues