Dave Logan / Press

"To watch Dave Logan become frontman to the Dave Logan Band, break out with a setlist of original music and a beautifully recorded and packaged debut album is akin to watching a puffy summer cloud blow up into a giant Monsoon storm".

"2010 Best New Music in Flagstaff"

Ryan Heinsius - FlagLive

“It’s not often that an artist’s debut release paints an adequate picture of his talent. On Dave Logan’s Outside Looking In, this happens to be the case. With descriptive lyrics and impressive musical accompaniment, the 11-track album grabs the listener wholeheartedly, as he paints a vivid picture of everything he sees. Whether it be a relationship, death, or spirituality, his colorful lyrics and emotion-filled vocals adequately get his stories across. The album offers much to listeners, whether they look for jazz, blues, rock or pop numbers. Logan’s familiar singing style brings to mind fellow singer-songwriter/guitarist John Mayer. With his soaring electric guitar interludes one would go so far as to assume that Mayer is in fact playing on the tracks. An impressive debut, one only wonders what the future holds for this musician. Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)”