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Das Muerte / Press

“Now for “All Those Delicate Cuts,” the latest track off their new record EP 2, Das Muerte have enlisted Los Angeles director and photographer Phil Mucci, he of past music videos for Pig Destroyer, High On Fire, Korn, Opeth, and Stone Sour.”

“Boston-based quartet Das Muerte exhibit a quirky sense of heaviness on their five-track offering Byzantium. Armed with a sound similar to the collaboration between Mike Patton and Dillinger Escape Plan some years back, this troupe defies convention while keeping an angular sense of aggression at the forefront of their assault. Balancing unorthodox free form atmospherics with a hearty helping of alternative metal might, this outfit administers the cerebral beatdown that challenges the brain as much as the body.”

“Das Muerte play an intense, adrenaline fueled hard rock that seems to have come out of nowhere. They’ve somehow been flying under the radar for a bit here in Boston, but hot damn are they a force to be reckoned with. They work whatever style or genre of music that strikes their fancy even a little bit into the mix, creating an unpredictable sound that cuts across category lines like only great songs can.”

“The next thirty minutes of music is chaotic, schizophrenic, and at times, very confusing, but I enjoy all of it. Every musical change they play seems to carry a need to be elsewhere, forcing them in mid-thought to leave unfinished ideas behind and move onto a new adventure.”

"Maniacal" is an apt descriptive when it comes to Das Muerte. Read more: http://thephoenix.com/boston/music/142821-between-rock-and-a-hard-place-with-das-muerte/#ixzz23kLYY4DL

“This stylish gem from Boston's DAS MUERTE unexpectedly dropped from the sky over the weekend, and after maybe a dozen views this afternoon, I'm still fairly mesmerized by it all. All I can think about is Sam "Ace" Rothstein standing in front of the Tangiers in Casino, shaking his head slowly and whispering "Byzantium" over and over. This might be the most un-Boston music video from a Boston band we've ever seen. And it arrives at the perfect time, as Phoenix music writer Michael Christopher has been raving about these hard rock dudes for some time now, and we've responded to the video by sending out an APB on any future shows around town. "Best new band we heard of," MC tells me over the interwebs. "Seriously - shit is wow." While we might not call Das Muerte a "new" band, we're glad it's finally on our radar. This certainly calls for an awesome video alert, that's for sure.”