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Dan Kennedy / Press

“Dan has some very tasty pieces on this 10-song September 2012 release INTUITION; pieces like ''Could Be'' stand out as particularly notable . . . some very nice piano there, mixed with plenty of other instruments to attract and hold your ears. If you're looking for something a bit more upbeat (almost in the rock vein), you'll enjoy ''Redline,'' to be sure. My personal favorite tune on the CD was ''Troubadour'' . . . a full sense of adventure prevails and will keep this tune on your playlists for a good amount of time in the future. I give Dan and his musical crew a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with an ''EQ'' (energy quotient) rating of 4.96.”

“Dan Kennedy has crafted a magnificent album with Intuition. Each member of his musical team has added their fullest measure of talent and given this album a vibrant feeling that you don’t always see in a New Age instrumental recording. More contemporary instrumental with improvisational flair, this album is a trip to the spa, elegant and inspiring and full of refreshing vigor. I highly recommend it to those who want a peaceful interlude that brings warmth to the soul. [5 stars]”

“Kennedy, in a hurry to awaken, prompts us to face the sun and feel the breath of the world…Somewhere between its organic emotion and its bright expression lies, in my opinion, the reason for the success of this album: his creative power, which did not go unnoticed by critics and the audience, which included a unanimous Top 10 Best New Age release of 2012. Ten being the sacred number of the album, because it contains exactly ten very strong and beautiful compositions, each of which you, the fans of good music, will like.”

““….a thoroughly enjoyable and instantly accessible mixture of light, friendly jazz and introspective acoustic solo piano pieces….Produced by the estimable Corin Nelsen, Intuition presents a more varied collection of sounds and moods across its ten tracks than one usually hears in this sub-genre [Contemporary Instrumental]…Whether he is sharing the spotlight with guest stars or going solo, Dan Kennedy hits all the right notes on this delightful musical assortment.””

“Dan Kennedy, who began his career playing improvisational piano music in coffee shops, delivers a wonderfully diverse atmosphere on his newest release Intuition. Produced by GRAMMY Award-winning Corin Nelsen, Dan Kennedy's sensational Intuition conveys his forte with creating an upbeat, rhythmic brand of contemporary music in classic fashion. [awarded: Top 10 New Age Albums in 2012]”

“The ten tracks on this album present an eclectic mix of jazz, rock and new age genres, clearly demonstrating Kennedy's diverse composing styles. The album was produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Grammy-winning Corin Nelsen, who is becoming a legend in his own right! Some of the pieces are solo piano and others are for piano and ensemble…I really like "Jade," with its gentle flow and graceful, dreamy mood…"Intuition" should go a long way to bringing Dan Kennedy's music the attention it deserves. Recommended. ”

“In general, the supporting instruments on the album provide just the right amount of flavor to spice up the arrangements without overpowering the piano, which is the main course. I really like the way that the various elements, jazz in particular, are integrated into the music, giving it the ability to appeal to a wider audience. As well received as Dan's "Lantern" CD was, including airplay on Sirius XM Satellite Radio, I believe that this new release shows even greater potential. "Intuition" is a multi-faceted album that sparkles with the talent of a promising instrumentalist.”

“Dan Kennedy's Intuition extends far beyond a simple gut feeling and reveals a sophisticated sensibility to his eclectic instrumental compositions. The rhythmic energy throughout the album is punctuated by world-class players accompanying Dan's piano and intertwines elements of jazz and blues into a new age base. From infectious foot-tapping to nostalgia-inspiring melodies he has followed his heart with this new work.”

“[Kennedy] displays some blues and jazz influences that come as a pleasant surprise and add depth and texture... ”

Casey Hayman, Reviewer - Local Buzz

“Dan Kennedy's music brings joy and light. It is bright like a butterfly which flies on its weightless wings from one beautiful flower to another on the lush summer meadow.”

“My faves are EASY LIVING, COULD BE and AT THE BEGINNING…Really lovely. ”

Will Ackerman - Imaginary Road Studios, Windham County, VT

“From the very first rapid G notes on the first track you can hear and feel Dan Kennedy's piano skills. The Steinway is played with identity, giving each song a special touch; youthful and mature at the same time... ”

“Both of Dan's albums have gone Top 100 on the ZMR (Zone Music Reporter) Charts. ”

“A wonderful way to calm the mind and soothe the soul, in the finest tradition of the Windham Hill label.”

Chris Lindquist, Director - The Westfield Athenaeum