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“SYRE Singer Joins DAMN PIGEON Rock Hard Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 at 22:14:58 EST Doug Weir of SYRE fame has joined Canadian hard-rock band DAMN PIGEON. They've written some new songs and are very pleased to announce the release of a new album, Re-Coop. Based out of St. Thomas, Ontario, this versatile five-piece guitar-rock outfit is following up their 2010 debut Dismal Reviews with this new album featuring twelve original songs. While perhaps best described as hard guitar-rock, the band has a delightful capacity to surprise, and an unapologetic tendency to bend genres. Doug Weir is best known for his work as lead vocalist for Syre, a Canadian hard-rock band on A&M Records in the eighties and nineties. He's provided backing vocals for several HELIX albums, as well as worked on a number of charity albums.”

“This rockin' tight band understands the emotional power and complexity of dissonance, of angry harmony. In between their slick tight grooves, you will find those treasured 'bad' notes, the intervals Frank Zappa described as 'mean' when he first listened to Edgar Varese as a teenager. There are large brains hidden under the hood of this sonic hot rod.”

Omnesia, Artist - ReverbNation

“There are no " Excuses " not to play this song list.The whole page simply rocks.You could end up feeling " Guilty " if you don't play them all.”

The Fabulous Del Counts, Artists - ReverbNation

“Compelling, well-crafted compositions supported by superior performance and production!”

Kerry Leigh, Artist - ReverbNation

“That's some Damn Pigeon stuff bullseyeing my speakers right now. Blindly is amazing. Great progressions. That bass is crunchy, punchy and on target. The vocal is its typical wild self.”

Howard Lawrence, Artist, RN - ReverbNation

“Damn Pigeon has persevered through plenty of turmoil, and overcome any obstacles put in its way. The group writes and plays together like it's second nature. Amazing sound! Bends in the prog-metal direction, but whatever they're doing they're doing it with style and professionalism. "Excuses" and "The Lamb" are as good as anything on RN.”

Howard Lawrence, Artist - ReverbNation

“If you’re looking for a great band that puts on an awesome show, I highly recommend Damn Pigeon !!”

“King Minion is honored to have the band Damn Pigeon from St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada on the show. You heard their song “Dismal Reviews”. I have total praise for this very proficient and professional sounding band. No dismal reviews from this King. Remember the days when bands started out playing cover songs then progressed into their own material yet retaining the musical ambience of the great rock artists that influenced them. That is Damn Pigeon. Read their bio on Reverbnation. The evolution of Damn Pigeon since 1991 is a testament to the human and musical spirit that lives on in all of us. Life has a way of challenging musicians yet Damn Pigeon rose to meet the adversity. It is tragic to lose the lead singer of a band to cancer yet the passion and determination of Steve Phillips to finish the vocals on their album is the gift he shares with us. I have said this before, “Who we are in life is defined by what we leave behind”.”

“There is nothing quite like watching a pro band perform .The way they interact with the crowd and play with absolute confidence...”

"Over the past few months, the guys have been writing new songs - much of 'Dismal Reviews' was written a number of years ago - and hope to head back to the studio this summer. In the meantime, the five fellows - Joe Edmiston, guitars and vocals, Doug Weir, guitars and lead vocals, Steve Proctor, guitars, Bill Higgs, drums and Proud, bass - are ready to rock some new and some old, and some favourite covers..."

"What's in a name? Happily, for St. Thomas rockers Damn Pigeon, not much. The group's 2010 recording, 'Dismal Reviews', has been greeted by anything but...

Eric Bunnell - The St. Thomas Times-Journal

"You've got to love Damn Pigeon - the only band that gives it's audience chocolate!"

Christopher John Miller - AKA Captain Talent - DP's Facebook Wall

"If you frequent the city's downtown you know all about those damn pigeons, especially at the corner of Talbot St. and Princess Ave. But there's one Damn Pigeon different than the rest. That bird is a rock & roll band...they play a brand of heavy rock that won't make you curse as their sonic flight passes overhead, unlike those Talbot St. at Princess Ave. foul-feathered tenants.

Craig Bradford - Our Community Press

"There is one main thing that sets Damn Pigeon apart from most of the other locals. Originality. This band wants to be themselves. That goes from writing the type of music they want, playing what they want and playing when they want. If any of their fans are wondering where they've been over the past few months, Damn Pigeon have been on a bit of a song-writing hiatus."

Kevin Taylor - St. Thomas Times-Journal