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DamageScape / Press

"This is one varied E.P and enthuses me 100%. Each track is different and offers four superbly put together pieces of music written by two talented musicians and performed by four people who clearly know what direction they want to go in. Hauntingly melodic, uncomplicated, exciting to listen to and long after the tracks have played are still buzzing around in your head."

"I really do hope they come back and serenade us all again soon with their unique blend of dark heavy riffs and scorching melodic touches of pure brilliance with rasping guitars. DamageScape work well as a band and really gave it 100% last night, despite Sarit saying they weren’t happy with their set, but typical temperamental muso’s!! With only a slight loss of vocal, but Gemma pulled it back and the band went on to deliver some spellbinding tracks – It was superb! "

"Yay, a none- Hard Rock Hell band. I was lucky enough to be judge at the BotB for this year's SOPHIE festival in Manchester, and a lot of amazing bands played. However it was the singer of this band who first caught my attention as she has one of the most fantastic voices I have ever heard. After the initial impact of that I sat back and listened to the rest of the band and bloody hell, they have what it takes too! Not surprisingly they went through to play at the festival itself with a main stage slot."

"Opening band DamageScape were forced to play an acoustic set, due to the lack of a drummer. Perhaps the fact that they were playing acoustically made them sound folk-ier than usual but who cares, they sounded awesome nonetheless!"

"It was getting a bit cold outside by the time I rolled up to NQ Live, but this wouldn’t be the case for long. DAMAGESCAPE were already on stage and I was gutted to miss the beginning as they are a band I’ve never seen before and I was really looking forward to them. However, my disappointment was short-lived as they strode through their brief set of five tracks with well-rehearsed professionalism and delivered them all to an appreciative crowd that loved every one of the their good, old-school style rock songs. A couple of the songs were ballads and lead singer and guitarist Gemma Fox’s sultry voice was just perfect for these."

"...Opener 'Get Away' give at least a little of the answer, the fact that four musicians have the skill and guile to write and perform to such a high standard that you forget how often jaded this genre has become speaks volumes. Better yet, full on power ballad 'Refrain' actually makes some old classics of this type of sound, well, old actually, it's just a very well sorted song helped enormously by a more than capable vocalist who suits this type of music like a well fitting glove. The pure soft rock of 'My Crime' and Survivor like metal tinged 'Damage' show and all important need for variation hasn't been overlooked, which makes this EP well worth a listen for fans of the more gentile side of rock music. Well, was it all worth while?, actually yes I rather think it was."

"Their whole set was brilliant, a diverse combination of well written songs that packs a punch hard enough to put Tyson down and out, as musically that’s what DamageScape do on stage, they hit you hard and then caress you gently with some of their down tempo though still powerful compositions. I could have watched DamageScape for another hour at least, they were so good but I will have to be content to await the arrival of their new album soon." - Click link for full article

"There was a healthy attendance already when DamageScape opened proceedings with the excellent ‘Damage’. It was loud, it was powerful and true to form, Gemma Fox’s vocals were top notch. DamageScape are a vastly underrated band and as they progressed through their set, those in attendance came to appreciate just how good they really are. Stephen Platt’s lead guitar / backing vocals, supported by Sarit Black’s awesome bass lines and Matthew Mills’s driving cluster beats sparked euphoric appreciation from the crowd. Gemma Fox is not just an accomplished vocalist, she’s a cracking guitarist and a brilliant songwriter as well, which was proved beyond doubt when they performed my favourite song of the set, ‘Refrain’. It’s a powerful ballad and no matter how good it sounds on record, nothing compares to hearing it played live. It was amazing as was the whole set which was concluded with another excellent song ‘Get Away’." - Click link for full article

"Well- DamageScape certainly made themselves noticed. The quartet oozed with ambition and regardless of the small crowd in front of them, ploughed on with great gusto. Their style is not far off the likes of Halestorm and Lauren Harris, and their ability is right up there with them too. Vocalist Gemma Fox’s fantastic hard rock grafting vocals really add an extra layer to the punchy sound." - Click link for full article

"The awesome female vocalist, Gemma Fox, hit the stage with her band, DamageScape, to start the night off. Gemma and the band got everyone fuelled up for the best night ever. DamageScape started their set with Damage, followed by My Crime, Fictional Fantasy, Refrain, ending their set with Get Away. When they were finished, everyone was amazed at how powerful Gemma's vocals were."

"Track for track the EP is stunning, the antithesis of the raw hard rock sound and beautiful in depth lyrics grabs you from the get go. The opening track Get Away is an absolute belter. It has all the ingredients for a hard rock classic; anthemic chorus, heavy guitar riffs and a screaming guitar solo. It is sure to be a favourite at live performances." - Click link for full article

"Oh how I love a female lead vocalist/guitarist, so I was delighted when Manchester four piece Damagescape took to the stage, fronted by the incredibly talented Gemma Fox. Damagescape played a great set, featuring a variety of songs, from hard and heavy to softer ballads, all of which worked perfectly. They had the biggest following in Grand Central that night, and it is not hard to figure out why, they really are brilliant. Damagescape’s debut EP is on its way and I can not wait to hear it." - Click link for full article

"...Damage is certainly the strongest song the band has in their arsenal; confidently performed and it was good to see the members loosen up and find their stride. This was reflected in the audience by simple signs of appreciation; tapping fingers, nodding heads and donated drinks, as the infectious rhythm consumed everyone in the venue. More of the same please." - Click link for full article