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Cynergy 67 / Press

"These guys deliver nothing but pure pulsating sounds that overload your senses and leave you feeling thoroughly rocked-the-fuck-out. Sensual, sexual, raw, electronic, invasive, inviting. There are way too many words to describe the tunes these guys are constantly pumping out. Not only that, but behind the masks, below the mystery, there are really just a bunch of really awesome and talented dudes."

tattooedpixie - I Should Just Shut Up

"Their set was excellent. I definitely plan on going back to GZ to see them in September before the Anything Box show."

Rivet Grrrl - The Twin Cities Underground

“... the music was a pleasure trip and even easier to dance to...”

“However, if Cynergy 67 can maintain such a productive and energetic pace equal to what they've demonstrated thus far and with Project: Assimilation, the band stands to become a legendary name in the underground electronic/industrial scene before very long.”